Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good morning to all my bloggy friends,
Thought I would do just a quick, say hello,and wishing you all well on this wonderful Saturday morning.. I'm just getting ready to head out to run those endless errands, and hopefully fit some fun shoppes in as well today !! Hoping you are all able to enjoy your day doing something pink, rosey and playful !! Gotta fit all the fun stuff in as well !! It is just down right hot and yucky here in Cali .. Hope I don't melt away.. It would be a puddle of pink tho !! hahaha..Off and running now girlies!! Have a blessed, happy, Jesus filled day no matter where you go, and what you do !! He is awesome !!
Big pink, rosey, hugs for you xxoo

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My high school home ec. cook book...

Hello to all of you pinky peep friends,
I sure hope this is finding you all well and happy on this beautiful, gorgeous, day..I seem to always enjoy my Sundays.. It's the only day of the week I don't feel rushed, and well ... completely crazy !! We always go to church and lunch, maybe run an errand or two and than home to do what ever I feel like doing.. Some days, NOTHING.. sounds BeSt..hahaha..
I seem to get really excited knowing Fall is not far off, and makes me want to cook and bake .. I was going through some cook books that were out, and this one always warms my heart.. It is my Betty Crocker cook book that I used in high school.. It brings back soo many memories, and good times.. I always loved to pick out a menu item, and than put it all together at school !! It made me feel so..well..homey and cozy..and yearn for the day I could do this in my home for my family.. Okay 30 yrs. later, and I'm thumbimg through the same book..Can you believe it has pink and green all over it ?! mmm.. maybe it was made just for mee !! The pictures inside are soo wonderful, it shows pretty ladies in dresses cooking meals and yummys for their families.. Actual families sitting down together for meal time.. WOW !! It's also soo fun to see what they use for ingredients.. Do you know most of the bake goods call for crisco, NOT butter, and they always SIFT dry ingredients together,to mix well, but also the sifting of air into the mixture.. It teaches me alot still..Very basic and easy.. (my kinda cooking)..It makes me realize why things we make as chocalate chip cakes and cookies don't taste the same as they used to.. We skip steps ladies, and have changed many ingredients along the way !! My belief is if your baking treats, do it the old-fashioned way, and enjoy them.. It's not like we eat these everyday Right ?!
It's been soo fun thumbing through this, this afternoon, and thought you might enjoy seeing this as well.. Did any of you sweet pinky peeps use this exact book in home ec..?! It's date of print is 1961.. I used it in 1978.. Gosh, she was old then..hahaha..
I know you are all busy and getting kiddos back to school and such as well, and I pray that all is well and good with each of you !! Hopefully you were all able to do something you LoVe to do today, and you were able just to kick your sweet, pretty tootsies up for awhile !! Praying too, that all my bloggy friends are feeling blessed and HIS LoVe is being felt in your hearts !! God is good ladies !! Blessings for a wonderful, happy week as you get back to the grind..uugghh..
Love and hugs to you all~

Monday, August 17, 2009

sweet place to visit...

Hello to you my bloggy friends,
I had such a fun week-end.. I even took my camera.. We went to church on Sunday, and than headed for lunch and a stroll at the Orange Circle..I've shared before about this sweet towne..Everything is left to look as it was back in the day.. We ate at Watson's,which is also a pharmacy, and than walked to all my sweet shoppes.. I took some pictures of the actual Circle in the middle of all the joining streets.. It's like a park, with a waterfall and Big shady trees.. From there you can head down any of the four streets to all the fun places.. I always have to buy a gellato, (pink of course) gives me my energy to gooo..(soo yummy).. I always have to go see my sweet friend Donna, at her shoppe, "The Victoria & Co.. See, all her fun stuff for sale.. Wowsers !!
And than ladys, I found Emmas sister in "pink".. Do you see her ?! She was $75.00 tho, and I wasn't going to pay that for her, when sweet ~r~ got Emma for 19.99.. WHAT !!! Ooohhh that was soo hard to walk away from !! Not really tho, cuz sweet hubby was NOT going for that.. Noway..Nohow !! Ooohh darn him !! Soo, I will still check out TJ Max for her !! I did buy some sweet treasures from Donna..She always has everything out for the season to come, was Harvest type pretties yesterday !! It was soo fun..and such a wonderful relaxing day to be out and about, especially just 5 mins. from home, and the weather was Perfect !!
Hope you enjoy the stroll around towne, and if you're ever in Southern Ca.. it's a must go.. It is definetly a day trip or two.. You couldn't make it in all the shoppes too quickly..A very pleasant day I must say !!
I soo hope and pray you are all doing wonderful, and enjoying and squeezing in all your last minute Summer fun !! Remember to keep your eyes and hearts heavenward, and keep seeking HIS face.. God is good, and merciful and ever so graceful !! Love to all my sweet bloggy girlies as always..
Hugs ~tea~xo

Monday, August 10, 2009

Some pretty Repasy...

