Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~ A Happy Thanksgiving to you ~

Well, hello to all my boggy girls,
I'm soo late in wishing you all, a very blessed, wonderful, day with those that you LoVe .. isn't that what this day is for, to be thankful, and recognize all of our blessings in front of us .. we take so much for granted, we live in the BeSt Country eVer .. I still believe this to be true .. we have a roof over our head, and soo much more .. I try to focus on the bright and cheery .. I soo hope your tummys get full of yummy things .. laugh and love alot .. sit back and enjoy .. God is good my girlies .. I wish each and everyone of you contentment, and happiness .. make sure you giggle alot too ... LoVe to all of you .. you can see what I've been up to .. lots of decorating going on at this pinky cottage .. Had to give you an early peek :):) Happy, Happy Thanksgiving ~~
Big turkey hugs

Thursday, November 19, 2009

sweet cottage dream pretties ....

Good morning to all my bloggie girlies on this beautiful sunny Soooo CA. day !! I LoVe this weather, cuz it's beautiful sun shiney, BUT, there is a chill in the morning air, and by noon will be almost 80.... it's soo pretty out !!
I had to share with you my beautiful hand-made hearts I recieved from Becky, from "Sweet Cottage Dreams".. they are truly adorable .. I was soo excited to recieve this package ...when I saw her share these on her blog, I know this pink lovin' anything with hearts, EvEn better .. I had to have some ... I can't EvEn share how cute they are .. these pretty hearts are made from a refurbished pink wooley blanket ,and the softest anguora yarn make up the cream hearts .. she has stiched a cream lace ribbon on them to hang .. For now, I will put them on my everything pink Christmas Tree, and after that, I'm sure in a big pretty plate .... You can see how beautifully packaged they came, sweetly wrapped up, and tied with a sweet pink ribbon, and twine clever.. the soft with the shabby, soo mee, and see the sweet tag, and covered rose fabric magnet .. yep, just for mee .. I was soo happy, and elated with the way they turned out !! They would soo be wonderful to give as gifts, BUT, I couldn't part with these ... maybe, just maybe, I will have to get some more ... LoVe Em' ..
If you haven't had a chance to meet Becky, you're missin' out .. She is the sweetest lady, and such a joy to talk to ... swing by, and say hello to her ...
I hope you are all getting ready for the holidays, and able to enjoy this time of year .. it gets soo crazy, doesn't it !! Stay well, and take good care of yourselves ... I LoVe popping in to see what you are all up to, and creating ... There is soo much talent with all you girlie girls .. sooo Fun !!
Well, have a blessed, happy, Thursday .... Blessings and LoVe ~
Big pink heart hugs

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rachels visit to Country Roads ....

