Thursday, April 29, 2010

~ Floral Park Home and Garden tour Jens' Beautiful home ~

Hello and happy day to you my bloggy friends ~
Gosh, another busy, and fun week .. I'm getting ready to run to work, BUT, have been dying to share these beautiful pictures with all of you .. I told you how I was going to this wonderful home tour this past Saturday .. It's always in the Spring, soo for a little birthday celebration, 4 of my girlfriends took me here again (our 6th year of going) and than to a late lunch, early dinner .. It was a wonderfully fun day as always !!

This neighborhood is in olde towne Santa Ana ..It is called Floral Park .. What a wonderful place to be able to call home .. You are always charmed by these beautiful, well kept, tree lined streets and homes .. Each is a bit different in architect and design .. This neighborhood illustrates a far more collection just of homes .. It is truly unique, EvEn the way the streets are designed, and the way they CuRvE around each other .. You always seem to be at a corner !! But, that's okay, can I say I would LoVe to be lost in this neighborhood forever !! I so wish I could take you inside each home .. What an awesome experience !!

They ask that you NOT take pictures, BUT, when I came across Jens home, I JUST HAD to have pictures !! She soo graciously said she would send these to mee !! She is as beautiful as their home .. Soo, come inside and take a peek .. I was just drooling !! Every step you take is just gorgeous !! Look at the paint on the walls, Soo warm and inviting !! Each room was showcasing beautiful shandys, and lighting .. Look at the beds she has transformed .. GORGEOUS !! She has gotten alot of items from The Bella Cottage !! Jen appliqued the beds herself !! They were just lovely !! this home is the quintessental Romantic Shabby Chic Home .. Rachel Ashwell would be so thrilled !! I just couldn't get enough !! Peek into the kitchen, and WoW yourself with her display of hand rose painted dishes !! The openness and beauty of their home just took my breath away ..

Thank you sweet Jen, for opening your home to all of us crazy girlies, and to have been soo gracious and sending me pictures my way to share .. I can just stare at these endlessly !! you have done an amazing job decorating, and making your house a home !! you are blessed sweet one, and I so hope all you, my bloggy friends enjoyed your peek into this shabbylicious, gorgeous, yummy home .. hoping you are all having a happy, blessed week, and doing things that warm and tickle your sweet hearts ~
Big hugs as always
~tea~ xo


  1. Hello sweet Tanza, oh my goodness, what a beautiful home! It is so feminie and romantic, and I love everything about it! How lucky you are to have been able to see it in person... I just want to curl up on that beautiful bed with a magazine and a cup of tea and daydream! The gardens are so pretty as well... thanks for sharing! love to you! xoxo Julie Marie

  2. OK...I'm faint. The pictures sure do give me some great ideas for our kitchen makeover. Wish I could have come, too. Maybe next year.

    Seems like a very SPECIAL day is coming up...hmmm

    Love to you Sweet Tea...



  4. The chandy's were beautiful and I love the fountain outside!

  5. how much fun...and happy birthday!!!! you are right, her house is just gorgeous!!!!

  6. So Glad you had a great girls day out for your birthday and I'm so sorry I missed the Floral Park home tour again. I would have loved to see this home in person. Happy Birthday! christie

  7. OMG.....OMG!!! This house is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I don't think I would have ever wanted to leave. They would have had to literally push me out the door...LOL :) How sweet of her to send these photos to you so you could show them to all of us! Okay, now I am going to go back and stare at the pictures some more :) Have a wonderful up-coming weekend Tea!! Warmest always, Brenda

  8. Hi Tea, this is so lovely and what I love above all is the peace that I feel looking at it. Just yummy.....thanks, sweet girl, for sharing with us!

