Wednesday, October 28, 2009

some pink pretties again .....

Well hello and Happy Wednesday to you my bloggie girls,
I always feel like sooo much time passes, before I'm able to post .. sometimes life gets busy, and there is priorities ... darn, but, soo true !! I really have been a bit under the weather for a few days now ... it's all in my head and chest !! No voice right now for this girlie .. I think my family is secretly enjoying this .. hahaha ..very quiet around here .. today was a day off work for me, so I just stayed in and cleaned alot !! I get so antsy not running around town, and visiting my favorite shoppes and friends who are there .. I decided to clean this BIG cupboard armoire in my front room .. Talk about work ..whew .. everything taken out, washed, dusted, and vacumed this whole thing .. But, doesn't it look all pretty and shiney new again !! I put alot of my pink depression glass, and hand painted rose glasses, and limoge dishes in here !! Of course it's all pink and rosey !! Soo much sweet ~r~ in here as well !! I never realize how much I have collected until it's time to clean it all up !! I LoVe every bit of it, and haven't tired of any of it yet !! I do try to only buy things I truly LoVe now, and not just everything I think is pretty !! hahaha ... It can get crazy girlies, BUT, isn't it soo much fun to be on the hunt for those sweet treasures, we just can't live without !!
I sure hope this finds you all feeling better than I am right now, and enjoying this Fall time of year !! We all know what's right around the corner ... can you EvEn believe it !! yikes ... Well, girlies, take good care of yourselfs, and I soo hope you are all up to fun things, and enjoying each day .. God is good, and soo merciful .. Keep lookin' heavenwards ~
huggers for each of you

Monday, October 19, 2009

fun times sweet times..

Hello to all you bloggy sweet friends,
WHAT .. It's Manic Monday again, already !! It can't be !! Wasn't I just at "glitterfest" yesterday ?! Crazy .. I guess the older we get, the faster times come and go .. speaking of which, all my friends are turning 50 .. I was at two 50th birthday parties this week-end .. first was Barbies in the blue,and than Peggy with the food in her mouth, hahaha..was Saturday !! Barbs was just a girly dinner at home, and Peggy had a halloween party Saturday night .. That's her in her witches get -up below .. This was such a fun week-end of celebrations, and the rest of us will be turning 50 in the coming months .. Soo strange .. We've all known each other for over 25 yrs .. We all lived in the same condo complex together for about 10 yrs... All newly married, and had our babies together, we all went to the same church, and our children went to the same schools, so we carpooled together, were on the same committees together.. PTL..scouts, sports, you name it !! Now, our children are mostly all grown, some married, in college, and all thankfully healthy and doing well .. Can you believe we are all are such good friends still .. we get together alot, and help each other all the time !! I am soo thankful for such wonderful friends, and we still have soo much fun together !! We laugh all night !! I'm still just amazed how soo many years have gone by, and that we are all so close, and live still, all close by, we just went from condos to homes .. in fact most of these girls are my walking buddies, breakfast buddies, and most important shoppin' buddies .. you should see us all out treasure hunting, we all know what the other LoVes, soo we're constantly yelling to each other to "come, come fast, you're going to die !! hahaha I'm sure you all know what I mean, and have wonderful friends to share good times with .. Believe me, I'm so thankful that the Lord blesses me continuously, and it's to HIM I give all the glory for everything good in my life !! Blessings to each of you as you spend special time with special friends ~~ I LoVe all my bloggy friends too ...
Big huggers ~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sweet keepsake cards....

Hello to all my "pinky peep" lovin' girlies,
I just KNOW you all had a Wonderful Wednesday ... the days are rippin' by, and I am having a hard time trying to keep up !! Always something to do, and places to go, ooohhh, and than there is work to go to .. I almost forgot that :):) I did want all you So.. Cali.. girlies to know, that the Miss Rebecca at " a gathering of thoughts" has now got her sweet keepsake cookie cards at a sweet boutique near you .. These are in the store as of today, at "Tea Leaf Cottage" in Olde Towne Orange .. It is located at 141 N. Glassell Orange California 714-771-7752, Joan Alford is the owner, if you need to speak with her .. She is a wonderful, sweet, very helpful lady .. You have to look at these. For those of you that follow Rebecca, will remember her sharing these with us, and letting us know they would be for sale soon. I am soo excited !! She has them in three different designs right now, the gingerbread man, heart, and Christmas tree. I would of loved to have shown you all three designs. But, Joan took them all.. I'm sad, I only have the one to share. They are soo sweet, and cottage perfect. Inside each, is two flavorful recipes, and on the back a timely sentiment, sure to touch the heart. They are lovely, and of course Rebecca's original artwork showcases' each one of these. The detail amazing. I sure hope any of you down this way can check these out !! They are great for a small gift, or for a group of women you might just want to please,and surely impress !! I can't wait to get my own. Rebecca hopes to put out three new styles in 2010.
I hope you enjoyed sneeking a peak into sweet ~r~'s designs, and hopefully you can run check these out, gosh, while you're at the circle, you can stay and have lunch, go to a tearoom for a sweet treat, and just stroll the streets.. Make a day out of it girlies.. If you're like me, you won't want to leave.. The cutest, quantist city EvEr !! Let me know what you think ~ Ooohh, than you can come visit ME !!! I would make sure you had a wonderful time .. promise ..
Hoping you are all doing wonderful, and something fun !! We are soo blessed, and God is sooo Good ~
Big love and hugs ,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Christy Repsay...

