Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~ Another beautiful must have ~

Okay sweet girlies,
Are you shocked ?! Two posts within 24 hrs... Soo NoT meee !! But, I have some more beautiful, wonderful to share !! It must be the darker evenings, shorter days, that make me just want to unwind, curl up in my favorite spot, (just anywhere someone is not) hahaha .. and read through my beautiful magazines and books, WELL ... Did you all know that I LoVe and adore the beautiful, talented Ms. Barbra Streisand !! Yep, EvEr since I was a little girl, I remember being fascinated and in awe of her talents .. that voice, the singing dancing .. All her movies .. I EvEn wanted my nose to be BiG like Babs .. Noo joke .. I tried to sing and act as her on stage .. what a crack up .. HuH ?! I always loved her gowns, and the way she dressed !! She is surely a talented woman full of class !! And, talented .. Ooohhh my !!

Well, guess what she has come out with her book .. and girlies, it's a beautiful tabletop book .. And, every page is full of her gorgeous, beautiful, charming home .. EvEry page also in a different room, or different angle in them .. She LoVeS everything that all of us girlies loVe .. I have to tell you, that I've NeVer seen a home like this EvEr before !! I promise you will be in awe of it, and won't put it down either !! Soo many beautiful ideas, and her collections, make me breathless .. The main area of her GIANT home faces the Pacific ocean, right in the Malibu hills .. Did I tell you I have been driven by this Hotel, I mean HOME .. You have to know someone that can get you in this private area, BuT, that we did !! BUT, to actually go inside, and sneak real peeks is EvEn more of a treat .. Soo IF you need another Christmas gift idea (for yourself) Go, RuN .. get this !! It is worth every penny .. You will LoVe the "Babs" too, if you don't already !!

Okay, I'm off to run and sit in my special place, to read and look some more .. Just wanted to share some pretty, and something to warm your hearts .. stay well and happy during this crazy, sometimes hectic time of year .. Be good and take time for yourselves .. If were not rested and well, noone else will be taken care of .. I LoVe all you girlies, and thank you again for always being soo sweet and caring .. You girlies are truly the BeSt ~
Blessings in this beautiful, blessed Christmas season
BiG HuHs ~TeA~ xo

Monday, November 29, 2010

~ Joanne Colettis NeW magazine reveal ~

Well hello and good evening to all you girlie girls,
Hoping this finds you all doing well, and snuggling in to nice and warm .. It's soo cool here ..The sun is shining brightly, BuT, the air has been soo cool .. We California people aren't used to cold .. hahaha ..
Well, speaking of snuggling in, what better way to do so, than a brand NeW beautiful, shabbylicious magazine .. YeP !! Joanne Coletti has just released this baby to be sold .. You have to get yours ordered NoW !! Before everybody else has one, and you are left without !! It is truly gorgeous !! Not your everyday magazine .. Every page is full of pure bliss, time worn charm .. beautifully displayed, and everything set up soo charming and lovely !! The pages are very heavy type paper, and there is NoT any advertisements or boring pages to this magazine .. If you know the lovely Joanne, and are familiar with her blog vintage rose collections .com you will be very excited to actually hold this in your sweet hands, and look over every page over and over again .. Can't think of a better way to curl up and relax .. Jump over to her, and check this out for yourself .. Sure to please each and everyone of us that has always adored the ruffled, tattered and worn look ..
Well, sweet ones, hope you are all enjoying this glorious time of year, and getting ready to celebrate our Christs' birth .. I've got everything decorated, and wrapped (I think)..hahaha..
Thinking of you, and wishing happiness and certainly JoY at this time of year ~
All my LoVe as always ~TeA~ xo