Sunday, July 11, 2010

~ my NeW slipcovers ~

Hello and happy Sunday to each of you girlies !!
Well, remember when I said my boys left to Mammoth for a few days, and left Meee home alone,and I had shared that I was up to re-doing some things while they were away !! I finally have snapped some pictures of the slipcovers that my darling, sweet friend Soyra sewed up for me .. She knows exactly what I LoVe, and it's all I did was give her the fabric, and away she went .. I was thrilled to see them finished and dressed up again .. I've always shared that I'm the total frilley, fluffey, lacey, and the more ruffles the better kinda girlie .. She trimmed everything so PeRfEcT, notice all the frill .. The ruffles hang loose to the floor, kinda floppy, and soo casual .. I have tons of pillows, cuz, this is the tv room, where everyone lays around and the pillows are a must !! Everything comes apart and is easily washed .. All the fabric is cotton, the main body of the sofa and ottoman are 100% cotton, white denim .. It all goes soo well with all of my PiNkY RoSe fabrics, that I have NeVer grown tired of !! It is all so comforting and sweet to mee !!

I have to say the biggest question I am ALWAYS asked, "Is do your BoYs hate this ?! Can I just say A BiG FaT Nooooo !!! Do they LoVe it ?! Uuuhhh NoT so sure !! they just know that Momma LoVEs it, and it makes me HAPPY !! "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" hahaha ... My oldest Son is out in his own place now, and the younger son, has a total BoY cave room, with all the ToYs in it, soo he is fine !! Our daughter has a bedroom after her Mommas' heart, soo I KNOW she loves it !! I've always said, be true to your heart, and what you LoVe, and don't worry what everyone else thinks .. I myself, have always loved and adored shabby, chippy, floppy frills, and top it off with gently used linens and lace, and it has my heart forever !!

I have a group of die-hard girly girl friends, who we call ourselves the "Cottage Friends" and we are always sharing, gifting, swapping things we tire of, or want something different, we lunch together, shop, and flea market together, and when we have birthdays, or just plain ole' tea parties, we are always giving each other the same sweet gifts, and when we find something we love and have to have, you better try to get about 6 of them or else !! hahaha ..

Well, my friends, I sure hope you all LoVe my new pretties, and think of meee when you see anything PiNk, RoSey ,and shabby, and hopefully all this lucious, crumpled rufflely fabrics warm and tickle your hearts as well .. Here's wishing you all a SUPER family, relaxing, or just plain lazy day ~

Thanks to soo many of you sweet friends for all the kind e-mails and comments you always leave .. You are all such a true JoY to mee, and help to give me soo much inspiration as always ~
BiG PiNk Ruffley HuGs ~TeA~ xo


  1. Hello sweet Tanza... oooh, I love your new slipcovers! So pretty, and PINK and rosey and feminine! They are just gorgeous! I also love that you do what YOU like and are so happy with it... Jack and I always say "if you find a good thing, stick with it"! That is so cute you and your "Cottage Friends" have such fun get~togethers and tea parties and such... I know what you mean about buying "six" of the same thing... I always buy the same thing for my sister and my nieces when I find something wonderful too! It makes it even more fun! Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures, and wishing you a beautiful day! xoxo Julie Marie PS You ALWAYS brighten my day!!!

  2. Hi Tanza, it looks sensational! What a beautiful job your friend did. No wonder you are so pleased with it! It all looks so beautiful and cozy in there. Yes I agree not to worry about what other people think, you have to be true to yourself otherwise you will never be happy. I sometimes worry that my home is too girly..but then I think well that's what I love! My eldest Ryan doesn't like it at all but I made a pact with him that if he doesn't interfere with my decorating I won't intere with his when he gets married! It worked, didn't hear a peep out of him after that.. besides I wasn't going to change it anyway... lol! Your home is just delightful.. take care, Maryann

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo in LOVE!!!!!

