Friday, March 26, 2010

~ My Sweet find ~

Well happy wonderful Friday my girlie friends, sure hoping you all had a wonderful week, and hopefully threw in some fun during the rush of the week .. It's amazing how fast the week really goes, first I'm dreading my Manic Mondays, and before I can blink an eye it's Fabulous Friday once again, and I'm always looking forward to some fun for the week-ends .. We have a few more shows and markets to go to this week-end, and I also need to get some things together for our Easter celebration .. fun things to do, BUT, still need to get it all done !!

I really wanted to share with you a treasure I found at a sweet Spring boutique last Saturday .. remember my crazy, fun day of shopping .. It is soo meee !! When I walked into the shoppe, my eyes and heart were totally drawn to this .. It's sugary PiNk, and so feminine .. The handles on the side are PeRfEcT for hanging pretty linens, and the drawer holds some pretty linens and lace as well .. I lined the drawer in lavender drawer paper, can you smell it ?! hahaha .. It really has so many sweet details to it !! It goes perfect in my dining room, and I just put some other pretty PiNk, and RoSeY things to adorn her .. I was a happy girl !! I found soo many sweet things at these boutiques, and I will show you some more soon .. this was just the BiG thing I got that day !! You know when something just calls your name, and you just have to drag it home .. well, that's just what happened here, and I'm STILL estatic with my find !! I hope you like my new pretty, and I soo hope you all find a surprise you fall in LoVe with while you are out and about this week-end .. it makes the day so fun, treasure hunting, and truly uncovering a beloved find ..

Happy week-end to all you my sweet friends, go out and have fun, in this beautiful, refreshing time of year, and I hope in your travels you find something that tickles your heart, and makes you want to kinda skip the whole way home .. I really would, BUT, I might tinkle my pants .. I'll just whistle home .. Happy end of the week to you my girlie girls ~
Big Hugs

Friday, March 19, 2010

~ Pretty Easter~

Hello to all my Girlie friends,
Hoping this finds you all enjoying this beautiful, almost Spring day .. Can you believe we have gone through the winter together once again .. On to sunshiney, long days again .. yippee for that .. LoVe these warm longer days ..

It's been rather hectic and busy for me .. I can't always get to my blogging, but, still try to visit so many of you as I can .. fun things tho, lots of birthday and happy celebrations .. that's the good thing .. I LoVe this time of year and all it brings .. The freshness and newness of so much .. it makes me feel that I get a chance to start anew as well .. mmmm .. is that possible ?! hahaha I thought I would just share some of my Easter pretties that I have brought out .. I have lots of bunnies and Spring popping up all over our home .. thought I would share a few pictures with all you girlies .. I had to share my buffet with all my cross bottles on it .. It's my front window, and I LoVe how the sun shines through all the crystals in the afternoon .. And, isn't the cross the real reason we are celebrating Easter !! LoVe all my crosses, all over my home .. The rest of the pics are just little vignettes all dressed up for spring .. My little bunnies always just make me smile .. they have the sweetest faces ..

I'm excited for the week-end, we have lots of Spring shows and markets going on all day Saturday and some still on Sunday !! I'm getting up early and starting out with a few friends too, we will see how many I end up at !! I REALLY want to make it to Christie Repasys Market place .. that's all I need, hahaha .. can't get enough of her pretty roses .. just lovely .. I sure hope each of you have fun week-end plans and getting yourselves ready for Easter as well .. Such a blessed, wonderful time .. Go do something that makes you sing, and warms your heart .. It should be a fabulous week-end .. thanks for always dropping by, I sooo enjoy each of you, and soo many of your posts touch my heart, make me smile, and laugh out loud too .. you each truly bless me somehow, and I pray you have a happy end of your busy week ..

Blessings and love to each of you
Big hugs ~tea~ xoxo

Saturday, March 6, 2010

~ Some Christie news ~

Hello to you my bloggy friends,
Happy Wonderful Saturday to you all .. It's kinda cool here today, the sun shines, and it feels fabulous, but, when the clouds come, I'm cold !! I had to help my youngest do a class project today, so nothing really fun .. BUT, I wanted to share with all of you something exciting !!
For all of you that follow my blog at all, you know how much I adore Christie Repasy !! I've shared with you many of her Rose prints that I have .. I'm actually embarrassed to tell you how many over the years I've collected !! Right when I think I have enough, she comes up with another so beautiful, and her framing is incredible, and all so unique !! Her roses look as if they were just picked, and the colors she uses to paint are soo life like, and they look so real, you can almost smell them !!

Well guess what ?! Christie has a blog now, and any of you, that adore her, and her beautiful work, should drop by, and say hello .. she is a beautiful, sweet, charming, friendly person .. I KNOW you will LoVe her, and all she creates .. I was sooo excited to hear this .. Sue, from "Country Roads" shared this news .. and now, I just can't contain myself !! I want all of you to KNOW !! Her blog is Chateau de fleurs, drop by, and give Christie a sweet welcome, and say hello .. I just know you won't be dissappointed , and I want you to see all her beautiful work !!

Okay girlies, I'm running out to go for some din-din,and will be back later this evening, Chinese food tonite .. all because Lee Laurie shared pics of her dinner the other nite, and I haven't gotten that out of my mind .. It looked soo delicious !!

Pretty PiNk roses, and anything that tickles your heart I wish for you this day ~

Blessings and love,
~tea~ xo