Wednesday, January 13, 2010

~ vintage table book ~

Hello, and HapPy Wednesday to my sweet bloggy friends,
Can you believe it's now well into January !! It's amazing where the time goes .. I sure hope you are all having fun, and getting lots of things done since the holidays are well behind us .. I wanted to share another wonderful "must have" book I just got .. I just can't seem to put this down either .. LoVe sharing with you fun, eye candy .. There is truly something for everybodys' taste .. Soo many refreshing ideas .. We all have these things around our homes already, it's just putting a tablescape together .. I myself LoVe the "mix and match" look, nothing PeRfEct, no rules, just put together what we LoVe .. Always makes me smile ~
This book is put out by the editors of Romantic Homes, and it is chuck full of beautiful ideas, it shares ideas on creating unforgettable table settings by mixing heirlooms unique treasures, and unexpected accents . Soo fun, and believe me, you will want to play house, and change things around, once you put this down . I've really enjoyed every page of this book, and it's soo fun because three friends of mine are featured in this book .. How exciting is that ?! makes it EvEn more fun ..
You know, I've always been the type of girly, that truly enjoys putting pretty fine, limoge , and other pieces of china, mixed with old vintage pieces of unmatched dishes, on a pretty, old, gently used harvest table, or a chippy painted cottage white table, nothing eVeR PeRfEcT here .. I want everyone to feel at home, and, not thinking you have to be so stuffy .. Ooohh and did I tell you making pretty tables makes the food taste so much more YummerS !! Truly it does, and serving food on pretty dishes, EvEn makes soup and salad taste better .. hahaha ..
Well girlies, always enjoy sharing with each of you, you all truly inspire me in soo many ways .. it's soo fun visiting you all .. stay well, have fun, and get out to get your books .. you will LoVe this ..
Take care, and have a happy, joyful, PiNk week ~
Big Vintage hugs


  1. This book looks wonderful! I gotta get one of these! Thanks for sharing.

    Lee Laurie

  2. Hi-

    I am so glad I found your blog this evening, through visiting Rebecca's.

    It is just lovely.

    I will be back,


  3. I love this book Sweet Tea...

    Your LID came yesterday!!! No damage. But girly...Mr. AGPMan needs to give you a lesson on packing! :) He just shook his head and said "THAT GIRL!" Yep! "THAT GIRL!"

    Need instructions!

    Where did you get that book?


    Love you~Rebecca

  4. Hello Tanza, I have seen that book advertised in Romantic Homes and want one sooo bad! It looks beautiful... I can wait to see your tabletop creations! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Oooh One more thing to add to my gotta earn it list!! Wonderful book. I love any book that can inspire my creative sould to go forth into action. Where did you pick this up?? Hugs and love to you T! Tammy

  6. Hi my sweet girl....oh, goodness, now YOU are making me buy another book. Ha. It looks so wonderful. Tea, I have a design background and I always put what I like together....doesn't matter whether it goes or not. If it touches my heart....I truly believe it will touch others.

    Happy Design is what I call this.

    I love your post.....makes me smile.

    Love and hugs to you this day!
    Barb ♥

  7. Tanza-This is my first visit! I am so glad I came--I know I would love that book myself. I read cookbook and decorating books the way other people read novels. I can look at the same ones over and over. Thanks for tip. I enjoyed my visit!

  8. This book looks wonderful, I will have to check it out..
    I loved your idea on the clothes line you wrote about on Amy's blog. I bet it was a big hit at the baby shower!
    Love to you

  9. Tanza, Arent you sweet!!!!
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment today. You made my day!!!!!
    Love to you

  10. I can't wait to go to Barnes & Noble & pick up this book! Thanks for sharing, sweetie!

  11. Love the book, I have to find one, and it looks so pretty nestled there with your pretties, hope your week has been a lovely one, it's crazy busy here. ;) Pink hugs ♥ Teresa

  12. I'm going to the book store tomorrow!!!! I love anything Romantic Homes puts out and that one looks great. Thanks for pointing us to it.


  13. G'morn, sweet Tanza ~ What a lovely book ... I'll be looking for it when I get moving again.

    TY for your sweet notes & wishes.
    Love you, too ~ Marydon

  14. happy new year!! sorry it has taken me so long to pop in but i dont seem to be able to find any time to do much of anything for myself these days. if i had my way i would spend a whole day just catching up. that book is so perfect as are you!
    happy wednesday
    %*_*% rosey

  15. I am so glad I found your blog this evening, through visiting Rebecca's.

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