    Barb xoxo

  9. hello sweet pea,
    it has been such a long time sinc i last visited you but i have been so busy that i am WAAAYYYY behind on all of my fav blogs. please forgive me ~_~
    i cant believe that people let you walk through their homes, what a strange concept. however, her home is dreamy and what i would love my home to look like, perhaps when my 3 rascals are a tad older :)
    anyhoo, it might take me a while before i get back here so have a great month of may %*_*%

  10. Very beautiful, a fresh and peaceful place to rest your heart!!


  11. Tea,
    Thank you for your sweet tea visit!
    So nice of you to, I am in love with what may look like your master bedroom, Dreamy bed and love the windows on each side, a perfect bedroom plan for a bed between them.

    There is nothing I don't love in your home, BEAUTIFUL JOB!


  12. Hi Tea,
    Jen is my dear friend and preparing the house was a lot, hat an absolute dream house the Lord as provided her family through the hard work of her hubby. She had a great friend named Crissy Vos help her in the garden department, and she just had the best time opening up the home to everyone! It's so nce to see others enjoy all her hard work!

  13. Hi sweet Tea,
    Floral Park sounds like a beautiful area! I love how you described it! I am glad you enjoyed the tour with your dear friends! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos of Jen's gorgeous home! So very sweet of her to allow you to share with us. Her home and garden is amazing and she has decorated it beautifully! So much shabby chic inspiration! I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet friend! Love, Paula

  14. Tea,
    You are so sweet to say so many kind things about me and my home. AND all of you sweet friends are too kind too. I am just a stay at home mom that homeschools and loves to redo furniture. I love taking old things and make them come to life - I could applique anything :)
    Everybody is so kind I want to have a big tea party and have everybody over.

  15. Such a charming home. Jen has so many lovely romantic touches throughout her home. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi Tanza,

    What a gorgeous home!

    Just dropping by to say hello to a few sweet friends before I crawl back into bed to get well from this terrible flu. Have a wonderful warm weekend.

    xo Cathy

    p.s. Please drop back by my blog. I'm looking for votes for the Vetcy Award. lol

    Thanks again,


  17. Oh, sweet T ... what a lovely home, so elegant, warm & inviting. How sweet of Jen to share her pictures for us to enjoy, & envy her beauty.

    Your gorgeous gifts from Ginger are SO you! She is a wonderful generous gal ... just love her.

    Please get well & take good care of yourself ... I am sending you a 'special cup of tea' ... can't you just smell the luscious brew in a gorgeous english mug?!

    Hugs of love, sweet friend ~ Marydon

  18. Hi Sweet "T".
    OMG I loved this house tour. From the beautiful and dreamy kitchen, to the wonderful romantic bedroom, to that DDG garden. OMG can you just imagine yourself living in such a dreamy home? It is beautiful. I love the name Floral Park. It is so beautiful sweetie. Thank you so much for sharing with me today. I have really enjoyed this tour.

    Now what is this I hear about a birthday? When was it please? Happy Belated or Happy Early?

    I am so sorry to hear you too are a little under the weather. Please take care of yourself, believe me you don't want it to turn into pneumonia like mine. This has really beat me down.

    Hope your Saturday May Day was full of sunshine and happiness sweetie. Have a wonderful evening. Loved popping in.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  19. Tea, thank you for your sweet comment to me. From the beginning of my blog, you have always been such a 'bright spot' for me.

    Know what? I am feeling better this morning! God is good....all the time.

    Hope your Sunday is blessed and blessed again.

    Huggie hugs, Barb, xoxo

  20. My hand is over my heart! It's gorgeous, I love all her whites! And even the area has a pretty name... Hope you had a wonderful birthday sweet friend~ Love&Hugs..

  21. What a wonderful home. I'd be afraid to live in it though. At least without maid service!

  22. Hi Tanza what a stunning home & thank you so much for sharing with us.....oh I could look at those photos for hours. loving your new heading sweet I thought it looked familiar & then at the bottom of the page whose name did I see..... Miss Reb of course! Hope your enjoying your Spring over there, today its raining & miserable.....oh well nothing we can do about the weather huh...

    Have a great day Hun & hope you had a great birthday...

    Lyn xxx

  23. Can't wait to see all your pictures from your birthday party. Have a great time, I will be thinking of you. Happy Birthday Sweet Tea!!
    Love and Hugs to you.