Well hello to you all my girlie girls !! Is everyone enjoying the "doggy days" of summer, as it is coming to a fast halt ?! I can't believe I'm getting my youngest ready to start school again.. He's going to high school this year, and I'm still in aaahh how fast times a goin' by !! Crazy fun times tho !! He's playing football, soo our summer has been filled with football camps, and practice !! He seems to be enjoying it tho !! I just don't understand that !! hahaha..
After I got home from work today, I busily started cleaning up, and I had read a fellow bloggy friends post yesterday, and she shared how she went to the "barn sale" in Temecula this week-end, and came home with the sweetest Christy Repasy print.. I Just Loved it, and wanted to run there, and get me one too.. But, than I decided to go look at all the ones I already have, and decide if I really need another !! But, I did decide, and YES !! I need (really want) another !! It was such a sweet print and the size was adorable.. I have just the place for it !! I wasn't able to get to the Barn this month, But, for sure in September I will be there when it opens the first day !! I KNOW soo many who go to it, and just say it's FABULOUS !! Heather, you will have to share pics of this wonderful shoppe !! You are right there !! darn...wish I was !!
I thought I would share with you, some of my ever growing Repasy collection.. I took soo many pics, and only am sharing a few.. yikes !! Can you all tell, when I LoVe and AdoRe something, I just can't get enough !! I just think she is soo talented, and good at what she does !! To be blessed at painting beautiful rose prints.. how wonderful..I really do get great JoY at looking at beautiful things !! There is soo many of you who have been truly blessed to do so..I hold my sweet ~r~ right up there next to Ms. Repasy !! They make my heart smile..
Hoping you are all doing wonderful, and feeling blessed in what you are doing !! Keep seeking HiS wisdom in all you set out to do !! Be blessed, and Know always HE is faithful !!
Love to all my pink lovin' girlie girls....
pink hugs ~tea~xo

Monday, August 3, 2009

my jr.. high girlfriends reunion..

Well hello all my girlie girls...Gosh, again, times a flyin' by, and I just can't keep up !! I know you are all soo busy as well, soo you can understand !! I wanted to share with you what I did this past week-end.. It was soo wonderfully, surprisingly very FUN !!! My friend Bonnie, holding her puppy (baby)..hehehe..had a get together of all us girlies that hung out in jr.high school, soo I haven't seen these friends ,except her, for over 30yrs.. WHAT ?! I can hardly type that without wondering if this could really be true !! Noway !! I was kinda apprehensive about going, cuz, you know, all the different girlie personalities and all !! I didn't want to sit around and just talk and listen to everyones "glorified stories" I know this sounds terrible !! But, you know girls and the drama !! It was back then too !! BUT, I was sooo pleasantly surprised !! There was none !!
We all laughed and cracked up all night long.. My tummy even hurt when I left !! And, it's soo funny to hear what girlies remember !! I can't believe all the stories !! And, we actually laughed about all the boyfriends and that was hysterical !! We all liked the same boys, and just shared their affections, and we learned they tell stories too !! hahaha.. Darn boys !! I think that's why the girlies still fight.. over boys !! hahaha.. the stories ..oh my gosh !!
And then, things turned somewhat melancholy.. We all shared about our husbands, our children,and little bumps in the road for all of us !! Some hills compared to others.. And, then, to know how many of us are helping or caring for elderly parents .. and just making the best of our middle-aged years !! WHAT !! I kept saying I wasn't middle-aged YET !!! They would laugh, and say what are you ?! Ooohhh girlies, I'm young, nothings changed !! Plus, I still have another year to be middle-aged..RIGHT ?! And then, I came home and got ready for bed, and really looked in the mirror..okay..okay.. I AM Middle-aged !! Just hadn't realized it as of yet !! booohoooo...
So all in all, I have to say, I came home with a warm fuzzy heart, and a big tickle in it as well !! I came to realize that evening, everyone is growing up and old together and at the same time.. We all go through things, and hold onto uneasy feelings.. But, than we get to a certain age, and that's what we all learned from, and because of these growing up days, that's who we have grown up to be.. WOW !! We all loved to see each other, and enjoyed everyones company more than I can share with you !!! It was soo special and I have to say I learned alot.. yep, even in my middle-age I'm still let go of the past, don't judge, and always be open minded towards others.. I have to say, I haven't giggled like that since, well over 30 yrs.. know what I mean.. like a child..yet at the tender age of 13 and 14 I thought I knew everything !!! Ooohh... what the last 30 yrs. has brought.. hubby, children,new friends,yep, that I actually get to hand pick.. At that age we're all thrown together.. you know what I mean !! I have a new tenderness for friends.. LoVe your friends, be a friend, and listen to your friends.. not only with our ears, BUT, our hearts..If you need to forgive.. ladies forgive..if you need to let go..let go.. life is short, and good friends are few !! Let's cherish our friends, and thank the good Lord for blessing us soo wonderfully.. for friends you say..yes friends.. life is soo short..
gosh, didn't mean to ramble on, but, I feel well..kinda like I'm getting older !! Some things really don't matter at the end of the race.. God is good, and oohh soo faithful !!
Speaking of friends, I LoVe all my bloggy friends honest I DO !!
Big big hugs