Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~ I'm STILL around ~

Hello to all you, my bloggy girlies,

Just wanted to pop in, and say hello, thanks soo much for all the sweet emails and such, asking "where ooh where" I went .. I'm home, just soo BuSy !! It's smack in the middle of our summer, started early .. here, we got out June 5th .. Our youngest will be a sophomore next year, 15 still, soo Momma is the taxi, and entertainer maker, kinda .. He plays football, and his school, football is pretty much year round, he has 3 weeks off (dead weeks) soo, we have been going little places, Malibu, Palm Springs, Disneyland, and the BOYS leave to Mammoth for 7 days !! Can I just yell out a BiG YIPPEE SKIPPEE for Meee !! that will be my vacation, I have soo much planned, and places to go !! I LoVe my BoYs, BUT, can I just say this girlie Momma needs some down, QUIET time !! Lots of little FuN projects I want to do, while they are a hikin' and a fishin' ...

I've been playing in the gardens, and always enjoy cutting my pretty roses, lavender, and other herbs, and displaying them everywhere .. Nothing special, just sweetness all around .. Can you smell them .. I have soo many all over the yard, and my herbs are just spreading everywhere .. LoVe when the windows are open in the evening, and the smells just drift all around .. very comforting, and to think it's just the smell of Spring and Summer .. Believe it or not, it's the LiTtLE things in life that I find sooo much JoY in !! I'm soo easy to please !! I keep trying to convince my hubby of that .. hahaha ..

Well sweet ones, I'm off to In-n-Out burgers for dinner, and than guess what ?! Two of my favorite magazines came to little ole' mee in the mail, soo I'm coming home, getting in my jammies, making a cup of tea, and drifting off, to "lalala" land reading and looking at all the pretty, romantic pictures .. Always so inspiring to me !! Here's wishing you all a very relaxing, FuN evening .. hoping you are all diggin' your heels in the dirt, slowing down a BiT, and able to enjoy the very relaxing doggy days of Summer .. It's going to Zoom on by .. Sooo SlOw down a BiT, and just relax ..

BiG HuGs and lots of LoVe to each of you .. Go out and be a blessing, and Be Blessed BiGGeR BaCk !! It really works .. HONEST !! xo
PiNk SqUiShEy HuGs ~TeA~

Saturday, June 5, 2010

~ Just playing in the kitchen ~

Hello to all of you bloggy friends on this wonderful, beautiful weather, kinda day !! Soo nice, cuz it's beautiful sunshiney, BUT, wonderful breeze in the air !! we have been working out back all day, WE .. well, I watch alot, and suggest alot, BUT, I kinda got kicked out of there, soo into the kitchen this girlie went, We are having friends for a bbq ... soo I was getting things ready for that .. Going to grill some steaks and chicken, fresh veggies from the garden, salad, and some baked potatoes ... SIMPLE !! I was going through some cookbooks to see about the most important part of the dinner, and of course, that is dessert .. RIGHT !! Soo, I decided and baked a german chocolate cake ... YUMMERS !!

As I was going through everything I thought I would share some pretty PiNkS and rOSeS in the kitchen, you can see snippets all over the place .. See my new pretty rosey apron, another, birthday gift, think I may wear this while serving dinner, I WILL get laughed at tho .. Right when everyone thinks they've seen it all, I pull out something else soo girlie, and PiNkY !! Makes this girlie smile tho ..

I'm sure hoping you are all out doing some fun things, and hanging with family and friends .. 'tis the season we start staying outdoors most of the day .. I just LoVe the summer, and all that comes with it .. such a casual time .. wishing you all sunshiney days, with a wonderful cool breeze too .. Blessings and LoVe to each of you my bloggy friends ~ xo
BiG squishy HuGs