Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~ PiNk PrEeTieS ~

Hi all my SWEET bloggy friends ~
Just popping in to say hello to you all !! Hoping each one of you are staying warm and cozy .. It's such a dark, dreary day in California .. I should say week, it has been soo windy, cold, and rainy .. I am a sunshine girley.. we are soo spoiled here, our weather is ALWAYS so darn nice and sunny .. Soo a week of this is enough .. Something about the wind and rain that sounds so angry !! The beaches here are just full of giant waves and winds .. it looks so scarry !!
I was home from work today, so I stayed in and baked (chocalate chip yummy cookies), and cleaned .. Something about days like this makes me just want to bake and clean .. soo that is what I did !! I thought I would show you some PiNk pretties, cuz that always makes me smile .. I know in a few days it will be beautiful outside, and I will see my sunshine again .. that always makes me smile .. the warmth of the sun !!
My pretties always tickle my heart, have NeVer tired of them .. Isn't it funny how the little things we have, bring such joy, and happiness to us .. Soo, the next few days, I'll just keep playing and cleaning, and I will wait, yes, patiently for Mr. sunshine, and the beautiful rainbow that will be covering mee !!
I sure hope no matter where you all are, that you are warm, cozy, and feeling blessed, EvEn in the midst of Mr. Winter .. you can always come over to see me, have some hot tea, and yummy cookies .. wouldn't that be so fun :):)
Have a happy, warm evening .. snuggle in, and be safe .. God is good my friends, and I pray you are all feeling blessed ~
Big PiNk rosey hugs to you ~


  1. I am loving all of your pink pretties!!!! I am tired of this cold and dreary weather...can't wait for the sun..not the heat...just the sunshine.

  2. Hi, just thought I'd let you know it's a stinking hot day here in Australia! Have to keep all the blinds shut to help keep the house cool. I'll send the sun over to your place I! I love your pics! take care, Maryann

  3. Yes, we are all spoiled here, and like you, I miss our California sunshine! One day of rain would have been just dandy for me! Now I think we could call it quits for the year. I love all your pinks, so sweet.
    Take care, Sue

  4. Hello Tanza... all of your pink pretties are beautiful! I too am missing the sunshine, it has been cloudy and yucky here for days! I am sooo looking forward to Spring! Chocolate chip cookies sound sooo yummy! Seems like cleaning always makes me feel better too... and nothing like chocolate chips cookies afterwards! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Hi Tanza,
    I am so jealous of all your pink pretties.
    If it's pink, then I want it!
    I'm ready for spring too and today we have sunshine and 68 degrees, I almost went to the beach for a walk, but didn't make it.

  6. Sweet Tea...

    I'm nursing a horrible sinus infection and I've truly been OUT OF IT for three days. Probably WHY my word verification (see my last post) came up UNSTABLE. The meds are making me NUTSO!

    Anyway...all these pink pretties look soo familiar! :) I can date each year they were painted by how my style has changed.

    You always bless me.

    Now girly...I have something for you I'm thinkin' you are going to want. Chat soon! OK? It's something DREAMY!

    xoRebecca PS: LOVE YOU!

  7. Hi, Tanza,
    I saw on the news where you all had been having some rough weather there in California. I, too, love the sunshine and warmer weather. Hopefully, spring will be here soon. I saw some little daffodils pushing their way up through the earth today. I loved all of your pink pretties!! Pink roses what could be lovelier? Have a blessed rest of the week, dear friend! Vicki

  8. Love all your feminine pretties!! Such eye-candy....
    I have been watching the weather you are having.... some areas are having so much trouble with flooding. I guess I should not complain about the snow. At least we can contend with it. Stay safe......

  9. Hi dear Tea, we had two weeks of cold weather and I missed the sunshine so much. is back!

    Always so nice to visit with you and see your pretties. Stay well.

    xoxo Barb ♥

  10. Hi Tea :) What gorgeous pink rose goodies you have! Those would cheer me up any day! I sure hope the sun is shining where you are today :) I know how that can affect you as it does for me too!!
    Big Hugs,

  11. your pretties are so would be a pleasure to stay inside and look at them all day :)

  12. I love all of your pink pretties! You always have the prettiest pictures. Spring will be here before we know it and we will all feel better. I haven't finished my hutch yet because we had inventory where I work and I am exhaushed. I just need to touch it up a little bit more.It looks so much better painted white.

    Hugs to you,
    Lee Laurie

  13. As have the yummiest pinks....and I see Rebecca all over them!

    Sounds like a yummy day. I'm trying to get some cleaning baking for this girl today!


  14. It may be dark & dreary on the outside, but girl, you have all the pretty treasures & decor to make it sunny & happy on the inside! I really enjoy reading your posts & viewing all your pretty things! Hope the weather gets sunny for you asap!!
    hugs, Sherry

  15. Sweet Tanza, you have the most beautiful of Rebecca's creations in your home ... it is so delightful to visit you & see them all. I'd be perking all day long amongst these treasures, also. Oh, what I'd do for a home baked chocolate chip cookie, but another day.

    Your storms have been pretty intense, usual for this time of year ... may you be safe.

    TY for your sweet notes, love you too.
    Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

  16. Hi Tea! I live in central NJ and it is cold and rainy here today. I like to bake and clean on yucky days too! Thanks for sharing some pink sweetness. that always makes us happy. :)


  17. Hello Teatime.This is the first time that i see your blog.And i like it very much.Every where the color pink.
    And i want the spring to.Here we have snow.And that,s very cold.
    I,am coming back soon to look after your blog.
    Greetings Rianne

  18. Tanza, your pinks are so beautiful. I am so jealous you have so many of Rebeccas roses all over the place. We have had good weather for about a week but it is suppose to snow Thursday, so enjoy your warm California weather!!! I am like you, I love to bake and craft and clean with the weather is not cooperating. Have a great week.


  19. Hi sweetie! Your pink things are so pretty and I can see why you would never tire of them.

    How's the weather there today? Tis rainin' up yonder. Oh, BTW, I'd love it if you were my neighbor. You had left a sweet comment about that and I just smiled!

    Enjoy whatever the day brings your way!



  21. Hi Tea,
    My computer is still frozen so I am having to use my little boy's laptop which is a hassle because we have parental control on it and I have to unlock it each time I go to someone's blog. I finally finished my hutch and it turned out so pretty. I can't wait to do a post about it. Hope all is well with you.

    Lee Laurie

  22. I'll send the sun over to your place I! I love your pics! take care,

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