Sunday, December 19, 2010

~ Christmas Time Again ~

Well, hello sweet friends,

Just wanted to wish you ALL a very Merry, blessed Christmas time .. Once again, I've been neglecting my blog, BUT, have jumped around and peeked in to some of you and your beautifully decorated homes .. That's always soo FuN, and very inspirational to me !! You are all such a JoY to mee, and I am blessed to call soo many of you FRIEND !! What truly wonderful, kind-hearted women you are .. I've cried with some of you, and my heart has ached right along with yours at times .. And, than, I've laughed with you, and some of you always, continually crack me up !! I sure need my morning laugh at times, and KNOW just where and who to go to find it .. LoVe that about blogging ..

This has truly been a learning year for me, I have had some heart breaks in my life this year, I think it's part of just getting (50) hahaha .. so sensitive I am, and EveN more so, NoW !! Our children are doing wonderful, BUT, very much independent now, and our oldest is on his own, and our daughter is getting that itch to be on her own, I hate that children want (need) to leave home .. I want everyone under one roof, and I want to see them tucked in to their beds safely each night .. just knowing we are all safe and sound TOGETHER forever .. I'm sure this gets easier each passing year, BuT, came way to fast to this Momma .. And, lastly, our Lori went to heaven on December 3rd to be with Jesus .. Soo very SaD, BuT, it was time, she was ready, and in soo much pain .. She fought the good fight, and took care of alot of undone business in her life .. How fortunate to have the time to do so .. She passed soo content, and surrounded by all those that loved her, and cared for her .. Squeezed each of our hands to the last breath she took here .. and with a smile on her sweet face, and a tear running down her cheeks .. too much for me, BuT, it was quite something to witness, and see such peace .. Again, God is good my friends ~

Okay, NoW, happy .. At least you know where I've been, and kinda going through .. There has been two more nephews born into our already BiG happy family, sooo NoW this year we have 6 little baby boys around for Christmas .. I LoVe to be surrounded by babies at Christmas time .. There is soo much excitement and Joy in the air !! I've always enjoyed Christmas soo much, and there is something about it that makes me soo happy, and tickles my heart ..

This can be such a rough time of year for so many, missing those that aren't with us here anymore, or not being able to be with all our loved ones, BUT, I'm wishing you all a Happy time, and hope that each of you are able to enjoy the peace, LoVe and HoPe that only Jesus can provide .. I'll be a busy girlie the next FeW days, and, know that each of you will be as well, But, wanted to take the time to thank-you for just being the sweetest friends EvEr, and letting your kindness, LoVe and inspiration, always inspire me .. you are the BeST !!

Lastly, enjoy all your family and friends, and make sure you show LoVe, and kindness to each other .. LiFe is short, and remember to give BiG warm Christmas hugs to everyone .. this world needs happy ~
~ Soo BiG Christmas hugs to each of you ~
~TeA~ xo

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~ Another beautiful must have ~

Okay sweet girlies,
Are you shocked ?! Two posts within 24 hrs... Soo NoT meee !! But, I have some more beautiful, wonderful to share !! It must be the darker evenings, shorter days, that make me just want to unwind, curl up in my favorite spot, (just anywhere someone is not) hahaha .. and read through my beautiful magazines and books, WELL ... Did you all know that I LoVe and adore the beautiful, talented Ms. Barbra Streisand !! Yep, EvEr since I was a little girl, I remember being fascinated and in awe of her talents .. that voice, the singing dancing .. All her movies .. I EvEn wanted my nose to be BiG like Babs .. Noo joke .. I tried to sing and act as her on stage .. what a crack up .. HuH ?! I always loved her gowns, and the way she dressed !! She is surely a talented woman full of class !! And, talented .. Ooohhh my !!

Well, guess what she has come out with her book .. and girlies, it's a beautiful tabletop book .. And, every page is full of her gorgeous, beautiful, charming home .. EvEry page also in a different room, or different angle in them .. She LoVeS everything that all of us girlies loVe .. I have to tell you, that I've NeVer seen a home like this EvEr before !! I promise you will be in awe of it, and won't put it down either !! Soo many beautiful ideas, and her collections, make me breathless .. The main area of her GIANT home faces the Pacific ocean, right in the Malibu hills .. Did I tell you I have been driven by this Hotel, I mean HOME .. You have to know someone that can get you in this private area, BuT, that we did !! BUT, to actually go inside, and sneak real peeks is EvEn more of a treat .. Soo IF you need another Christmas gift idea (for yourself) Go, RuN .. get this !! It is worth every penny .. You will LoVe the "Babs" too, if you don't already !!