  4. Hi Tanza, Wowzers, I love your new slipcovers!! That is sooo what I want to have on my sofa...white and frilly and so girlie looking. Someday soon I hope :) And lovin' all your frilly pillows you have on it too, but looks like there would be no room for anyone to sit there, lol :) Hey, that pink and white striped wallpaper looks just like what I have in my Dining room :) See, we like the same pinky things...kindred spirits are we!
    Love this little sneek peek into your beautiful home....keep more pictures coming!

    Have a great up-coming week my fellow pink, rosey, romantic, girly lovin' friend!

    Warmest hugs to you, Brenda

  5. Hi Tanza,
    That slipcover is absolutely drop dead gorgeous
    and even Rachael Ashwell would be jealous!
    She did a wonderful job and your plethora of pillows even makes me jealous!

    I like the idea of your cottage group of friends. What fun you must have swapping ideas and buying lovely things.

    Yes, whenever I see rosey, pink, shabby, cottage and romantic, I think of you.


  6. I love your new slipcovers. All of the pillows look so comfty too. I love the ottoman as well. This is the perfect shabby chic room.

    Lee Laurie

  7. Ok...I'm soooo jealous! Why do you have these and I do not! :( BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Does your girl come to Oklahoma to work? I don't have the energy to take on such a project. No way Jose'...(or Hose-B!) :)

    I want to see MORE pictures. I do! Get busy or I'm gonna bug you until you do!

    LOVE YOU SWEETIE! Your note today on my blog made me cry. MISS YOU~


  8. I'm right there with the rest of your fans!!! OH.....MY......GOSH, that is sooooo gorgeous. I want my home to look like that. All the beautiful whites, pinks and roses are just too beautiful. My taste is the very same as yours, guess that's what makes this blogging so much fun, cause you get to see other peoples fantastic pretties. YOU GO GIRL!!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful slip covers. If she comes to Okla for Rebecca I get her next, LOL!!!
    Hugs to you

  9. Ooooohhhhh my goodness! I LOVE your beautiful new goodies! Just gorgeous! Sooooo pretty and girly! My favorite thing in the world is a pretty room! I am so tired of all the masculine clean line rooms...give me frills and ruffles and prettiness anyday;)!

    Just gorgeous...oops...I said that already;)!


  10. Hi Tea!

    What a beautiful set of slipcovers. I wish I had your friend living near me. Absolutely stunning. You are such a frilly girl like me. Don't you just love to be surrounded by ruffles and lace? I know I do!

    xo Cathy

  11. What a gorgeous ruffled up couch.

    Just happened upon your blog from Julie's. Happy I did. I love your style.

  12. Hello Tanza~ Girl you did it up right!
    Pink, frilly, shabby chic, the staples in every girlie girls diet!

    The decorating indoors is my jurisdiction and the outdoors is hubbies. it has proven to be the perfect recipe for designers peace, lol.

    I was thinking about you today...all the girlies in my S0-Cal family are having their annual beach retreat this coming weekend and I'm so sad cause I can't be there to enjoy the fun. Sooo, I love seeing and reading about your ventures through my favorite places at home. "Enjoy the summer fun!"

    Sweet wishes,

  13. Hi Tea, You always make me smile with your sweet self! Thank you for popping in at just the right moment! I love your beautiful pretty and girlie... I love the little gathered "skirt" right under the cushions...perfect! the ottoman is just the finishing touch this pretty room~ Have a great week! God Bless! Sending Love~ Ann

  14. Gasp! They are awesome, T! Beyond over the moon fabulous! I WANT SOME! Leave it up to you to have the best of the pinks/ruffles ever ... such a girlie-girl beauty!

    Yes, you do have fun with your wonderfully sweet friends, & that is the way life should be . I am so happy Soyra was able to make another dream come true.

    One day I shall be sipping tea with you ...
    Hugs of love, sweet friend. Marydon

  15. Hello, Tea,
    Oh, I do love your new slipcovers that your sweet friend made. They are perfect for you!! I love all of your pillows, too. You know my motto is a girl can NEVER have too many pillows. I feel the same as you. I buy things that make me happy. Like you, pink, ruffles, roses and feminine things make my heart beat a little faster. Hope you have had a good week thus far, sweet friend. Sending lots of love and hugs to you~ Vicki

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  17. Hi Tea, your slip covers are just gorgeous. I love all the sweet ruffles and the clean, soft look of everything!