Hello to all my bloggy friends,
Sooo much time seems to pass that I feel like a stranger to my bloggy stuff at times ... I get so busy with everyday "got to do" stuff, that it gets soo neglected ... I miss catching up with all you girlies !! I LoVe visiting all of you, and get so many ideas, and inspiration from each of you ... it's like reading a favorite magazine, and sooo many of you, catch me up on where to go and find sweet treasures !! You all are soo up on everything ... I just get sooo excited !! Such fun ...
Well, today was a BIG day for me girlies ... Rachel came to visit all her admiring fans here in Orange, at Orange Circle, in Country Roads Antique store .. One of my favorite shoppes around, GIGANTIC, and beauty surrounds !! Such eye candy, and pretty "must haves" everywhere .. The dealers here display everything so nicely, and their treasures for sale are the tops around !! There is always something I can't live without !! hahaha ..
I have to tell you tho, I went here this morning to get in line to have my new Rachel book signed and to see the Shabby Queen herself !! The line was around the corner of this fabulous store !! I had to be somewhere in an hour, so sadly I had to leave .. had so looked forward to this day .... Well, after, I did what I had to do, I went to lunch with my hubby, and he agreed to take his very sad wife back to see if the line was smaller yet, well it was, and she was STILL there signing away, visiting with each guest, and taking pictures .. I was sad tho, cuz I had taken my book home, and left it there earlier, BUT wonderful Sue, who owns the store, said take one of my books and get it signed, and than just bring the other back .. How wonderful of her to offer and make this day sooo special for me !! She truly is such a sweet, very giving lady .. That's why I always go back to her place ... Well, I ran to get in line, and ran in to my very good friend Linda, I had to share her picture with you as well, we LoVe the same things, and she is a shabby lovin' girly as well .. We always seem to run into each other at events like this .. So I was able to catch up with her, visit with Rachel, and even was able to stay for her story telling time .. She is soo sweet, and kind- hearted ... very down to earth, and really is all about, getting back up, brushing your self off, and moving forward !! She has been through soo much this past year, I can't EvEn imagine sharing with soo many of us girlies, and not shedding tears anymore !! She's simply amazing, and after her chat, I want to go back, and read my book deeply this time (not just drooling over the pictures) but, to feel her emotions, and how she is changing things up, just a little .. She still LoVes pink, and greens, and pretty blues, BUT, more softly muted now, and she shared pictures of how you can bring in dark and chunky ... Can I just say, I left with a bounce in my walk, and my creative juices a flowing .. Soo many wonderful ideas ... It was such a wonderful day, and to see the Lord send me back in HIS time to meet up with old friends, chat with Rachel, and than to be able to be there for her talk ... Can I just say AMAZING !! See girlies, again God is always good, and faithful, I'm learning more to be in HIS time, NOT always my time .. It couldn't of been more exciting,rewarding, and I left feeling so up and good !! Can't wait to read this some more ... girlies, if you haven't picked this up, ooohh please go get this book .. You will Sooo LoVe and enjoy it ... If I could eat it up, oohhh girlies I sure would !! She is the Queen, and just be waiting for the "new" dreams she is dreaming up !! So Fun~
I hope you are all feeling well, and doing what your sweet hearts are dreaming of !! Thanks for stopping by, and always leaving such sweet, encouraging words ... I LoVe my girlie girls sooo much ... Have a happy Jesus filled week ~
Big pink hugs ~tea~xo

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

just playing with the birdie cage .....

Hello all my girlie girls,
Gosh, I'm finally feeling like me again .. this has been a long 10 days of feeling ... well .... like POOP !! My voice is finally cracking back .. but, I can be heard ... YIPPEE !! I've really been cleaning things up, and putting all our halloween stuff away, and getting ready to start decorating for Christmas .. I try to have most done by Thanksgiving, and when we get home that night we turn ALL the lights on for the first time, and listen to Christmas music !! I really LoVe the holiday season, and all the family traditions to be carried out each year !! Sooo wonderful !!
I cleaned out my birdie cage today, and took out all the fall stuff, and it will stay like this until the Christmas fairy does it's magic on it !! Everything gets dressed up for the holiday here !! This is one of my lefton bluebird wall pockets that hangs on here, and I put little teacups for feeders, and there always has to be some colored lights to brighten her home !! I LoVe playing and changing this up !! There is something about old birdcages that draws me to them .. I see soo many of them when I visit some of you, and they are just sitting pretty on shelves and armoires,and I try to get myself not to always have to decorate everything I buy, BUT, I just can't seem to leave them alone, I have to drape ribbons and lace, and china cups from everything I buy .. what is with that ?! I guess it's just the little girl in me, always wanting to play house, and making everything pretty and just so !!
Well, I sure hope this finds each of you, staying healthy,having some creative fun, and feeling totally blessed somehow !! I'm soo excited too, on Nov. 15th, Rachel Ashwell will be visiting and signing her new book at Country Roads in Olde Towne Orange, and Christy Repasy will be there the same day !! I can't wait .. Can you believe both of them together in one place, 5 minutes from my home !!! Yippee Skipee for meee !! I'll of course take pictures and share after ...
Have a wonderful Wednesday my sweet bloggy friends ~ Blessings and LoVe to all of you, and remember God is good and merciful and always Faithful !!!
Big huggers ~