Hello and HAPPY Saturday to my pinky rose lovin' girlies,
I sure hope you are all out and about having some wonderful fun, on this beautiful sun shiney day in So. Cali..I actually had a big, fun day, and am rather pooped now !! I LoVe that feeling after running around all day, going fun places, and buying some beautiful, found treasures !! It was one of my girlie ,girl friends birthdays, so we met for lunch, and than spent the afternoon at the "Glitterfest".. It is a fabulous venue of artists.. The best of the best.. No junkie here girls.. Christy was here, and I had to go get a picture from her.. You all know I just LoVe her work.. There was soo much to pick from, soo I did finally decide on this little print.. She frames them in the coolest old wooden frames, and they all look so lovely.. I also bought some bottle decoraters that hang from ribbon, and go great on my decanters.. soo pretty and sweet.. I've tried to show these in the picture, but I always say, I'm not a photographer, but, I think you can see to get the idea.. I was thrilled as always to see her..she is the sweetest, most gracious lady, and is always so kind..such a pleasure to buy from such a wonderful talented lady...I had to snap her picture..I did buy other pretties form other vendors, but, will share those later.. This was just the highlight of my day !! I hope you enjoy taking a peek, and let me tell you, if the "glitterfest" comes to a town near you, run there.. It was a treat.. Sooo much to see, and all the vendors and artists, are the sweetest ladies EvEr !! It was such a FuN day, and my birthday friend, had a wonderful buy her own presents kinda day !!
I'm sure hoping you are all happy, and feeling blessed and well..we had a happy birthday day here... God is good my friends.. Keep your eyes and hearts lookin' heavenward..
huggers ~tea~xo

Sunday, October 4, 2009

some punkin' stuff..

Happy Sunday to my bloggie girls..
Hoping you're all enjoying your day, and getting in that Fall mood.. I've finally pulled down, and set up some sweet Fall friends.. I LoVe this time of year, and enjoy getting all this out each Fall. I feel in a way that I just put all this away.. Can it truly be a year later ?! Where does the time go ?! I'm actually going to stay home today and bake some pumpkin cookies.. They are sooo yummy !! It's the only time of year I make these.. Isn't it funny how certain yummys taste better at certain times of the year ?! They smell wonderful when baking too..It will be kind of a lazy day .. I still have some wonderful magazines to catch up on, and will curl up and read these.. One, of my favorite lazy things to do..I hope each of you are doing well, and finding joy in what you are up to !! It's been a crazy, hard week for us, but we are doing better each day..I want to thank each of you for your sweet notes left for me.. They mean so much.. I LoVe my bloggy friends, and your hearts so good, and did I say sweet ?! Wonderfully SWEET !! Do something you LoVe today, and be content.. God is good and soo merciful..Have a blessed HAPPY Sunday !!
Big hugs to each of you ~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

my sad day...

Good morning sweet bloggy friends,
Gosh today I come with such a heavy heart.. Soo very sad, and am trying to find happy, fun things to think about..Our puppy love of 13 1/2 years closed her eyes forever while we were all at work and school..she saw us all off, and then while she was napping under "her" tree, she closed her eyes for a final time..I just have to say Marci was the best friend, companion, and protector to our family..She was my walking partner,and always by my side no matter what..or where I was ,she was..It was such a tough day.. I KNOW it will get easier.. But, for now such emptiness..
I was able to be home yesterday, but, wanted to leave as she was being buried.. I went to my friend Patsys' store, just to get out and maybe seeing pretty would make me feel better.. Her store is always quite lovely, and smells so pretty..I strolled around, but, nothing interested me much, or tickled my lil' heart is sad.. It will get better,I just need to change a little of my routine, and maybe the backyard stuff a bit.. Everything reminds me of her.. She isn't looking into the slider at me constantly.. I still think I hear her walking's just her birdie friends looking for her and her food..She will be missed..We love you Marci Belle xxoo
Hoping you all are happy and you have your puppy loves to cuddle.. Tomorrow will be better, and my heart will get lighter.. God promises that !! Everything for a season.. I LoVe you all, and wish you a wonderful, happy day.. He is good, and is my Comfort..
hugs to you all~