Sunday, July 11, 2010

~ my NeW slipcovers ~

Hello and happy Sunday to each of you girlies !!
Well, remember when I said my boys left to Mammoth for a few days, and left Meee home alone,and I had shared that I was up to re-doing some things while they were away !! I finally have snapped some pictures of the slipcovers that my darling, sweet friend Soyra sewed up for me .. She knows exactly what I LoVe, and it's all I did was give her the fabric, and away she went .. I was thrilled to see them finished and dressed up again .. I've always shared that I'm the total frilley, fluffey, lacey, and the more ruffles the better kinda girlie .. She trimmed everything so PeRfEcT, notice all the frill .. The ruffles hang loose to the floor, kinda floppy, and soo casual .. I have tons of pillows, cuz, this is the tv room, where everyone lays around and the pillows are a must !! Everything comes apart and is easily washed .. All the fabric is cotton, the main body of the sofa and ottoman are 100% cotton, white denim .. It all goes soo well with all of my PiNkY RoSe fabrics, that I have NeVer grown tired of !! It is all so comforting and sweet to mee !!

I have to say the biggest question I am ALWAYS asked, "Is do your BoYs hate this ?! Can I just say A BiG FaT Nooooo !!! Do they LoVe it ?! Uuuhhh NoT so sure !! they just know that Momma LoVEs it, and it makes me HAPPY !! "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" hahaha ... My oldest Son is out in his own place now, and the younger son, has a total BoY cave room, with all the ToYs in it, soo he is fine !! Our daughter has a bedroom after her Mommas' heart, soo I KNOW she loves it !! I've always said, be true to your heart, and what you LoVe, and don't worry what everyone else thinks .. I myself, have always loved and adored shabby, chippy, floppy frills, and top it off with gently used linens and lace, and it has my heart forever !!

I have a group of die-hard girly girl friends, who we call ourselves the "Cottage Friends" and we are always sharing, gifting, swapping things we tire of, or want something different, we lunch together, shop, and flea market together, and when we have birthdays, or just plain ole' tea parties, we are always giving each other the same sweet gifts, and when we find something we love and have to have, you better try to get about 6 of them or else !! hahaha ..

Well, my friends, I sure hope you all LoVe my new pretties, and think of meee when you see anything PiNk, RoSey ,and shabby, and hopefully all this lucious, crumpled rufflely fabrics warm and tickle your hearts as well .. Here's wishing you all a SUPER family, relaxing, or just plain lazy day ~

Thanks to soo many of you sweet friends for all the kind e-mails and comments you always leave .. You are all such a true JoY to mee, and help to give me soo much inspiration as always ~
BiG PiNk Ruffley HuGs ~TeA~ xo

Monday, July 5, 2010

~ Some 4th of July FuN ~

Hello to all of my girlie friends,
Sure hope you all had a wonderful, special, FuN 4th of July !! Can you Even believe it's the MIDDLE of Summer ?! Unbelievable .. We had such a FuN week-end !! All of us went to Canyon Lake, which is about 45 minutes from our home .. It's our relatives that live here .. It is beautiful, and BiG !! Right on the lake, they have a wonderful lawn that they always play volleyball tournaments on .. I watch, they are way to competitive for Meeee .. I only like to play for FuN !! I always SCREAM when the ball comes flyin' into meee ... yikers ... hahaha .. There is a putting green for the golfers in the family, and all kinds of FuN water toys .. LoVe to play in the boats .. the evening brought tons of fireworks, and was soo FuN to bundle up and watch those together .. there must of been 35 of us there .. Our older son had to work, so wasn't able to join us .. that always makes me sad when he can't be with us , BUT, his job is to serve and protect, so it was a busy night for him ..

I've always loved the summer and all it brings .. the weather has been soo beautiful, nice and warm in the day time, and cooler in the evenings.. can't complain at all .. Soo hoping you all had a wonderful, safe week-end, and knowing you all were busy with family and friends too ..

My boys returned from Mammoth the day before we left to the lake .. I got alot of wonderful things done, and redone in my little home, and will share that soon .. (little things) BUT, it doesn't take alot to make little ole' me happy !! I'm sooo easy to please .. REALLY !!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello to all of my sweet friends .. Enjoy each day .. and know, I LoVe and enjoy catching up with all of you sweet friends .. Happy warm summer days to each of you, and hopefully you feel the sunshine on your heads, and your hearts are warm and fuzzy ~

BiG squishy HuGs to you ~TeA~ xo