Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~ my cupboard project ~

Well hello to you, all my sweet, inspirational bloggy friends,
Hope this finds you all doing well, feeling good, and rested up a BiT now that the holidays are behind us .. whew.. I often wonder, just HoW, we make it through the hustle and the bustle of it all .. I have always just loved Christmas, and all that comes with it .. We decorate Thanksgiving week, and enjoy hopefully each day the season brings, BuT, the day after Christmas I want it ALL away, and my home back to normal .. I always have soo many projects lined up, and start cleaning and clearing out .. Tis' good for the soul .. Makes me feel a bit lighter, and NeW .. Always have to do some changing around, and putting up some NeW, refreshing vignettes .. Makes it a BiT more FuN !!

I thought I would share a little (BiG) project I've started .. My wonderful friend, Barbie is a wallpaper hanger, and when she moved into a NeW home a FeW months ago, she did this to her cupboards, and Mee, being the way I am, wanting (dying) to have this done in my kitchen, recieved the wallpaper for Christmas from her, and she came to do my cupboards for a Christmas gift !! I was over the moon excited, and soo happy with the way it came out !! It's soo much more FuN to open your doors to pretty !! This cabinet is the one with glass doors, soo it's got to be pretty .. the others are all the same, BuT, are filled with food, and pantry items .. All my PiNk baskets, and pretty PiNk rOsE painted jars from Rebecca look beautiful against this PiNk Troille paper, it's Laura Ashley paper, and is soo nice, and durable .. Beats contact paper, and everything else I've EvEr tried .. I was just thrilled with ALL the re-do, and the cleaning out, and getting RiD of, felt WONDERFUL !!

Have any of you EvEr used wallpaper to do this ?! I NeVeR EvEn thought of it til' she did hers .. It's wonderful to start a new, EvEn doing something like this little project !! Really made this little peeps happy !! Aren't friends wonderful !! Always blessing us, and making life soo exciting !! This was the PeRfEcT gift for TeA !! Now, onto the next project .. You should see my list !! Why OOhh Why don't these lists get smaller .. I'm always adding to mine !! I do enjoy basking in the end results, it's just getting started !! And, you all know, everything entails a little more work than anticipated at first !!

Sooo, you know what I've been up to, and I AM going to be a better bloggy friend again !! I feel a BiT of normalacy in my life once again .. LiFe is good, and happy, and I'm feeling soo blessed once again !! I'm realizing that each day is a gift, and to be grateful and content with the little things, and ALL the "stuff" is just that, "STUFF".. God is good my friends, and I'm hoping that as you start your New Year, you are feeling happy and content, and just happy to have another day to do what makes your heart happy .. Be nice, and LoVe, and give HuGs to everyone you possibly can, and are blessed to have around you !! It's our families that matter most, and than all the little things ..

LoVe and Big Hugs to all of you, my bloggy girlies ~
~TeA~ xo