Monday, December 28, 2009

~ been to the beach ~

Hi all my bloggy girls,
Gosh, it's been a real whirlwind around here .. Got through Christmas, and everything was wonderful, and I am feeling very blessed and LoVed .. We had such a beautiful day with family, and just now am getting to relax again a bit .. well kinda .. we have friends here from Chicago, and we've been going FuN places with them .. Everyone comes here and wants to go to the BeAch .. doesn't matter if it's dead in the middle of winter .. Sooo, aWay we went for the entire day .. It was soo pretty, kinda cool .. cold to me .. We ate, ate ate, and shopped til we dropped .. Sooo much FuN !! Fabulous sales after Christmas, sooo ... I think we all spent our Christmas money !! Seal Beach is such a sweet place .. cute lil' shoppes, and just a small beach town ... Some of these crazy girls went into the ocean to boogey board .. Nooo, not your lil' friend, I couldn't EvEn stand watching, it made me shiver to see them in that freezing water .. that's for the summer days girlies ... Aaahhh .... to be young again !! hahahaha .. those crazy Chicago girls don't know any better !!
I just wanted to pop in to say hello to you all, and hope all is going well, and your enjoying the rest of the holidays with those that are still visiting, or just family and friends that surround you daily .. we've been having lots of fun !! I'm tired tonite, and I am staying in, in my jammers, under a blankie, with my new Romantic Homes magazine .. yippee .. it just came in the mail today !! Sounds like a perfect evening to mee ..
Relax a little, and soo hope you are doing something you LoVe ~ Bless all your sweet lil' hearts ~
Big PiNk warm hugs ~tea~xo

Monday, December 21, 2009

~ Merry Christmas to you~

Merry Christmas to you, my sweet bloggy friends, I just know we are all running around, baking, and doing all that last minute shopping, the parties, and get togethers, we have .. I wanted to take the time now tho, to wish each of you A very Merry, Blessed Christmas,and a Happy, Healthy New Year. May you all be comforted and feel HIS peace.. I hope you are enjoying all your last minute festivities, as we celebrate HIS birthday .. I hope you are surrounded by those you love and cherish at this very special time .. Remember it's the little things that mean the most. May HIS spirit continue to fill your hearts with joy and peace as we celebrate the blessed birth of our Lord and Savior ~ God's Peace and abundant Blessings~

From my family to yours ~

~ tea girl ~ xo

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~ A Sweet surprise ~

Hello to all you girlie girls,
Can you EvEn believe NINE, Did I say NINE days til' Christmas !! Wasn't it just the middle of Summer yesterday ?! WOW !! At least I can say I am ready .. let it be here !! I'm just truly enjoying all the fun, and precious family times together !! I really am feeling blessed, and I realize it's all the little things that matter the most !! Just hanging out, and being with those we LoVe ..
I just HAD to share with you all, this beautiful, surprise I recieved two days ago, from a wonderful, sweet friend, she is soo giving to so many, and expects NOTHING EvEr in return .. I came home from work on Monday, rushing around, and went to get my mail .. this was sitting on my front patio table waiting for meee, lil' ole' meee !! I had NO idea from who it was, I hadn't ordered anything lately .. It was a gift .. just because .. she knows how I LoVe rag quilts, and pink, creamy fabric with roses all over .. It is beautiful, and see, the rose stocking, and the pretty ~t~ soaps .. I was just overcome with joy ..that someone would Even send me such a surprise .. Soo many of you know Marydon, and are such good friends with her .. you will have to go visit her, and let her know how special she is to so many out in bloggy land !! She is at Blushing ..
I just wanted to say hello to each of you, and wish you a wonderful, getting ready for Christmas wishes .. I also just HAD to share with you all, that there really is quite wonderful, loving, giving, people in this world, and what better time to share LoVe ... Thank you soo much again sweet Marydon Ford .. and her wonderful hubby Harold !! Blessings and LoVe to each of you, as you share time with those you LoVe ~
Big Christmas hugs ~tea~xo

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~more Christmas~

Happy Wonderful Wednesday my Christmas girlies !! By now, I'm sure you're all decorated, and just getting through all the hustle and bustle of it ALL !! Keeps me on my toes, and really,I am enjoying the down time in the evenings .. I LoVe all the hallmark Christmas shows and watch one almost every night !! soo sweet, and always makes me cry !! Happy tears most of the time ..
I sure hope you are all well, and able to get out and have some Christmas fun !! The little parties, get togethers, and baking with family and friends, is soo wonderful, and makes the season soo much more meaningful !! It seems like people are so much more happy, and different (in a good way) at this time of year !! that's what makes it soo much more special !! Well, I'm off and running to do a few more errands today, and I have so enjoyed my Christmas peeks into soo many of your homes .. I feel like I've been on a Christmas open house tour !! hahaha .. soo much fun, and I didn't eVeN have to leave home !!
All our stockings are hung, the wreaths and holly in place, NOW, we are just waiting for the big celebration .. of HIS birth .. now, isn't this what Christmas is truly all about !! Happy fun days to each of you my sweet friends, as you prepare your hearts and homes for Christmas Day ~
Big Christmas hugs ~tea~xo

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~~ Decking the rooms for Christmas~~

Well hello to all my pinky peep friends ~
I'm soo hoping this is finding each of you feeling wonderful, and able to get into that Christmas spirit !! There is always soo much to do, and decorate, bake, buying gifts, wrapping them all pretty, and than hopefully time to sit, visit, and gather, with all those that you LoVe and enjoy .. because that truly is what this season is all about !! I myself really try to enjoy each day, some more than others', BUT, there is so much fun, and good times to be had !! I have my first Christmas party tomorrow night with friends that I have had for years, always a wonderful time, and the food is soo yummy .. She serves prime rib, and has a bake potato bar with all the trimmings, and the dessert table, always gorgeous, and delicious !! Can't wait .. Every week brings something fun, and I just LoVe the traditions that we have each year as a family !! I LoVe all the Christmas pageants at school and church, going to look at all the Christmas lights everywhere, the tree lighting ceremony is Saturday evening in Olde Towne Orange .. Soo beautiful, and we always run into soo many friends and families we know !! That's the best part, sharing the joy and LoVe with all those that you LoVe .. I hope you are enjoying each day, and surrounded by everyone that means the most to you .. Happy decorating and celebrations of the season to you all ~His blessings and LoVe as always especially as we celebrate HIS birth ~
Big Christmas hugs