Okay, I'm off to run and sit in my special place, to read and look some more .. Just wanted to share some pretty, and something to warm your hearts .. stay well and happy during this crazy, sometimes hectic time of year .. Be good and take time for yourselves .. If were not rested and well, noone else will be taken care of .. I LoVe all you girlies, and thank you again for always being soo sweet and caring .. You girlies are truly the BeSt ~
Blessings in this beautiful, blessed Christmas season
BiG HuHs ~TeA~ xo

Monday, November 29, 2010

~ Joanne Colettis NeW magazine reveal ~

Well hello and good evening to all you girlie girls,
Hoping this finds you all doing well, and snuggling in to nice and warm .. It's soo cool here ..The sun is shining brightly, BuT, the air has been soo cool .. We California people aren't used to cold .. hahaha ..
Well, speaking of snuggling in, what better way to do so, than a brand NeW beautiful, shabbylicious magazine .. YeP !! Joanne Coletti has just released this baby to be sold .. You have to get yours ordered NoW !! Before everybody else has one, and you are left without !! It is truly gorgeous !! Not your everyday magazine .. Every page is full of pure bliss, time worn charm .. beautifully displayed, and everything set up soo charming and lovely !! The pages are very heavy type paper, and there is NoT any advertisements or boring pages to this magazine .. If you know the lovely Joanne, and are familiar with her blog vintage rose collections .com you will be very excited to actually hold this in your sweet hands, and look over every page over and over again .. Can't think of a better way to curl up and relax .. Jump over to her, and check this out for yourself .. Sure to please each and everyone of us that has always adored the ruffled, tattered and worn look ..
Well, sweet ones, hope you are all enjoying this glorious time of year, and getting ready to celebrate our Christs' birth .. I've got everything decorated, and wrapped (I think)..hahaha..
Thinking of you, and wishing happiness and certainly JoY at this time of year ~
All my LoVe as always ~TeA~ xo

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A BiT of a note ...

Hello to ALL my sweet bloggy friends,
Gosh, it's been awhile, and I've soo missed out on all my visits, and catching up with all of you, I DO try to sneak in and catch a peek, BUT, have truly been missing in action for a bit .. Soo many of you have written, sent emails, phone calls, and comments wondering where oooh where is TeA ?! And, for all that, I APPRECIATE sooo much your concerns .. sweet peas you all are !!

First of all, our son is in highschool football, and that takes up soo much of my time .. it is truly endless, BUT, soo FuN !! And, at this time I need happy !! That is why I shared my sweet lamp, that my sweet hubby surprised me with about a week ago !! I saw this on Amy's blog, and had to run get me a couple .. such a good price, and the PeRfEcT fit for mee .. This, he hung over our bed, and the other is going over my bathtub when we ever get around to re-doing it .. Soo much going on now, that this has to take the backseat for a BiT !! I put these sweet PiNk shades (of course) on it, and when my sweet friend Debbie comes in about a week, she will dress these shades with ribbons, lace, and bling .. I've shared with you, all my lamps by her .. She does such lovely work .. can't wait ..

