Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~ PiNk PrEeTieS ~

Hi all my SWEET bloggy friends ~
Just popping in to say hello to you all !! Hoping each one of you are staying warm and cozy .. It's such a dark, dreary day in California .. I should say week, it has been soo windy, cold, and rainy .. I am a sunshine girley.. we are soo spoiled here, our weather is ALWAYS so darn nice and sunny .. Soo a week of this is enough .. Something about the wind and rain that sounds so angry !! The beaches here are just full of giant waves and winds .. it looks so scarry !!
I was home from work today, so I stayed in and baked (chocalate chip yummy cookies), and cleaned .. Something about days like this makes me just want to bake and clean .. soo that is what I did !! I thought I would show you some PiNk pretties, cuz that always makes me smile .. I know in a few days it will be beautiful outside, and I will see my sunshine again .. that always makes me smile .. the warmth of the sun !!
My pretties always tickle my heart, have NeVer tired of them .. Isn't it funny how the little things we have, bring such joy, and happiness to us .. Soo, the next few days, I'll just keep playing and cleaning, and I will wait, yes, patiently for Mr. sunshine, and the beautiful rainbow that will be covering mee !!
I sure hope no matter where you all are, that you are warm, cozy, and feeling blessed, EvEn in the midst of Mr. Winter .. you can always come over to see me, have some hot tea, and yummy cookies .. wouldn't that be so fun :):)
Have a happy, warm evening .. snuggle in, and be safe .. God is good my friends, and I pray you are all feeling blessed ~
Big PiNk rosey hugs to you ~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

~ vintage table book ~

Hello, and HapPy Wednesday to my sweet bloggy friends,
Can you believe it's now well into January !! It's amazing where the time goes .. I sure hope you are all having fun, and getting lots of things done since the holidays are well behind us .. I wanted to share another wonderful "must have" book I just got .. I just can't seem to put this down either .. LoVe sharing with you fun, eye candy .. There is truly something for everybodys' taste .. Soo many refreshing ideas .. We all have these things around our homes already, it's just putting a tablescape together .. I myself LoVe the "mix and match" look, nothing PeRfEct, no rules, just put together what we LoVe .. Always makes me smile ~
This book is put out by the editors of Romantic Homes, and it is chuck full of beautiful ideas, it shares ideas on creating unforgettable table settings by mixing heirlooms unique treasures, and unexpected accents . Soo fun, and believe me, you will want to play house, and change things around, once you put this down . I've really enjoyed every page of this book, and it's soo fun because three friends of mine are featured in this book .. How exciting is that ?! makes it EvEn more fun ..
You know, I've always been the type of girly, that truly enjoys putting pretty fine, limoge , and other pieces of china, mixed with old vintage pieces of unmatched dishes, on a pretty, old, gently used harvest table, or a chippy painted cottage white table, nothing eVeR PeRfEcT here .. I want everyone to feel at home, and, not thinking you have to be so stuffy .. Ooohh and did I tell you making pretty tables makes the food taste so much more YummerS !! Truly it does, and serving food on pretty dishes, EvEn makes soup and salad taste better .. hahaha ..
Well girlies, always enjoy sharing with each of you, you all truly inspire me in soo many ways .. it's soo fun visiting you all .. stay well, have fun, and get out to get your books .. you will LoVe this ..
Take care, and have a happy, joyful, PiNk week ~
Big Vintage hugs

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~ sweet gifts ~

Well hello to all my sweet girlies,
I sooo can't believe where the time actually goes .. I try to keep up on everything I HAVE to do, and than it seems forever since I have EvEn sat down to my bloggy .. I have put everything away by now, all our company has gone home . It's always kinda sad to me, cuz the holidays are soo fun, and soo many fun things we do each year, and than, when it is all over, everyone has to leave to return home, and I take it all away, it just seems soo final !! Until next year .. as fast as time seems to go, that will be here before we blink an eye :0
Sure hope you are all doing wonderful, and feeling well .. There is soo much crud going around, we so far, have dodged most of it .. thank God .. The weather has been near the 80's most of the week. I just enjoy doing things outdoors, and sitting in the warmth of the sun, and reading .. It does a mind and body good. I read where so many of you are in the cold part of winter, it must be nice to cozy up, it's just hard to imagine, when WE don't get the seasons as such here ..
I just thought I would share some pretties I recieved for Christmas, these pictures don't do them justice, but, if you look close you can see .. hahaha .. I actually LoVe them all .. I got two more Repasy prints (can a girl have enough REPASY ??) This sterling pitcher is silver with mosaic rose dishes, and the lid is adorned in vintage jewels .. It is soo pretty, and all my PiNk and mercury glass look so pretty next to it .. A friend made me the large mercury glass candle holder with the ribbon and lace all around it .. sooo creative some girlies can be !! I really enjoy all my pretty treasures, and am constantly moving things around .. such fun !!
I had to leave my glass beaded wreath up for awhile .. it is dressed in pink ribbons and roses, and goes well with everything else .. And the hope sign, how fitting always, to KNOW the real source of our "HoPE"
In this next year, I pray for all the HoPe, PeaCe, and LoVe for each one of you .. times are soo trying now, and I just pray for answers and solutions for soo many areas .. Let's take one day at a time, and be KiNd to one another, kindness goes soo much farther, and touches so many ~
Enjoy each day, and may I wish you all a very Blessed, Happy New Year again xxoo
Big PiNk hugs ~tea~