Thursday, February 10, 2011

~ Happy Heart day ~

WHAT ?!! It's February, and almost Valentines Day !! Where oohh Where does the time go !! It's crazy how time just whizzes quickly by !! I really do just try to wake up, and enjoy each day, and everything that it brings !! Soo much goes on, and things I have to do, that I have a hard time keeping up !! HAHAHA .. Us girlies, ALWAYS need to go out and have some FuN too !! I DO always try to make FuN time, or I will go nutso !!

The weather has been very Spring like here, so unlike alot of you are in the midst of !! It's been a crazy month for all I think .. I LoVe the feel of sunshine on my face .. I've been blessed to play out in my gardens a BiT already .. LoVe playing outside .. nothing soothes the mind and soul as that .. and, to see everything a bloomin' .. I so enjoy the smell of it all .. Spring is almost here ..

Hope this finds you each doing well, and enjoying yourself no matter what kind of weather your having .. it's always so enjoyable to snuggle in too .. a cup of tea, and a good book or magazine is my idea of just relaxing .. the sun is a coming ..

Just thought I would wish each of you a wonderful, FuN, romantic (hopefully) Valentines Day !! I LoVe decorating our home, and setting a wonderful "heart" table .. everyone gets goodies at there setting, and a yummy meal of course !! Always a wonderful day .. These are just a FeW of my Valentines pretties out and about, I've seen soo many of your decorations, and just LoVe what you all do !! You are so creative, and some of you really deck things out .. You all truly inspire me, and it's always soo FuN to pop in and see what you have so creatively and cleverly put out to dress things up !! Thanks for always tickling my heart, and blessing me as well ..

See my pretty LoVe banner, that Ginger, from Glitter and Roses made for me .. I LoVe it, and it will stay on my pretty mirror for awhile .. It is soo mee, and so PeRfEct for my home .. She is so talented, and is ALWAYS coming up with something else I NEED !! LoVe that about you girlies, ALWAYS inspiring, and truly wonderful hearts you have ~

Til next time, enjoy the rest of your week, and have a wonderfully, blessed, happy Valentines Day and hopefully you will be surrounded by all those that your heart desires to be with !! Isn't LoVe grand !! Happy heart week-end to each of you, my girlies ~

BiG HeArT HuGs and KiSSes xo