Now, for the sadness in my life, it has been with a heavy heart, that a loved one of ours, LoRi, our nephews wife, was diagnosed in August with a very rare form of uterine cancer called "Leiomyosarcoma" it masks itself as if it's fibryo cysts, it cannot be detected by xrays, blood tests and the such .. she has been in pain for several months, and FINALLY was okayed to have a hysterectomy about 5 weeks ago, and that is when they found massive tumors, some the size of small basketballs, imagine the shock of the Doctors and surgery team at the time .. unbelievable .. stage 4, and given weeks to live .. So, I have decided to be with her every minute I could possibly be there .. I've always been very close to her, we work together, and play together .. She loves everything I LoVe, and is such an artist and crafter .. We have shared wonderful memories together .. My heart is broken, and yet, it is Lori that is helping to heal me .. I sit with her, and have decided to journal her final days together with her .. It has been life altering .. things that have brought me such JoY, has gone away for the time being .. this is taking everything that is in me .. I have been through soo many different emotions with her .. her body was shutting down, and they gave her two days last week, BuT, she came back rallying, unbelievable, the will to stay here for the moment .. She is soo weak in her physical being, her spirit is amazing .. Lori isn't ready to leave her children yet, and her sweet granddaughter .. soo we sit and talk about life, and plannng her "life" celebration, I wanted noo part of that, cuz I'm not ready to let go of her .. She tells me, that if I LoVe "truly love", I will listen and do everything she wants done .. Only happy she says .. no more tears .. can you believe she is telling me this ?! Soo, we have planned her celebration, I still take her (in the wheel chair) for walks, made her a BiG PiNk fluffy blanket to wrap up in, and have given her a pretty bling cross ring, that we hold onto as we sit .. She knows Jesus is her hope and comfort, and to HIM she will go, just not today she says .. when she phones me each morning she has to tell me, that she has another gift in this day !! Soo, we sit, laugh, and cry some more .. we talk about FuN times, and happy days .. She still can make me crack up, and boy, is her laughter contagious, I think that's one thing I will always have in my heart .. makes me giggle just to think of it ..

I didn't write this to be depressing, or sound down, just wanted to share where my heart and mind are right now .. I have learned more in 6 weeks, than I have the last ten years of my life .. What is truly important is "life itself" and the days we are given to be here with loved ones .. to laugh, cry, and just LoVe everyone we care about .. Noone knows when our last day will be, BUT, to be given this gut wrenching, unexpected news has been life altering to all of us .. I feel that so many days have gone by, and forget, really at times the month it is .. very strange ..

I feel better just sharing with all of you, and please know, I WILL be back soon, just need to take time to grasp all this for myself .. I really want to be with Lori, and our extended family every spare minute I can, I've gone there at 2 in the morning, not being able to sleep myself, and she is sitting there waiting, cuz she knew I might just come .. unbelievable .. Sometimes, we just sit and I hold her tight, other times she holds me tight .. But, I'm there, just there ..

Soo to each of you that prays, please do, and please don't forget about me, I will be back soon .. I'll need happy, and I KNOW where to find that, from each of your sweet hearts ~

I am soo missing all of you BiG HuGs ~Tanza~ xo

Monday, August 2, 2010

~Pretty PiNks and Mercury glass~

Hi my girlie friends,
Hoping you are all happy, relaxing a BiT, and enjoying these last sweet days, before we get back into the "school and schedules" mode once again .. My son goes back to school on August 17th, soo not too far away !!

We've really been enjoying these lazy days, doing lots of FuN things, and going away for short times, to places close to home !! There is soo much to do in Southern Calif.. we don't have to go to far, to be at the beach, in the mountains, or in the deserts .. All beautiful places to stay in !! The weather has been amazing this summer, with NeVer really getting above the low 80's, very pleasant, and the breeze in the evening is soo cool !! I've been loving it, cuz I'm NoT a good heat kinda girl !! hahaha ..

This week-end, I spent time cleaning and rearranging some pretties, and I always think to share them with you !! DiD you know this girlie just LoVes mercury glass, and have plenty of it around .. Candles look soo pretty shimmering in these in the evenings .. I usually fill them with sugary PiNk candles, they smell soo yummy too .. the little ones are the sweeties they decorated my birthday table with .. I adore all the little labels on them .. soo mee .. Don't you think the mercury goes soo well with the pretty crystal tops, and anything PiNk !! Something soo romantic and calming to mee !! That is one of my down falls, if I LoVe something, I kinda go overboard collecting and displaying all of it !! LiKe I've shared before, if something speaks to my soul, or tickles my heart, I'm sold !! People always say "what are you going to do when you tire of all this stuff ".. Gosh, in all my years, that really has never happened, styles change, decor may change, BuT, I believe when you just LoVe and adore something, it's truly a passion, and I would be soo SaD, not to want to collect "things" that speak to mee !! I am more choosey now, only because, where ooohh where, is this going to goo ?! But wait, I WILL find a place always for a newfound treasure .. The hunt has always been one of the BeSt parts of collecting, and then to be able to share our excitement with others who understand this crazy disease Even more FuN !!

