Sunday, December 19, 2010

~ Christmas Time Again ~

Well, hello sweet friends,

Just wanted to wish you ALL a very Merry, blessed Christmas time .. Once again, I've been neglecting my blog, BUT, have jumped around and peeked in to some of you and your beautifully decorated homes .. That's always soo FuN, and very inspirational to me !! You are all such a JoY to mee, and I am blessed to call soo many of you FRIEND !! What truly wonderful, kind-hearted women you are .. I've cried with some of you, and my heart has ached right along with yours at times .. And, than, I've laughed with you, and some of you always, continually crack me up !! I sure need my morning laugh at times, and KNOW just where and who to go to find it .. LoVe that about blogging ..

This has truly been a learning year for me, I have had some heart breaks in my life this year, I think it's part of just getting (50) hahaha .. so sensitive I am, and EveN more so, NoW !! Our children are doing wonderful, BUT, very much independent now, and our oldest is on his own, and our daughter is getting that itch to be on her own, I hate that children want (need) to leave home .. I want everyone under one roof, and I want to see them tucked in to their beds safely each night .. just knowing we are all safe and sound TOGETHER forever .. I'm sure this gets easier each passing year, BuT, came way to fast to this Momma .. And, lastly, our Lori went to heaven on December 3rd to be with Jesus .. Soo very SaD, BuT, it was time, she was ready, and in soo much pain .. She fought the good fight, and took care of alot of undone business in her life .. How fortunate to have the time to do so .. She passed soo content, and surrounded by all those that loved her, and cared for her .. Squeezed each of our hands to the last breath she took here .. and with a smile on her sweet face, and a tear running down her cheeks .. too much for me, BuT, it was quite something to witness, and see such peace .. Again, God is good my friends ~

Okay, NoW, happy .. At least you know where I've been, and kinda going through .. There has been two more nephews born into our already BiG happy family, sooo NoW this year we have 6 little baby boys around for Christmas .. I LoVe to be surrounded by babies at Christmas time .. There is soo much excitement and Joy in the air !! I've always enjoyed Christmas soo much, and there is something about it that makes me soo happy, and tickles my heart ..

This can be such a rough time of year for so many, missing those that aren't with us here anymore, or not being able to be with all our loved ones, BUT, I'm wishing you all a Happy time, and hope that each of you are able to enjoy the peace, LoVe and HoPe that only Jesus can provide .. I'll be a busy girlie the next FeW days, and, know that each of you will be as well, But, wanted to take the time to thank-you for just being the sweetest friends EvEr, and letting your kindness, LoVe and inspiration, always inspire me .. you are the BeST !!

Lastly, enjoy all your family and friends, and make sure you show LoVe, and kindness to each other .. LiFe is short, and remember to give BiG warm Christmas hugs to everyone .. this world needs happy ~
~ Soo BiG Christmas hugs to each of you ~
~TeA~ xo