Saturday, February 27, 2010

~ Sweet PiNk Reveal ~

Hi my sweet bloggy girlies,
Here's wishing you all a wonderful week-end, and hopefully you are able to squeeze in something fun !! It was quite a strange day today as far as weather goes, I headed out to do some errands and fun stops, and the sun was shining so bright, and than thunder clouds, bursting with rain, and pass, and some more beautiful sun .. tomorrow is suppose to be a beautiful clear, sunshiney day again .. we are so spoiled here, and not use to cooler, wet weather ..

I had to show you my sweet PiNk formerly silver, coffee decanter .. I bought this sweet piece from Stefanie, at Rose Petals and Rust .. She has the sweetest etsy shoppe, and the prices are just right .. I had been wanting one of these forever, BUT, they are so pricey .. when I found this in her shoppe, I had to get it .. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her, send her off to Miss Rebecca, and paint her up PiNk with hand-painted roses .. what do you think ?! I was soo excited to get her back, I've sat up a little vignette for now, HER in all her glory, surrounded by little crystal glasses, which have hand-painted roses on them as well .. hard to see, you have to look close ..hahaha..But, I LoVe how it turned out !! I see sooo many of you with sweet, beautiful silver pieces and KNOW you would probably die to see them painted over .. But, you know mee, it has to be PiNk !! Just thought I would share my new treasure with you all ,and hoping you will LoVe her too !! Isn't it wonderful, to finally get what you've been dreaming for !! Yippee Skippee for me, now, I'll have to dream of a new treasure !! I soo LoVe the hunt for things .. To me, that's truly half the fun !! Such a girly thing, I KNOW !! Sooo fun tho .. Mission accomplished ...

Well sweeties, sure hoping you're finding some treasure this week-end, and enjoying something fun and exciting !! I'm off to get some birthday cake cut, for my babys' 15th birthday !! It's actually Monday, BUT, we've been celebrating for 3 days !! He's going to unwrap some treasures too !! Enjoy your Sunday, be blessed, and do what you love ~
Big, Big Hugs ~tea~xo

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

~ Bloomin' away ~

Hi all my girlie friends,
Sure hope this is finding you enjoying another pretty day .. The weather here has been awesome .. A lttle rain, and then,some beautiful sunshiney days .. In the midst of this, my garden thinks it's Spring time .. my roses are a bloomin'. amd my pink jasmine, is smelling wonderful, and soo sweet !! the lavender is growing like crazy .. I LoVe to step out my front door, and just smell the air !! Soo wonderful, and just reminds me, that Spring is knockin' at the door .. No matter where you are, it's coming .. We all just have to be patient, and enjoy each day .. I think this is the time of year, when we all start itching for warmer, longer days .. just thought I would share some of my pretty flowers bloomin' away, and some pretty faux ones as well .. I do prefer REAL flowers, but, oh well , still pretty, and make me smile .. Soo, A tisket, a tasket, I hope you're able to fill your baskets" with something pretty, and that warms your heart ..
Happy week to you all, and may you be having some fun no matter what you're doing, and praying that you are all warm and snuggley..
Spring hugs ~tea~xo

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~ Pretty PiNkS ~

Well Happy Wednesday to all my bloggy girlies,
Sure hope it's beautiful where you are today !! We have had a gorgeous week here, ( in the low 80s) it's beautiful Spring like days .. All my roses and flowery plants are starting to bloom .. sooo pretty, they think it's Spring .. My pink jasmine smells soo yummy, and sweet !! I get so excited, cuz the air smells soo wonderful, and Spring like .. We are spoiled here .. mostly warm, sunny days .. Although we are to get rain again next week .. Soo, can't get too excited, it is still February !! I'm off work today, so I'm playing in the house, and moving things around .. Don't you LoVe just changing things around, you feel like you got new pretties, and actually I forget what all I do have sometimes .. I Adore cut crystal, and old decanters and have these placed with my pInK pieces .. I collect old silver pieces and paint them pink with my painted roses .. Soo many of you sweet ladies share your old silver pieces (which I soo LoVe) and I figure you would die, if you knew I painted over the silver .. But, you know me, it has to be PiNk and my roses are a must !! I believe what EvEr tickles your heart, and you truly LoVe, Go for it !! There is no rules in this "shabby" world of ours .. I sure wish my photography was better .. I do not do these pieces justice, But, I know you get the idea .. You will have to come visit in a few days, cuz, I bought a TALL, beautiful, cut glass old coffee decanter, with a silver, beautiful lid, I bought it from Stephanie and Rebecca painted it pretty, and it is enroute back to me .. I'm Soo excited to see the makeover .. I will share this beauty soon ..
Okay my friends, I'm off to run a few "have to do" errands, and than to a super cute store to pick up a picture I've ordered .. that's the fun part of my day .. I'm soo happy you drop in to say hello, and wishing you all a very happy, hopefully, SPRING like day .. Do something fun and make your sweet hearts smile ~
Big warm hugs
~tea~ xo