You girlies are truly the BeSt, and I soo hope you are blazing the trails on the hunt, for a totally, sweet, tickle the heart, uncovered treasure .. I soo enjoy my visits, and stories you all share with me .. I hope you are all doing wonderful, and feeling LoVe and JoY wherever you may be !! Have a blessed rest of your summer ~

BiG PiNk and Silvery HuGS ~TeA~ xo

Sunday, July 11, 2010

~ my NeW slipcovers ~

Hello and happy Sunday to each of you girlies !!
Well, remember when I said my boys left to Mammoth for a few days, and left Meee home alone,and I had shared that I was up to re-doing some things while they were away !! I finally have snapped some pictures of the slipcovers that my darling, sweet friend Soyra sewed up for me .. She knows exactly what I LoVe, and it's all I did was give her the fabric, and away she went .. I was thrilled to see them finished and dressed up again .. I've always shared that I'm the total frilley, fluffey, lacey, and the more ruffles the better kinda girlie .. She trimmed everything so PeRfEcT, notice all the frill .. The ruffles hang loose to the floor, kinda floppy, and soo casual .. I have tons of pillows, cuz, this is the tv room, where everyone lays around and the pillows are a must !! Everything comes apart and is easily washed .. All the fabric is cotton, the main body of the sofa and ottoman are 100% cotton, white denim .. It all goes soo well with all of my PiNkY RoSe fabrics, that I have NeVer grown tired of !! It is all so comforting and sweet to mee !!

I have to say the biggest question I am ALWAYS asked, "Is do your BoYs hate this ?! Can I just say A BiG FaT Nooooo !!! Do they LoVe it ?! Uuuhhh NoT so sure !! they just know that Momma LoVEs it, and it makes me HAPPY !! "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" hahaha ... My oldest Son is out in his own place now, and the younger son, has a total BoY cave room, with all the ToYs in it, soo he is fine !! Our daughter has a bedroom after her Mommas' heart, soo I KNOW she loves it !! I've always said, be true to your heart, and what you LoVe, and don't worry what everyone else thinks .. I myself, have always loved and adored shabby, chippy, floppy frills, and top it off with gently used linens and lace, and it has my heart forever !!

I have a group of die-hard girly girl friends, who we call ourselves the "Cottage Friends" and we are always sharing, gifting, swapping things we tire of, or want something different, we lunch together, shop, and flea market together, and when we have birthdays, or just plain ole' tea parties, we are always giving each other the same sweet gifts, and when we find something we love and have to have, you better try to get about 6 of them or else !! hahaha ..

Well, my friends, I sure hope you all LoVe my new pretties, and think of meee when you see anything PiNk, RoSey ,and shabby, and hopefully all this lucious, crumpled rufflely fabrics warm and tickle your hearts as well .. Here's wishing you all a SUPER family, relaxing, or just plain lazy day ~

Thanks to soo many of you sweet friends for all the kind e-mails and comments you always leave .. You are all such a true JoY to mee, and help to give me soo much inspiration as always ~
BiG PiNk Ruffley HuGs ~TeA~ xo

Monday, July 5, 2010

~ Some 4th of July FuN ~

Hello to all of my girlie friends,
Sure hope you all had a wonderful, special, FuN 4th of July !! Can you Even believe it's the MIDDLE of Summer ?! Unbelievable .. We had such a FuN week-end !! All of us went to Canyon Lake, which is about 45 minutes from our home .. It's our relatives that live here .. It is beautiful, and BiG !! Right on the lake, they have a wonderful lawn that they always play volleyball tournaments on .. I watch, they are way to competitive for Meeee .. I only like to play for FuN !! I always SCREAM when the ball comes flyin' into meee ... yikers ... hahaha .. There is a putting green for the golfers in the family, and all kinds of FuN water toys .. LoVe to play in the boats .. the evening brought tons of fireworks, and was soo FuN to bundle up and watch those together .. there must of been 35 of us there .. Our older son had to work, so wasn't able to join us .. that always makes me sad when he can't be with us , BUT, his job is to serve and protect, so it was a busy night for him ..

I've always loved the summer and all it brings .. the weather has been soo beautiful, nice and warm in the day time, and cooler in the evenings.. can't complain at all .. Soo hoping you all had a wonderful, safe week-end, and knowing you all were busy with family and friends too ..

