Wednesday, June 27, 2012

~ Mamie .. aahh .. a PiNk Lover ~

Hello my girlie friends !! Okay, Sooo I REALLY am trying to get into this again !! I HATE learning NeW things !! This is soo different for me, but, head down, and going for it !! I've loved hearing from sooo many old friends again !! You girlies RoCk, you really do !! Soo much encouraging, comments, and e-mails !! LOVE it !!

I soo wanted to share something really FuN and interesting I visited while on my Mary Land get-away ... like I said before, there was NeVe r a dull moment !! We were taken to soo many memorable places !! Harold and Marydon are incredible hosts and tour guides .. truly they were !!

As we were winding our day down at Gettysburg, Marydon said "you have to take a tour of the Eisenhowers Gettysburg farm home !! she said "TeA, she loved PiNk" we have to go !! Sooo, of course this always PiNK lovin girlie was along for the ride !! Soo, as we approached the property, I was in-love instantly, we hadn't EvEn entered the front door, it was a charming white true farm home , I had to walk around the grounds and gardens, just to take it ALL in ... I could sooo picture their family and friends enjoying their stay there, hanging out in the yards and patio .. everything beautifully green, and BiG blue skys .. openness to just take in !!! Breath taking !!

Okay, sooo as Marydon tugged at me to come along indoors, (we were always in a hurry, so, we could get everything in each day) !! NeVer A DULL moment, let me tell you !! Soooo ... picture meee walking into this beautiful PiNk loving womans' home !! Ooohhh my gosh !! The front room .. PiNkie pretties, she collected soo many of the same pretties I collect !! I tried to look into every nook and crannie !! We took lots of pictures !! Her bedroom gorgeous and PiNk !! Her bathroom .. Gorgeous and PiNk, sitting room, office PINK !!! Laundry room PINK !! Every dress portrait of her, she wore PINK !! kitchen PINK !! And, you had to see her linen closet !! Take a peek for yourself Every shade of light, sweet PINKS !! Sheets, bedding, coverlets, Sooo many PINK towels !! Breathtaking for this PINKIE girlie !! My son was right by my side, and said "poor President, had to deal with this obsession too" !! hahaha ....

I kinda like that manly men don't care or are bothered by a PINK lovin' girlie in their home .. I have ALWAYS loved PiNk, and rumpled, ruffley, gently used anything of this color !! It goes beautiful with whites and creams, and I've NEVER EvAH tired of it !! It's soo funny cuz, I usually have something PiNk on each day as well ... Just speaks to me I guess !!

I'm such an easy peasy person to please, just a romantic type, girlie girl all the way through !! It's the simplest of things that please me, whether it be out buying flowers to play with around the house, straightening up my linen closet, and making it smell pretty, fixing my shoe baskets, and drawers, or just sippin' tea or Marydons lemonade in the evening ... I find JoY in the little things I do !! You ALL have to make her lemonade !! The BeSt I've EvEr had !! Poor thing kept making it, Tay loved it too !! Sooo yummy and refreshing !!

Well, my friends, hope you enjoy these pictures, sooo much prettier in person, but, made me sooo happy !! And, here I ALWAYS thought I started the Queen of PiNK !! She has me BEAT !!! Baaahaaa .... Hoping all your days are filled with beauty, sunshine, and just that warm fuzzy feeling from the simple of things each day ... enjoy the feel and smells of summer my friends ~

~ LoVe and Joy to each of you this very day ~

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  1. I loved your pictures and it not only was great to see you the other day at CR, but also visiting my blog. I for one am glad you are back in blog land with many of us. And "thank you" for the kind, sweet words you left on my blog.

    Take care my friend,

  2. Good Evening TeA Sweetie...
    Oh how I remember this tour. I loved that pink linen closet as well, and her bedroom. I could so see myself in that room. It was pure heaven. I enjoyed every knook and cranny there was. I especially liked the room off the front area where his painting still stood that he had been working on. So many things to take in, in such a quick amount of time. I feel your pain, as there just wasn't enough time to take it all in. What a beautiful share sweet TeA. I was touring right along with you this evening. Thank you for taking me along, and the laughter was so contagious. LOVE it.

    So happy you are out and about again, and enjoying yourself dear one. You have been truly missed. Truly...

    Hope you have a beautiful evening dear friend. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  3. These are great photos of the lovely home, in all its pinkness.

  4. Hi Tea,

    Love your sweet post.

    We used to have an entirely pink home and Ron (my husband, and yes, I used his actual name) never questioned me about it. God so blessed me with this man. Ron is a real man and understands no one is happy if the wife is not happy.

    Our home would best be described as soft now....I covered all the pink wall with cottage white....don't gasp. I decorate with what I love...period.

    and....I love you,

  5. Oh, my eyes fill with tears! TeA. So miss you & all the wonderful fun, laughter & love we shared.

    There is so much to see ... the gentle nudges of 'step it up' to get it all in ... Every time we take someone to all these historical places I get such joy in their joy & oooooh's & ahhh's. You were like a kid in a candy store ... chuckle! Your eyes just sparkled.

    Love Mamie's pinks everywhere. Shoot! You have to be a 'real' man to live in pinks ... mine does, too. Mamie had such a gorgeous style & touch to her decor.

    Love Tay to pieces ... we are going to adopt him! Such a joy & sooo mature. Will keep him 'lemonade'd up' when he comes back.

    The house is TOO quiet ... miss you terribly, TeA.

    Harold sure enjoyed his visit with your family last weekend. He said you home is just beautiful. TY for showing him a wonderful time.

    Love you to pieces! TeA. Always ...
    Hugs & love,
    TTFN ~

  6. Now girly...the only thing missing on your trip out east was ME! :) I wish I could have tagged along. I would have been quiet as a mouse (???) and followed a wee bit behind you.

    Love it all...

    Miss you and love you. Pink roses being uploaded today. My camera is giving me fits. Probably operator error.


  7. Hey beautiful lady....I finally posted about meeting you. I've not seen things the same way since. It was so delightful to get to meet you and your lovely mother. Your enthusiasm and joy is so contagious!

  8. Greetings Sweet Friend,
    Oh I just love your trip and everything you enjoyed with dear Marydon as your tour guide. I have no doubt you had tons of pink fun on the lovely home tour. Your pics are fabulous.

    Love your beautiful blog and all the pink inspiration here. What a doll you are and so glad you are back to blogging again.

    Wishing you and yours a special 4th of July.
    Love to you, Celestina Marie

  9. It's very funny and interesting to learn new knowledge in the real situation like that.

    Helen @TeFL ProGram

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