Monday, February 8, 2010

~Girly Girls You Gotta See This...~

Gosh girlies, it's Monday madness again .. I sure hope you all had a wonderful Superbowl week-end .. I know my belly is still full, from all the wonderful, yummy, fun ,football dishes !! Go Saints !! Was that a fun game to watch or what ?! I have to say it didn't EvEn matter to me who won !! And the half time show with the WHO !! Now, that made me feel old !! I so remember them from high school days !! Ooohh my !! What a great day with my boys !!

Well, after all that boy stuff, I was soo dyin' for some real girlie stuff .. Eye candy, and soo dripping with romance !! I had chatted with my girlie friend Rebecca, and she had sent me these photos of her Beautiful, dreamy, Romantic NeW dining room !! This is just over the top Rebecca again .. She NeVer ceases to amaze mee .. And, being that it is Valentines' week, what better home to go visit than Rebecca's and Steve's ...

Go see this on her blog for more pictures and sweet words .. You will be so inspired, and ready to decorate for your special Valentines dinner .. To me, it doesn't matter if you eat a wonderful homemade PeRfEct meal, or a pizza dinner, girlies you serve it up on a beautiful table like this, and your meal will taste better than EvEr !! And, did I say Romantic ?!
To me, her home just drips with Romance, each and every room .. Look at all the lace and linens, candles, chandy, all her lovely dishes and crystal .. just PerFecT for your sweet Valentine .. I personally could sit in this room all evening .. Loveliness surrounds .. If you continue through their beautiful home, each room is this way .. Soft creamy whites and a touch of PiNk here and there .. Look all around, cuz you will miss something special tucked in a nook or cranny .. Just gorgeous !

Now, to me ladies this is truly my idea of a Romantic Home .. Her pictures truly look like they have been pulled from a Romantic Homes, or Romantic Country magazine .. I STILL am waiting to see her NEW and REVISED dreamy home in a magazine .. Can't wait !! If you would like to see more, go visit Rebecca and take more of a look .. You will so be taken a back to a better, slower, relaxing way of life .. Always such a joy when she shares her lovely things with all of us ..

Well girlies, can't wait to see what all of you are doing to get ready for the MoSt heart filled day of the year !! LoVe Valentines day, and any and everything that shows Romance and prettiness ~

Hoping you all have a very blessed, full of LoVe week, with all those that you hold dear to your hearts ..
Big heart hugs
~tea~ xo

Monday, February 1, 2010

~ sweet hearts for you ~

Well hello, and Happy Monday to you all ?! It's always such a hard day for this household, I hear more yelping in the early mornings .. hahaha .. Well goodness, can you EvEn believe it's February 1st ... I LoVe this month because of Valentines Day !! There is just something about the air .. in between the much wanted Spring, BUT, LoVe is in the air !! I sooo enjoy decorating my home, and pulling out all my vintage treasures, and heart dishes .. Right when all the color has been packed away from Christmas, here comes more joy and happy colors !! I fill all the dishes with pretty red, and PiNk of course, candy .. My apothacary jars are filled to the brim ..
I always have the table decorated with PiNk and cream heart dishes, PiNk champagne and wine glasses, EvEn if there just filled with juice and milk .. looks soo festive .. Valentines day always brings sweet little gifts on the table .. my kids are mostly grown, BUT, still insist on all this being done !! Makes it so fun !! Baking is a must, and always making something with hearts .. soo yummy, and the smells, EvEn better !! I will share a little more each week, I soo hope you are feeling LoVe in the air, and surrounded by all those that bring that special feeling, whether it be a honey, or family, wonderful friends, there is always someone we can make feel special and loved ..
Enjoy your first day of the LoVe month, and I pray it's a happy and joyful one for each of you, my bloggy girlies ~
Big PiNk heart hugs for you ~
~tea girl ~ xo