Saturday, February 27, 2010

~ Sweet PiNk Reveal ~

Hi my sweet bloggy girlies,
Here's wishing you all a wonderful week-end, and hopefully you are able to squeeze in something fun !! It was quite a strange day today as far as weather goes, I headed out to do some errands and fun stops, and the sun was shining so bright, and than thunder clouds, bursting with rain, and pass, and some more beautiful sun .. tomorrow is suppose to be a beautiful clear, sunshiney day again .. we are so spoiled here, and not use to cooler, wet weather ..

I had to show you my sweet PiNk formerly silver, coffee decanter .. I bought this sweet piece from Stefanie, at Rose Petals and Rust .. She has the sweetest etsy shoppe, and the prices are just right .. I had been wanting one of these forever, BUT, they are so pricey .. when I found this in her shoppe, I had to get it .. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her, send her off to Miss Rebecca, and paint her up PiNk with hand-painted roses .. what do you think ?! I was soo excited to get her back, I've sat up a little vignette for now, HER in all her glory, surrounded by little crystal glasses, which have hand-painted roses on them as well .. hard to see, you have to look close ..hahaha..But, I LoVe how it turned out !! I see sooo many of you with sweet, beautiful silver pieces and KNOW you would probably die to see them painted over .. But, you know mee, it has to be PiNk !! Just thought I would share my new treasure with you all ,and hoping you will LoVe her too !! Isn't it wonderful, to finally get what you've been dreaming for !! Yippee Skippee for me, now, I'll have to dream of a new treasure !! I soo LoVe the hunt for things .. To me, that's truly half the fun !! Such a girly thing, I KNOW !! Sooo fun tho .. Mission accomplished ...

Well sweeties, sure hoping you're finding some treasure this week-end, and enjoying something fun and exciting !! I'm off to get some birthday cake cut, for my babys' 15th birthday !! It's actually Monday, BUT, we've been celebrating for 3 days !! He's going to unwrap some treasures too !! Enjoy your Sunday, be blessed, and do what you love ~
Big, Big Hugs ~tea~xo


  1. Dear Sweet Tea...

    Today Mr. AGPMand and I went Estate Sale Shopping. We came home with a haul. Guess what I got for $8.00? A Decanter almost exactly like yours. I'm going to paint mine cottage white with pink roses.

    I would never have bought one if it had not been for you sending me yours to paint.

    Love the pink roses on your glasses. LOVELY!

    More soon!

    Happy B-Day to Mr. T!

    Love You Most~Rebecca

  2. Hello, Tanza,
    I am with you on the color pink! Can't go wrong with that sweet color. I love how Rebecca painted your coffee decanter. You just can't beat her roses. Wish your son happy birthday for me please. Enjoy your weekend! Vicki

  3. it is simply gorgeous! i would never think to do such a thing, clever you.

  4. What a great find, the decanter is so unusual and just beautiful now that it is PINK! I'm with you, if its not pink, it's not worth having!! And I love Rebecca's rose touches as always, she is so talented.

    Tanza, I was thinking of you yesterday when they were talking about the tsunami coming toward California, glad it was called off!!

  5. WOW...WOW...WOW.... The coffee decanter is the "Cats Meow"!!LOL!! I love it!!

  6. it is gorgeous!!!! Rebecca paints soooooo beautifully...I like it better pink than silver!

  7. Hello my sweet pink friend... I love your coffee decanter, it is so beautiful, especially with the roses Rebecca painted on it, it looks so pretty with all of your other pink treasures... happy birthday to your son, I hope all his birthday wishes come true! I love visiting your blog, you are always so positive and happy, and make me smile! xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Oh it is gorgeous Tea! How sweet of Rebecca to paint them for you!! They look just perfect now, especially for your gorgeous home!!
    Love ya sweetie and thank you so much for your friendship and support! :)

  9. G'eve, sweet Tanza ~ Your presentation of this piece is AWESOME, T! I've seen decanters like this out here ... would NOT have thought to paint it! Rebecca continues to create exquisitely ... it is breathtaking like everything she does.

    I send my best hugs for your son's birthday ... may you have an enjoyable celebration! They just grow too durn quickly, don't they ... diapers to diplomas ... yikes!

    Have a beautiful week, sweet friend.
    Hugs of love, Marydon

  10. So pretty in pink! I don't guess that I've ever even seen one of those before. I love it. Rebecca' s roses really did the trick too! Don't you just love finding sweet goodies to re-do? Happy birthday to your son. Hope y'all have a great time together.
    Lee Laurie

  11. I too am a huge fan of decanters and love love the pink with roses! The glasses are adorable too.
    Happy Birthday wishes to your son Tanza :)
    Warm hugs,

  12. Hi Tanza, What a lovely decanter and a very nice touch having the top painted pink with the lovely roses... I paint just about everything too!

    A Happy Birthday to your Son..... and hoping it's the best one yet!


  13. Hi Tea, love your sweet pics.

    Hope you are having a blessed and happy week.


  14. Oh my goodness! The decanter is beautiful!! I want one!! I have never seen anything like it...I especially love the roses Rebecca painted on it!

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine