Monday, February 1, 2010

~ sweet hearts for you ~

Well hello, and Happy Monday to you all ?! It's always such a hard day for this household, I hear more yelping in the early mornings .. hahaha .. Well goodness, can you EvEn believe it's February 1st ... I LoVe this month because of Valentines Day !! There is just something about the air .. in between the much wanted Spring, BUT, LoVe is in the air !! I sooo enjoy decorating my home, and pulling out all my vintage treasures, and heart dishes .. Right when all the color has been packed away from Christmas, here comes more joy and happy colors !! I fill all the dishes with pretty red, and PiNk of course, candy .. My apothacary jars are filled to the brim ..
I always have the table decorated with PiNk and cream heart dishes, PiNk champagne and wine glasses, EvEn if there just filled with juice and milk .. looks soo festive .. Valentines day always brings sweet little gifts on the table .. my kids are mostly grown, BUT, still insist on all this being done !! Makes it so fun !! Baking is a must, and always making something with hearts .. soo yummy, and the smells, EvEn better !! I will share a little more each week, I soo hope you are feeling LoVe in the air, and surrounded by all those that bring that special feeling, whether it be a honey, or family, wonderful friends, there is always someone we can make feel special and loved ..
Enjoy your first day of the LoVe month, and I pray it's a happy and joyful one for each of you, my bloggy girlies ~
Big PiNk heart hugs for you ~
~tea girl ~ xo


  1. Dear Sweet Tea...I'm missing you soooo much! The weather is just YUCK here and it makes me miss my beloved California all the more. :( Booo Hooo...

    Anyway, working on lots of sweet things! Type soon. Love you~Rebecca

  2. PS: I need to put a new graphic on your page. I will later today! xoReb

  3. Hi, I saw your comment on Marydon's blog so came over to pay you a visit.
    I like your name of tea girl, and enjoy a cuppa now and again.
    I am in California too.

  4. Hi Tanza,
    You are a pinky girl, after my own heart.
    I love all the things that you love.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and making such a sweet comment. Be sure and check back often because I plan to do another giveaway soon.


  5. Beautiful hearts you show and beautiful heart you have!!! Have a Happy Valentines day friend.


  6. Hi Tea, somehow I knew you would love Valentines!!!!! I am a mind reader...hehehe

    I love Valentines too and I'm already planning my special dinner for my sweetie.

    Always so good to read your sweet posts.

    Hugs and more hugs, Barb ♥

  7. Hi Tea! All of your hearts are soooo pretty!!!! You have the prettiest pinks of anyone in blogland sweet friend!! I would love to come to your home and just look around!! Everything is so romantic! Perfect for Valentines :)

  8. G'eve, sweet Tea ~ OMG! Do you have HEARTS, or do you have hearts! I should have known ... they are awesome. I just got a mold one from Rebecca recently, enroute, to die for HAD TO HAVE.

    Yes, every day is better. Monday I was out of house driving myself ... & today. Yippee! TYSM for your prayers & sweet notes & caring ... you are very precious to me.

    We are getting 24"+ of that snow that is in Rebecca's OKLA right now ... I can hardly wait!

    Have a beautiful evening, sweet friend. Love you. TTFN ~Marydon

  9. Hi Tanza...oooh, all of your hearts and pinks are sooo beautiful! That is so sweet you still put little surprises out for your kids even though they are older now! I agree with Amy, you have the most beautiful pinks!!! xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Okay, Miss Tea, I saved you a place at my Winter Table and just where are you???? I am serving Baked Alaska.....yummy!

    Thinking of you with such happiness.

    Barb :-)

  11. So happy to have found your lovely blog. Everything is just too gorgeous and you are a heart lover too! What could be more perfect? Char