Sunday, July 8, 2012

~ Sweet .... Vintage .... Feedsacks ~

Well Hello girlies !! Always soo FuN to learn NeW things ... NoT !!! I'm STILL learning all of this again, and am NoT liking it !!! Soooo Frustrating ... Okay, enough of my whining ... I soo came across something soo FuN, and just wanted to share with you all !! I AM a BiG magazine hoarder !! Usually AnY, romantic, vintage, prarie style magazine, and this Girlie is soo ALL over it !! This is another favorite magazine right now, it is called Flea Market Style, and it really is soo FuN !! Alot of interesting treasures to see, and want to learn about !! Very interesting articles and soo much information to be found !!

As I was thumbing through each page very slowly .. I saw a wonderful article and 10 page spread on vintage feedsacks !! A light went off in my little head ... These are the exact treasures that Marydon and Harold collect, trade, buy and sale !! These are gorgeous, FuN printed pieces of fabric, that hold such sweet memories of simpler days in our history !! Days when everything was used, re-used, recycled, and nothing EVAH wasted .. Scraps went to quilt making, and to cover buttons, hairbows and bands !! The larger pieces were made into little girls dresses, and matching doll dresses, EvEn old Barbie doll dresses !! I am soo amazed with ALL the creativity that went into making all these things !! Sooo very sweet !!

Actually when I was in Marydons home, I would go down in their little shoppe, and just stare at the neatly washed, ironed and perfectly stacked piles of feedsacks !! They must have thousands that they have for sale !! All marked for inventory, and all sooo PERFECTLY piled into shelves .. Simply amazing !!

Sooo, when I came across this article, and ALL these pictures I was Screaming with JoY !!! Cuz, this girlie learned sooo much about feedsacks while there as well !! You all need to look at all these fabrics, and get your creative juices going, cuz, there is some sweet pieces to be made !! I KNOW where to buy these too !! You have to go check theirs out, they have a ToN !! Alot of people use pieces of these on jeans and jean shorts .. very hip right now .. keep your eyes open, cuz, you will see these around I promise !! Also, while you are out and about, pick up this magazine .. Chuck FULL of wonderful ideas !! It really is a great read !!

Hoping you are ALL enjoying your SWEET Summer Days, and having lots of good FuN !! LoVe the slower paced days myself !! Always FuN to connect with each of you sweet bunnies ... LoVe visiting you all too ...

It would be so FuN to hear if any of you ever had dresses or pretties made with these fabulous pieces or EvEn remember them !! Brings back wonderful memories of slower, more pure, easy type days of living !! Blessings to each of you, and hoping your hearts are happy and you have smiles on your face ~

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  1. Hello Sweet TeA...
    Yep, I loved seeing all the stacks and shelves of feedsacks as well. Marydon and Harold spend so much time as a team purchasing, washing and preparing them for sale in their shop. Such time as they work together. I loved seeing it first hand.

    In the pages you have shared, my favorite is the Ball jar lids. Now that is so darn stinkin cute. That one I am going to have to experiment with. I actually have a treasured feedsack that I have been holding on to, trying to find something special to piece it out with. I think I found a use for a strip or two.

    A beautiful share sweet friend. I pray that you are doing well. I think of you daily. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  2. Oh I'd love to see Marydon's place someday. Don't know when we'll be out that way tho... We have some sweet trips planned for when my guy gets OUT of school. November will be here soon. I'm so happy.

    My magazines came with my home. OH MY GOSH! 18 pages...I'm in shock. Love it all by I'm still NOT like the blue on the walls of my guest room. It's gonna go eventually! :)

    Blessings to you friend. I love you. More to share with you soon about my hands.

    xoRebecca PS: Been keeping up with the missing man (GS). Very sad....prayers going up!

  3. Oh, my! I finally found the magazine! TY for the sweet heads up on our collection, sweetie. You are a genuine true gem. I love that curtain ruffled ... may give it a go for the side entry door window. What do you think? Can't you see it in there with the humming birds painted on the walls. I'm going to probably take a crack at this idea.

    I called Jim, my rep with this magazine & had a great chat. I did get a note from Ki's asst. also.

    One of the gals that we sell to is a NY designer & she used them as her logo patches on her clothes. Neat idea.

    Thank you again for catching this for me. It made my juices flow.

