Monday, August 2, 2010

~Pretty PiNks and Mercury glass~

Hi my girlie friends,
Hoping you are all happy, relaxing a BiT, and enjoying these last sweet days, before we get back into the "school and schedules" mode once again .. My son goes back to school on August 17th, soo not too far away !!

We've really been enjoying these lazy days, doing lots of FuN things, and going away for short times, to places close to home !! There is soo much to do in Southern Calif.. we don't have to go to far, to be at the beach, in the mountains, or in the deserts .. All beautiful places to stay in !! The weather has been amazing this summer, with NeVer really getting above the low 80's, very pleasant, and the breeze in the evening is soo cool !! I've been loving it, cuz I'm NoT a good heat kinda girl !! hahaha ..

This week-end, I spent time cleaning and rearranging some pretties, and I always think to share them with you !! DiD you know this girlie just LoVes mercury glass, and have plenty of it around .. Candles look soo pretty shimmering in these in the evenings .. I usually fill them with sugary PiNk candles, they smell soo yummy too .. the little ones are the sweeties they decorated my birthday table with .. I adore all the little labels on them .. soo mee .. Don't you think the mercury goes soo well with the pretty crystal tops, and anything PiNk !! Something soo romantic and calming to mee !! That is one of my down falls, if I LoVe something, I kinda go overboard collecting and displaying all of it !! LiKe I've shared before, if something speaks to my soul, or tickles my heart, I'm sold !! People always say "what are you going to do when you tire of all this stuff ".. Gosh, in all my years, that really has never happened, styles change, decor may change, BuT, I believe when you just LoVe and adore something, it's truly a passion, and I would be soo SaD, not to want to collect "things" that speak to mee !! I am more choosey now, only because, where ooohh where, is this going to goo ?! But wait, I WILL find a place always for a newfound treasure .. The hunt has always been one of the BeSt parts of collecting, and then to be able to share our excitement with others who understand this crazy disease Even more FuN !!

You girlies are truly the BeSt, and I soo hope you are blazing the trails on the hunt, for a totally, sweet, tickle the heart, uncovered treasure .. I soo enjoy my visits, and stories you all share with me .. I hope you are all doing wonderful, and feeling LoVe and JoY wherever you may be !! Have a blessed rest of your summer ~

BiG PiNk and Silvery HuGS ~TeA~ xo