Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~ a pretty surprise from Ginger ~

Hello to all my bloggy friends,
Hoping you all had a wonderful, happy, middle of the week Wednesday !! I'm always off work on Wed., soo it's my day to get my nails and feetsies done, run my errands, and do what I HAVE to do !! I always seem to sneek in some fun tho as well .. A friend and I met for some lunch, and than we went to a darling store to pick up some pretties for my birthday tea, (lunch) .. they are decorating it all in vintage type table decor, and pretty handmade tussey musseys for favors !! All of it is adorable, and I can hardly wait for the little party !!

Well all of that being said, I had seen where my sweet friend Ginger had made a tussey mussey for a swap, and contacted her to see if she would make me one for the table, and she didn't want to sell, soo we decided to do a friendly swap .. oohh what fun this was, look at all my surprises .. they came today, and I was just to the moon excited !! The sweetest tussey mussey .. sooo meee ... the match box, filled with sweet lace and treasures, my beautiful bottle, and sweet rose dish .. beautiful linen .. Wow !! Does Ginger know what tickles my heart !! this was such a blast !! I'm like a little girlie when I get new treasures .. I have to leave them out soo I can see and hold them for awhile, and then I find sweet places to hold them !! I wanted to share them all with you !! Like I've said so many times before, I have met the most wonderful, talented, gracious friends in this wonderful world of blog land !! so many of you I feel like I have known for a life time !! We share so many of the same loves, passions, and girly girl things !! If I'm EvEr down, there is always a kind word of encouragement said, and so many of you just crack me up .. (my morning giggles) way better than reading the yucky newspaper !! And then, there is so many of you that just continually warm my heart, and put a smile in my pocket for the entire day .. I'm so EvEr grateful to each of you .. And, to you Ginger, thanks so EvEr much for the beautiful treasures you gifted me with .. You are the BeSt ~

Happy week to each of you, and thanks for always dropping in to say hello to lil' ole' mee ~

To the moon
~tea~ xo


  1. Hello sweet Tanza... oooh, I love your tussie mussie! And all of your other swap treasures, that sounds like sooo much fun! I know your birthday is in May, like mine, but you didn't tell us what day it is??? Your luncheon tea sounds so sweet, like you! I love those little tickets too... giggle! So cute! xoxo Julie Marie PS I also love tussie mussies for May Day flowers to hang on someones door!

  2. Hello Tanza,

    What sweet little pretties. I love the little tussie mussie. So pretty.I love the little match box too. You always have the cutest things.

    Lee Laurie


  4. Good Thursday morning Tea! What wonderful and sweet little treasures you received from Ginger ~ everything is so cute!! There are just sooo many wonderful, sweet & talented ladies out here in Blogland!! I'm always thrilled when I get to meet new people :) Thank you so much for sharing this special gift you received from such a wonderful & sweet friend! Have a lovely day!! Warmest always, Brenda

  5. Hi Sweet Tea!
    Everything is gorgeous!!! I love the tussie's and everything else she sent! So pretty and so YOU!
    I could not agree with you more about the blogland girls! Every one here is just the best. Including you sweet friend!!
    Love ya,

  6. Hi sweet Tea! I always love reading all of your sweet thoughts! You spread joy and sunshine here and wherever you visit! You are a such a blessing and a very talented and sweet girlie!!! So glad I 'met' you through your lovely blog! Bloggy friends are so sweet and giving! I love all of the pretties sweet Ginger sent you! What a fun swap! The glass bottle is so pretty and I love the matchbox and tussie mussie she made. Oh so gorgeous and so you!!! She is a talented lady too. I see you have your pretty glass bottle all filled up and displayed beautifully with your other pretties! Thank you for sharing and I hope the rest of your week is a wonderful as you are! Love to you, Paula

  7. Hi Tea, such pretty pretties. Each picture is so soothing and charming.

    YOU are a gift to me; I love your sweet soul and your grateful heart. What a joy you are.

    Sending love and hugs,
    Barb ♥

  8. Love the tussie! And in case I forget, just let me wish you an early very special "Happy Birthday"!!
    Take care, Sue

  9. Aren't swaps fun??? I love this one of yours! Everything is sooo the tussie-mussie&I love,love these little coupon sayings! And the wee box is~ Oooh so sweet! Enjoy your pretties and the Happiest Birthday to you dear friend! Love and Hugs...Ann

  10. Hello Tanza~I was so delighted to see you strolled in for a visit.
    Your post captured the true essence of the friendships made here in blogland. I'm always amazed too by the kindness and talents that's shared. It's a wonderful sisterhood that fills my cup each and every day. I appreciate your comments and especially your friendship.
    It's soo enjoyable to see all your beautiful treasures.
    Gingers sent you some pink and lovely frillys.
    I just purchased vintage hankies to make Tussie Mussies. I adore filling them with flowers, especially with roses from our garden.
    I hope you have an enjoyable birthday tea.
    Best wishes to your mom too.
    Sweet wishes,

  11. P.S. Oh,I place a small jar or at times an old prescription bottle into the Tussie Mussie to accommodate the fresh flowers and water.
    Sweet wishes,

  12. Hello, sweet friend,
    Happy Birthday!! Is it coming up soon? Your party sounds wonderful, and I love the idea of the tussie mussies. Ginger gifted you with some beautiful things. All of them very feminine and just your style. Have a happy weekend! Love to you~ Vicki

  13. G'morn, sweet friend ~

    Isn't Ginger the sweetest gal & heart ever?! Her creations are awesome ... how sweet for you both. The tussy is 2D4 & so are the other treasures ... they will look so beautiful amongst all the other 'beauties' you have, T.

    Your party will be festive & frolicking fun, I am sure ... oh, how I could be there with you to join your celebration. Boo-hoo!

    Hugs of love, T ~ Marydon

  14. Tanza,
    Ginger is just the greatest! I met her on another web site and she was the one who inspired me to start my blog! Both of you are so talented and I really enjoyed seeing your swap and what you gifted to each other!! Lovely!!

  15. Oh such pretties. I've never been to your blog before.I'm here via your swap.

    - The Tablescaper

  16. Love your pretty treasures! So glad I came accross your blog! Pretty!!!! Pretty!!!! Pretty!!!!

  17. Hi Tea, thank you for your sweet visit on Sunday. You always put a smile on my face.

    I'm painting today......yahoooooo!!!!!!!

    Huggie hugs, Barb ♥

  18. I want to have a tea party!! Isn't it fun?!
    What sweet items and so pretty and you ladies are always amazing me with your talent.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    until next time,