    Wish you were here so we could chatter up a storm on these beauties ... you'd NEVER EVER recognize nor be able to sit in the TV/office room because of all the new arrivals. Mother Donna's chair is the ONLY thing not covered in feedsacks right now. I dread the next shipment coming in as there are a lot in that batch also.

    Hurry back ... your room is ready. I miss you so.
    TTFN ~
    Hugs & love,

  4. wow, what a fabulous magazine! there sure are some clever people in the world.
    i am slowly working the blog posts out..i have worked out that if you write a sentence or two then hit enter a couple of times and write a few more sentences then go back up to the space between those few sentences and insert your picture it stays there without a problem then you can just repeat the that clear as mud ??

    ~_~ rosey

  5. Dear Tanza, What a fabulous post and wonderful details about the feedsacks. I too would love to visit Marydon in her lovely home one day. I know it would be a special treat and like a gift. You must have been in heaven.
    I recently purchased a few of her feedsacks and hope to create something pretty with them. They are perfect and I love the sizes.

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. I so enjoy my visit here on your lovely blog. Simply divine my friend. Have a special day.
    Much Love, Celestina Marie

  6. Hi Sweet Tanza,
    So nice to visit this post again and say hello. Thank you for stopping by while I was on vacation and your kind comment. Hope you are enjoying a great week. I am back home now, but wish to be back in Santa Fe where it was much cooler. LOL

    Blessings to you, Celestina Marie

  7. Bellissimo blog!Divento seguace!Rosetta

  8. Hello Tanza!
    So nice to hear from you today-- Your blog is always so lovely and cheery, just like YOU!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Hi Tanza, where have you been! wow it has been a long time since your last post. I know how you feel when you say everything is changing. I think it made me a little (or alot) confused where I was going with my decorating. I know we do change sometimes but I think a light bulb went off in my head and made me realize that I am who I am and I like what I like.. and that's OK. Not everyone has to like it too. Truly it would be so boring if everyone liked the same things. All blogs would be exactly the same! Can you imagine that. I do hope you start blogging again as you are the sweetest lady I have ever met and would be such a shame not to hear your sweet voice through your blog! all the best.... Maryann

  10. Hi Tanza! What a pleasure to meet you! You have such a lovely blog and I think I have definitely seen your beautiful face before in other friend's comments page. Thank you for your sweet message you left for me. It made my day so bright :)

  11. You remind me so much of my Maryalice that live in Corona Del Mar. You would love her, Tanza!

  12. I like these hidden treasures. I have never heard of this magazine. I love all the creative ideas that you can get from different sources. This was a great post. Thank you!

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  13. I always love to here from you TeA. You just make me smile!!!! If I ever get down to So Ca again ( Its been like 10 yrs!) i will come by your work to meet you and order chicken favorite! I know we would connect immediately like best friends. xxo

  14. Hi Tanza I hope you are well. I wanted to let you know that I am having a rose giveaway on my blog. Please come by to enter! I think of you so very often. xxo kerrie

  15. Dear I am again..just checking to see if per chance you had decided to blog again. I do that every now and then. :) Sending you a hug just in case you get by here to take a peek.
    Mona :)

  16. Hi Tanza, so special to see you and thank you for the visit and sweet comment.
    To reach my etsy shoppe, just go to my blog and under the header you will see the link which will take you straight there.
    Wishing you a wonderful season filled with many blessings.
    Love to you

  17. Hi Tanza, I was so delighted to hear from you again! I think I will always love pink.. tried to do the cream/beige thing on my buffet hutch in my kitchen but got bored with it about after a week! I will always prefer pink over brown and roses over plain, but each to their own. I suppose we are lucky cause our hubby's don't mind pink. If you are on face book, there is a group called Forever Pink Christmas and they are the most lovely group of ladies and they all love pink! You should go check it out.. you will love it! I joined not long ago and wish I knew about them sooner as I was not really into fb until a customer of mine asked me if I was and then told me about this group. The lady who started it.. Julie Jeffcoat.. is Australian but I think there are way more ladies from the USA! It was so nice to hear from you again Tea and hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year! take care, Maryann xxx

  18. Hi Tea, so glad you found their site.. I'm sure you will be accepted. If you would like to friend me you can look me up under Maryann Delicata and I also have a fb page called Shabby French & Vintage for my shop if you want to see what I'm up to. It will be great to talk to you on fb! talk soon, Maryann xxx

  19. Okay Sweets, I will send you a friend request xoxo thanks so much


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