Sunday, June 17, 2012

~ meeting up with my Mary Land friends ~

Gosh !!! It's been awhile girlies !! I had forgotten just how to do this bloggy thing !! My goal is to start sharing FuN and happy things that I've been doing or different happenings going on .. I'm always out and about up to something, whether it be junkin' around, taking care of family matters and celebrations, and of course my mingling with my friends !!
And, speaking of friends, oohh my, I just had the most amazing get-away vacation I've EvEr had ... I have to tell you this bloggy world is just an amazing tool when it comes to making and creating the dearest friendships ever !! I KNOW from so many of you that I've spoken and shared with during these few years, that you all have met endearing friends through your daily writes and shares, and have had the opportunity to meet up as well .. Who would ever of thought this a few years back .. lasting friendships with such wonderful people, we had never before knew !! So with this said, let me share a short story with you all ..
Ever since I have been blogging, I have had the blessing of knowing Marydon and Harold Ford .. They have a sweet online boutique, and website full of pretty things .. I've always enjoyed their interesting and informative writings on their blog .. Always soo full of history learnings and amazing places they share .. So, when our youngest son Taylor got an invitation to attend the Naval Academy in Annapolis (SCREAM) soooo happy for him life time dream of his !! I had to call Marydon and let her know I was coming to Annapolis June 1st, and was she willing to meet up !! We had always talked about meeting each other, but, NEVER, expected it to be in God's plan this way !!
Soo She NOT only screamed OF COURSE, BUT, welcomed my Mother and myself to drop Tay off, and they would come get us and take us to their beautiful home, until he needed us to go get him when he was finished !! We figured everything out, and than agreed to meeting up with the two of them .. they joined us in Annapolis for the day, and than away we went .. We were taken to EVERY wonderful, beautiful historical place to go, from MD., to PA, and VA.. Sooo many wonderful places I always heard and learned about, to actually see these sites was just soo awe-inspiring, and I WILL NEVER FORGET each place we visited !!! Sooo different than So. Cali. oohh my !!
We had a whirlwind of 9 days ... Such good times, wonderful belly-aching laughs, some tears, and just real girlie talk from the heart !! I can't EvEn describe all that went on .. they truly opened their home and their hearts to us, and to them we will be eternally grateful !!
I 'm sharing pictures of dropping Tay off, and then wanted to share their beautiful home with you .. each room was just awesome, gosh, you can sooo tell what is mine, all the pInK stuff in my room, and the others were where Tay stayed when he joined us, and my Mommas too .. Snuck one of Marydons in too .. hahaha .. everything was soo picture perfect, and the views outside from each window, was heavenly, green, blueskys, and rolling hills ... beautiful sunsets, and than dessert she made every night .. look how yummy !!
Sooo much FUN !! It was sooo SaD to say good-byes :( BUT, I DO KNOW that this was just our first visit together .. more to come .. We are ALL like one BiG family now .. God is soo Good my friends and I just wanted to share with you again, and let you know where this great BiG bloggy world can take us !! Simply Amazing, and I've been soo richly blessed with NeW friends !!
So good to be back at this again, we will see how much I can learn .. Soo much has changed, I'm going NuTSo :O
Love you all and wishing all my girlies a happy wonderful, blessed day .. Getting ready to bbq for the Dad's in our family, and feeling sooo good !!

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  1. Kleenex time ... come visit my blog today for more of our trips together sweet TeA.

    What a blast we all had together ... 5 people joining in a family bond forever! Miss you bunches, the silence is deafening!!! Sigh!!!

    I have to say you beat me hands down i the pink department ... chuckle! Pinky princess for sure.

    Where's the dessert? And that strawberry margarita, sweet TeA?

    Hurry up & get back here, we have too much left to do!

    Love you to the moon & back Tanza ... give hugs to our boy & Mother also.

    Have a lovely week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Hi Tanza...It was so nice meeting you and your mom! I was so glad we were able to join you for dinner that night. Look forwarding to reading your blog...Watch out for us in California some day!!!


  3. first of all i have to tell you that your son looks a sweet australian actor...very handsome indeed. love love the blue plates idea in the last picture! you seem to have had a great trip away and congrats to your son for realising his dream come true. xxxrosey

  4. Good Evening Tanza Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. So happy to see all your smiling faces. Looks like you all such a wonderful time.

    I love seeing the beautiful rooms. Sis did such a beautiful job getting the blue room done. I can't wait to see it in person myself. Perhaps one day soon, you just never know.

    Your son is so handsome Tanza. He's a keeper. I know Marydon and Harold want to adopt him. They will for sure keep an eye on him when he gets to the academy. He will always have a home close by when he can escape.

    Have a glorious week sweet friend. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  5. Tanza,
    It was amazing to meet you and your lovely mother! I totally relate to how you related the generosity and kindness of Marydon and Harold. I only know them a tiny bit but it is enough to know that they are unbelievably kind and caring.
    I hope the candles made it home safely.
    I'll never forget the short time I got to spend with all of you.
    I look forward to reading more here now that I've finally gotten to your "home online".

  6. Hi, Tanza,
    Congratulations to your handsome son for being accepted into the Naval Academy!! What an honor for him and your family!! I enjoyed hearing about your trip and visit with Marydon and Harold. They are certainly sweet people. I also enjoyed getting a "peek" into Marydon's lovely home. I am so glad you visited me at Bunny Cottage. I had missed our visits. Hope you are doing great today~Sending love and blessings to you~Vicki

  7. Loved reading about your trip with your son and Mom. Your son is very handsome. Know you had a wonderful time with sweet Marydon. What's not to love!

  8. What a lovely share my friend....

    First...just have to say you are beautiful as ever. I'm so glad you were able to hook up with Miss Marydon and her hubster and so glad your sweet momma was able to come, too. I know the pride you feel for your son. This is amazing and I know you are blessed beyond measure!

    I think as women we all need people who see beyond the things we write...they are the ones who are destined to become forever friends. The kind that look deep within the soul to find our true passion and our real self. I believe God places ladies in our pathway to encourage and bless us and to help us feel both a physical and spiritual bond with one another. He is so good to us and I'm grateful for the time you were able to share with with MD in her home.

    You life is going to change once you have an empty nest. It isn't bad...just different. Good things are going to be coming your way.

    I love you dear friend. Your faith in me and my work blesses me so very much. I cab always count on you to see me through the tough days... W=

    Blessings to you always...Rebecca

  9. Hi Tea, I was so happy to receive your sweet comment. What a lovely and delightful person you are.

    This is such a sweet post.

    I have missed you....dear girl.

    Love, Barb

  10. Dear Tanza, What a beautiful post of your precious days with beautiful Marydon. I love seeing this pics of gorgeous you, your son and sweet mother. What a dear family and I know you are so proud of your son. What an accomplishment. Prayers for him and all he will do.
    Marydon's rooms look beautiful. It sure reflects the great lady she is and how she opens her heart and home with love and generosity.

    So glad you had a wonderful time and I know anxious to return. Yes, blogland has blessed me too with many dear friendships I would have not ever known. God is so good and provides for all our needs crossing our path with wonderful people.

    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment. You are a dear beautiful lady and I look forward to visiting often.
    Big Texas Hugs, XO Celestina Marie