    Hope you are enjoying your summer.

    Sending hugs,
    Barb ♥

  18. Hey Tea Girl Tanza,
    I wish I had somebody to whip me up some slip covers...... it looks awesome. I did have somebody but she moved and l lost contact. I really need to find somebody again... I don't sew and I have all these little projects that need to be done with sewing.

    I think you would be a blast to hang out with you, I could only imagine the fun all you girls have when you do hang out.

    Oh one more thing the way you have your couch set up reminds me of Mo's cottage she used to blog, but I believe she still has hers up to look at.

    Big Hugs*

  19. Beautiful slipcovers and pillows but I especially love the quilt hanging on the back of the sofa. My philosophy is a pink girly home is a happy home. Luckily for me, my hubby likes whatever I do. Your home is beautiful.

  20. Hi Sweet Tanza,
    I just love your slip covers. So pretty and shabby rose special. I adore pillows and your are gorgeous. Love the quilt on the back too.
    I too, design our home for what I love to see everyday. Isn't it great to have a girl to sew such pretties. I love to sew, but no time, so I too have a great little sewer that I found last year who can do anything. She made covers for my sofa cushions and also my dining room chairs.
    Your home is so inspiring my friend.

    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. Always so nice to see you.

    Have a special and blessed weekend.
    Hugs, XO Celestina Marie

  21. Oh my goodness are you serious??? I am in LOVE with the slipcovers!!!! Wowee, excellent! They look gorgeous I bet you are one happy shabby chic girl. Oh, I get questions about my husband, the boys and the decorating...I tried to sell one of my pink lamps and my SON said no mom , that is one of our memories. Also, we have a pink bathroom and a taupe bathroom...EVERYBODY uses the pink bathroom more?!LOL.

  22. Dear Tanza,
    this is my firt visit to you blog and definnitely won't be the last. it's sooooooooooo inspiring!!
    your slipcovers are beautiful beyond words. I'd like to have one myself for my couch but do not fancy to venture in such a project myself. tried with a professional seamstress but what she asked for to make one just like your whas a real rip off - half my monthly salary...much to nmy regret had to give up.
    and all those pillows are so romantic and feminine. love the look very much.
    bet that even Rachel Ashwell would be green with envy at the sight of your slipcover LOL!!!!!
    until my next visit, take good care and enjoy your comfy couch.

  23. Wowzers Tanza your new slipcover is squeal with delight gorgeous! That is exactly what I've been wanting for our old but cozy sofa but wouldn't dare take on a project like that myself!
    We have 2 upholsterers right here in our little town and I may just drop by with some white demin!
    Thanks for the shabby sweet inspirations! I would just love to dive into that pillow covered sofa and take a comfy nap :-)
    Hugs and Smiles,

  24. Super-Doooooper-Dooooper YUMMMM-O..... Love every.thing.


  25. I enjoyed my visit to your blog! Love the slip covers! I will definitely come back!
    I would love for you to pay me a visit sometime....




  27. We just replaced the bedding in the front bedroom...I like yours better.
    Hi. I came across your blog through another blog I follow and have signed up as a follower. When you’re free, please do visit me and let me know what you think of my blog and leave a comment. If you like, do follow as well. I am always open to great new people and interesting websites. Look forward to hearing from you.

  28. Well Ms. know that I sew but OMG, I could NEVER make anything like that. GORGEOUS...mouth hanging open in awe here!!! xoxo, Janet

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  30. Hi;
    I am a friend of Marydon. I am a new blogger. I wanted you to know I really enjoy your blog.

  31. First off I want to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.. cause now I found you!

    I have had lots of people ask me how my husband can live with all the flowers, and roses and ruffles I have in my home.. I just smile.. He could care less if it's flowers or stripes... it's simply HOME...

    You go girl!!

  32. YUMMO! Your friend is a genius! Gorgeous!

    m ^..^

  33. your friend did a great job! how sweet are they? i'm going to feature them on friday 10/22.