Monday, February 8, 2010

~Girly Girls You Gotta See This...~

Gosh girlies, it's Monday madness again .. I sure hope you all had a wonderful Superbowl week-end .. I know my belly is still full, from all the wonderful, yummy, fun ,football dishes !! Go Saints !! Was that a fun game to watch or what ?! I have to say it didn't EvEn matter to me who won !! And the half time show with the WHO !! Now, that made me feel old !! I so remember them from high school days !! Ooohh my !! What a great day with my boys !!

Well, after all that boy stuff, I was soo dyin' for some real girlie stuff .. Eye candy, and soo dripping with romance !! I had chatted with my girlie friend Rebecca, and she had sent me these photos of her Beautiful, dreamy, Romantic NeW dining room !! This is just over the top Rebecca again .. She NeVer ceases to amaze mee .. And, being that it is Valentines' week, what better home to go visit than Rebecca's and Steve's ...

Go see this on her blog for more pictures and sweet words .. You will be so inspired, and ready to decorate for your special Valentines dinner .. To me, it doesn't matter if you eat a wonderful homemade PeRfEct meal, or a pizza dinner, girlies you serve it up on a beautiful table like this, and your meal will taste better than EvEr !! And, did I say Romantic ?!
To me, her home just drips with Romance, each and every room .. Look at all the lace and linens, candles, chandy, all her lovely dishes and crystal .. just PerFecT for your sweet Valentine .. I personally could sit in this room all evening .. Loveliness surrounds .. If you continue through their beautiful home, each room is this way .. Soft creamy whites and a touch of PiNk here and there .. Look all around, cuz you will miss something special tucked in a nook or cranny .. Just gorgeous !

Now, to me ladies this is truly my idea of a Romantic Home .. Her pictures truly look like they have been pulled from a Romantic Homes, or Romantic Country magazine .. I STILL am waiting to see her NEW and REVISED dreamy home in a magazine .. Can't wait !! If you would like to see more, go visit Rebecca and take more of a look .. You will so be taken a back to a better, slower, relaxing way of life .. Always such a joy when she shares her lovely things with all of us ..

Well girlies, can't wait to see what all of you are doing to get ready for the MoSt heart filled day of the year !! LoVe Valentines day, and any and everything that shows Romance and prettiness ~

Hoping you all have a very blessed, full of LoVe week, with all those that you hold dear to your hearts ..
Big heart hugs
~tea~ xo


  1. Hi Tanza, you are right, Rebecca's home is the epitome of romance and loveliness! Thank you for sharing those gorgeous photos! From the photos you have shown of your home, it looks beautifully romantic as well! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hi Tanza,
    You are so right. Her dining room is so beautiful and romantic. It really does need to be in Romantic Homes magazine. Can you just see it with a candle light dinner?
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comments about me and my daughter. You are so sweet.

    Lee Laurie

  3. Sweet T ~ I already did my drooling ...

    Rebecca is one awesome designer/creator of true romance, isn't she?! One day, oh, yes! one day ... you know me & knocking on front doors ... chuckle!

    Shoot, T!, your home drips with gorgeous decor, too ... you have awesome beauty tucked in every corner.

    Hugs of love, Marydon

  4. That is a pretty room! So soft and romantic!!!

  5. Hello doll,
    It's always the sweetest moment to visit with you Tanza :) The photos of your friends home are so so pretty! You are a wonderful friend for sharing them with us.
    Wishing you a lovely valentine's Day!

  6. I saw that...gorgeous!!!!! I wish! I had that room.

  7. Oh Yeah.....Rebecca has that certain touch with all things Romantic! I truly aspire to her talent....
    What a sweet friend you are Tea to show these!!
    Take Care....
    Love Ya',

  8. Good Morning Tanza Sweetie...
    Yes Rebecca's home is absolutely gorgeous. She has such a way with lace and pink. I adore the pics. Just so calming and relaxing. Would make a person want to spend the evening there and not get up to leave.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics with us. So romantic for this beautiful Valentine's Day week.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie, and thanks for stopping by. It always makes me smile.

    Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  9. Isnt her home gorgeous? I love it so much!! So soft and romantic :)
    I had fun with my guys too for superbowl :) Yummy junk food :):)

  10. Hello tea,

    Oh my, isn't that dining room lovely and romantic and sweet! I went right over to her blog to see. Your home is also lovely, romantic and sweet as are you! Your posts never fail to make me smile right down in my heart! Hope your week is beautiful. We have another snow forecast for this evening and tomorrow. Lovely to look at but not so much for driving! Take care and blessings sent to you! Mary

  11. Of course I agree Rebeccas home is just beautiful. I have seen your pictures of your home also and it is beautiful also. I see Rebecca keeps you stocked up on her beautiful touches here and there. I hope someday I can visit her since I live in Okla.

    Have a wonderful week sweet lady.


  12. Hi Tea, you are a good friend, my sweet. Rebecca's dining room is lovely.

    Tea, at some point, I will share my entire pink milk glass collection with all the bloggers. It is quite massive. I collected it with a passion for about a dozen years. I stopped because it is HARD to find and tooooo pricey. I am floored at the difference in valve in the last ten years! Thanks for your lovely comments to me.

    Enjoy Valentines.....don't you love it?!

    Blessings, Barb ♥

  13. Hi Tanza!

    Didn't she do a beautiful job? It IS sooo romantic...perfect for Romantic Homes...

    Thanks for coming, I always love your visits.


  14. hey gorgeous gal, i love visitng you, you make me feel so happy. and the comments you leave on my blog lift my spirits every time.
    i am off to check out rebeccas blog straight away. she sure is lucky to have such a wounderful fan like you.