My boys returned from Mammoth the day before we left to the lake .. I got alot of wonderful things done, and redone in my little home, and will share that soon .. (little things) BUT, it doesn't take alot to make little ole' me happy !! I'm sooo easy to please .. REALLY !!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello to all of my sweet friends .. Enjoy each day .. and know, I LoVe and enjoy catching up with all of you sweet friends .. Happy warm summer days to each of you, and hopefully you feel the sunshine on your heads, and your hearts are warm and fuzzy ~

BiG squishy HuGs to you ~TeA~ xo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~ I'm STILL around ~

Hello to all you, my bloggy girlies,

Just wanted to pop in, and say hello, thanks soo much for all the sweet emails and such, asking "where ooh where" I went .. I'm home, just soo BuSy !! It's smack in the middle of our summer, started early .. here, we got out June 5th .. Our youngest will be a sophomore next year, 15 still, soo Momma is the taxi, and entertainer maker, kinda .. He plays football, and his school, football is pretty much year round, he has 3 weeks off (dead weeks) soo, we have been going little places, Malibu, Palm Springs, Disneyland, and the BOYS leave to Mammoth for 7 days !! Can I just yell out a BiG YIPPEE SKIPPEE for Meee !! that will be my vacation, I have soo much planned, and places to go !! I LoVe my BoYs, BUT, can I just say this girlie Momma needs some down, QUIET time !! Lots of little FuN projects I want to do, while they are a hikin' and a fishin' ...

I've been playing in the gardens, and always enjoy cutting my pretty roses, lavender, and other herbs, and displaying them everywhere .. Nothing special, just sweetness all around .. Can you smell them .. I have soo many all over the yard, and my herbs are just spreading everywhere .. LoVe when the windows are open in the evening, and the smells just drift all around .. very comforting, and to think it's just the smell of Spring and Summer .. Believe it or not, it's the LiTtLE things in life that I find sooo much JoY in !! I'm soo easy to please !! I keep trying to convince my hubby of that .. hahaha ..

Well sweet ones, I'm off to In-n-Out burgers for dinner, and than guess what ?! Two of my favorite magazines came to little ole' mee in the mail, soo I'm coming home, getting in my jammies, making a cup of tea, and drifting off, to "lalala" land reading and looking at all the pretty, romantic pictures .. Always so inspiring to me !! Here's wishing you all a very relaxing, FuN evening .. hoping you are all diggin' your heels in the dirt, slowing down a BiT, and able to enjoy the very relaxing doggy days of Summer .. It's going to Zoom on by .. Sooo SlOw down a BiT, and just relax ..

BiG HuGs and lots of LoVe to each of you .. Go out and be a blessing, and Be Blessed BiGGeR BaCk !! It really works .. HONEST !! xo
PiNk SqUiShEy HuGs ~TeA~

Saturday, June 5, 2010

~ Just playing in the kitchen ~

Hello to all of you bloggy friends on this wonderful, beautiful weather, kinda day !! Soo nice, cuz it's beautiful sunshiney, BUT, wonderful breeze in the air !! we have been working out back all day, WE .. well, I watch alot, and suggest alot, BUT, I kinda got kicked out of there, soo into the kitchen this girlie went, We are having friends for a bbq ... soo I was getting things ready for that .. Going to grill some steaks and chicken, fresh veggies from the garden, salad, and some baked potatoes ... SIMPLE !! I was going through some cookbooks to see about the most important part of the dinner, and of course, that is dessert .. RIGHT !! Soo, I decided and baked a german chocolate cake ... YUMMERS !!

As I was going through everything I thought I would share some pretty PiNkS and rOSeS in the kitchen, you can see snippets all over the place .. See my new pretty rosey apron, another, birthday gift, think I may wear this while serving dinner, I WILL get laughed at tho .. Right when everyone thinks they've seen it all, I pull out something else soo girlie, and PiNkY !! Makes this girlie smile tho ..

I'm sure hoping you are all out doing some fun things, and hanging with family and friends .. 'tis the season we start staying outdoors most of the day .. I just LoVe the summer, and all that comes with it .. such a casual time .. wishing you all sunshiney days, with a wonderful cool breeze too .. Blessings and LoVe to each of you my bloggy friends ~ xo
BiG squishy HuGs