Saturday, May 29, 2010

~ Have a Happy Week-end ~

Hi Sweet girlies,
Gosh, sooo much time goes by, and I am not being a loyal, good bloggy friend ... It's been a busy few weeks, t'was my birthday celebrations, Mothers Day celebration, and than throw in some other birthday, graduations, and just things I HAVE to do, and time goes a flyin' .. I did want to wish you all a happy, Memorial Day week-end, I soo hope you are doing some fun things with all those you LoVe, and lighting those bbq's up !! Tis the season to be outdoors ..

I truly enjoy this time of year .. things will slow down a bit, lazy, longer days, enjoying the sun until it goes away in the evening .. we seem to spend way more time outdoors .. our vegetable garden is just over flowing with special treats, and it's soo fun to tell hubby to go pick what is ever ready for dinner tonite .. sooo yummy, and so much more healthy for us .. that garden is his alone tho .. he trys to get me out there to WORK, and NOPE, I won't get in all that dirty mess .. I am not the farmer girlie, BUT, soo happy he tends to this ..

I think we are off to the beach in a bit .. Sissys house, and enjoy just doing nothing .. not quite sure .. that's the BeSt kinda day for mee .. no plans, just see what the day may bring .. I sure hope you are all doing well, and maybe just being down right lazy, and enjoying this beautiful week-end .. Remember all those that have and do sacrafice their precious lives for each of us to be and live in a FREE, blessed Country !! There is no BETTER country to live in .. I AM Sooo PROUD to be an AMERICAN !! Truly I am !!

I'm leaving you with pictures just of pretties, some from my birthday, and others that continually just tickle my little PiNk lovin" heart .. Sooo happy that you took time out of your day to drop in and visit little ole" mee .. I LoVe and adore YOU, all my bloggy land friends !!

Have a happy, blessed day .. Be a blessing to someone else, and get blessed back ... It's an amazing feeling .. God is good my friends ~ xo
BiG HuGs ~tea~

Friday, May 14, 2010

~vintage shoe pretties~

Hi girlies !! It's Fabulous Fun Friday once again !!I sure hope you all have some fun things planned for this beauitful Spring week-end !! I have some "have to do" things, but NeVer fear, I always seem to fit some fun in !! just gotta do that !! Right?!

I wanted to share with you some sweet "pInK " treasures once again .. have you EvEr seen or come across in your junkin' these old wooden shoe shine boxes, and shoe forms .. Well, I just LoVe and AdORe anything vintage, painted PiNk with painted RoSeS on them ..

When Sweet ~r~ reopened her lovely web-site store, I had to buy a FEW pretty things .. See, this little baby shoe form, well (thanks Marydon xo) this went soo well, with my shoe shine box, and PiNk with RoSeS shoe brush, in PeRfEcT condition after all these years .. Aren't they all soo sweet, and who just WHO would think to take these home from an estate sale, and give them a makeover ... REBECCA !! She found all these for mee, and they sit proudly now in my little home .. It always amazes me with what we all do with these wonderful found treasures !! There is just something that tickles my heart, when I have re-purposed and am enjoying these vintage finds ..

Well girlies, I sure hope you can go out and find sweet olde treasures, and find a place in your heart and your home to enjoy each of them .. such fun, and truly brings me JoY !! Hoping too, that you are all well, and everything is going good for each of you .. you still all continue to bless me in so many ways, and your inspiration and passions truly bring sweetness into my life ..

Happy week-end and blessings to you all ~ xo
BiG HuGs as always ~tea~

Friday, May 7, 2010

~ More of Jens' Beautiful Home ~

Hello Girlies,
Yippee Skippee !! It's Fantastic Friday once again !! LoVe knowing I have the entire week-end to just go at normal speed !! I always seem to be busy, BUT, find time for Meee !! That is what keeps me sane !! Seeking out fun treasures, and always on the hunt ..

I finally got some more pictures of Jens' beautiful, shabbylicious, dreamilious home !! I wanted to share more of these with you .. Soo, here we go, step inside and peek with me, this time we're looking at more pretties, and the detail to the rooms, and pieces of furniture that she has redone, and applied beautiful appliques to these pieces !! she does such a beautiful job, and I still drool just looking at all the beauty !!

Look at the chandys, in all there glory, in every room shining beautifully .. Look at the precious little girls room .. fit for the princess she is !! I adore all the hand painted rose dishes !! Don't her colors just all blend, and go so perfectly !! there is something so serene and so comforting with their color choices ..

Notice the shabbied sagey green brickwalls in the family room .. They were all painted several coats of different paint colors from all her years .. ( this home was built in 1924) as, their contractor was sanding the walls, Jen LoVED all the colors and natural red brick coming through, so they decided to just sand, and let them all show through !! I think it's GORGEOUS, and adds texture and warmth to this sweet room !! See girlies, for those that have painted over their bricks, there is always another look to achieve !! this truly looks fab !!

Well, I soo hope all of you have enjoyed this, another peek into beautiful Jens' home, and KNOW with their 3 young children, you go upstairs, and this is where you find all their treasures, and toys, and play things .. What a wonderful idea, and to be so blessed to have such a BiG beautiful home to do so !! this is one happy, very blessed family .. And Jen, thank you so much for being so gracious and inviting us all in your home again !! And Jen, remember your tea party, and inviting all of us over, let's do it !! hahaha .. But, wouldn't that all be great fun !! Yep, a beautiful home to have tea parties .. Gosh, just look at all the dreamy dishes !!

Okay girlies, be inspired, thanks again to all of you sweeties, for the wonderful birthday wishes, surprises, and cards .. You truly are wonderful to me, and I truly feel blessed to call so many of you "friend" .. Beautiful women you are .. Happy wonderful Mothers day to all her are blessed to be called so ~ xo

Big Happy hugs ~tea~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Dear Sweet Tea (Tanza)...


I hope you don't mind me hijacking my way into your account :) again this year in order to SCREAM OUT TO THE WORLD my friend is


You now belong to the same club as so many of the rest of us and how BLESSED you are to reach this wonderful age. I hope you aren't afraid...

I was at first...but not anymore! There is just too much fabulous living to do to be held back simply by the years I've already lived. I know you feel the same!

God has so much in store for you! You are so incredibly gifted and you've been favored by the Most High with a beautiful family and friends who, like me, simply adore you. You are by far the most giving, loyal friend I've ever had and I want you to know first hand how much I love you.

Your encouragement to me during my darkest of hours has helped to bring me to where I am today. Your grace and faith in me chased away my fears and helped me stand tall.

I'm so grateful for your love and I'm honored to call you friend.

Know that this entire day I'm thinking of you and thanking God for your presence in my life.

Love to you~

Your Forever Friend, Happy Birthday, again...