Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~ sweet gifts ~

Well hello to all my sweet girlies,
I sooo can't believe where the time actually goes .. I try to keep up on everything I HAVE to do, and than it seems forever since I have EvEn sat down to my bloggy .. I have put everything away by now, all our company has gone home . It's always kinda sad to me, cuz the holidays are soo fun, and soo many fun things we do each year, and than, when it is all over, everyone has to leave to return home, and I take it all away, it just seems soo final !! Until next year .. as fast as time seems to go, that will be here before we blink an eye :0
Sure hope you are all doing wonderful, and feeling well .. There is soo much crud going around, we so far, have dodged most of it .. thank God .. The weather has been near the 80's most of the week. I just enjoy doing things outdoors, and sitting in the warmth of the sun, and reading .. It does a mind and body good. I read where so many of you are in the cold part of winter, it must be nice to cozy up, it's just hard to imagine, when WE don't get the seasons as such here ..
I just thought I would share some pretties I recieved for Christmas, these pictures don't do them justice, but, if you look close you can see .. hahaha .. I actually LoVe them all .. I got two more Repasy prints (can a girl have enough REPASY ??) This sterling pitcher is silver with mosaic rose dishes, and the lid is adorned in vintage jewels .. It is soo pretty, and all my PiNk and mercury glass look so pretty next to it .. A friend made me the large mercury glass candle holder with the ribbon and lace all around it .. sooo creative some girlies can be !! I really enjoy all my pretty treasures, and am constantly moving things around .. such fun !!
I had to leave my glass beaded wreath up for awhile .. it is dressed in pink ribbons and roses, and goes well with everything else .. And the hope sign, how fitting always, to KNOW the real source of our "HoPE"
In this next year, I pray for all the HoPe, PeaCe, and LoVe for each one of you .. times are soo trying now, and I just pray for answers and solutions for soo many areas .. Let's take one day at a time, and be KiNd to one another, kindness goes soo much farther, and touches so many ~
Enjoy each day, and may I wish you all a very Blessed, Happy New Year again xxoo
Big PiNk hugs ~tea~



    I want to SEE THEM IN PERSON! One can never have TOOOO much company...right???

    xoMiss you~


  2. Oooh Tanza sweet friend, I LOVE all of your gifts! I especially love your beautiful silver pitcher with the mosaic roses... Oooh how I wish it was as warm here as it is there! I have been so sick, finally feeling better and want to be outside so bad... but we have a nasty inversion here right now and the air is bad... enjoy your warm days sitting out in the sun! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Oh my goodness Tea!!!! You got some of the most beautiful gifts!!! I LOVE Repasy :) And the mosaic pitcher is just beautiful!! So glad you had such a nice Christmas sweetie, you deserve it! I would love to have your weather right now, it is freezing here and snow today :(
    Have a beautiful week!

  4. Those are gorgeous!! You must have been a REALLY REALLY good girl this year. So so pretty and our favs, pink and roses!!! Love love love them all, especially the mosaic pitcher.
    Wishing you a beautiful day full of sunshine my friend!!
    Big hugs ♥ Teresa

  5. Nice "eye candy" and NO, a girl can never have too much Repasy!! I'm with you on our awesome weather, I'm loving it! See you soon.
    Take care, Sue

  6. They are all day I will get me one of those gorgeous all your treasures.

  7. Hi sweet pea!!!! Your goodies are all so darling. Ooooooo, I love them. Your weather sounds won't believe this but we are down into the 30's and yes, this is Florida!!!!!! Ha.

    So glad you had a wonderful and blessed holiday. So looking forward to our chats in 2010.

    Blessings and love, Barb ♥

  8. Happy New Year Tanza! Love the mosaic tea pot and all the peeks. I was thinking of you and would like more info (e-mail and address) from you. Good news for the 2010 Le Chateau de Fleurs by Christie Repasy will start in March, would be nice if we could finally meet. I am on my way to Christie and I will take few peeks to post soon. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  9. Tanza,
    What wonderful gifts you received, love them all. I love your style and all your pinks.
    I can't believe it is 80 there, it is -1 here in Okla tonight. brrrrrrrr!! Think of me shivering when you are basking in the sun. LOL Anyway, beautiful post from a beautiful lady. Come by and see me.


  10. Hey girly girl how lucky are you & those prints well now I know what all the fuss is about... Our son Ryno used to race Motorcross, he loved it (although I must admit it scared the bejebbass out of me) until he broke his leg & was in plaster for 9 months.... happy to see you share what your Darlin' loves doing....they are more than worth it huh...

    Hoping you are having a great weekend...

    Love always Lyn xxx

  11. I love the wreath. I know right, probably the least inexpensive item and i'm in love with it!! Hugs. Tammy

  12. Hi Tea! I just had to stop by and tell you how much I LOVE what you did for the baby shower! The clothesline and pretty clothespins ~ So unique and perfect! Thank you so much for sharing that with me, I love it!
    Big Hugs,

  13. Hey sweetie!! OHHH love everything!! so romantic and Girly!! so you!!! Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!!