Thursday, June 25, 2009

sweet inspirations for meee..

Well Happy Thursday to you all !! Can you believe the end of the week is once again upon us !! It just zips by..Yesterday I was off work, and soo this is when I turn my music on and clean.. Everyone was gone, and I had the house to myself !! I do soo much better and get more done when everyone is out and about!! I kept noticing all my sweet inspirational signs, and thought I would share these !! I have some friends in Orange, that sell these in their shoppes..I'm always adding to these, for every season, I usually change some out, and add some new !! For all of you that know me, know I LoVe my Lord and Savior with all my heart !! It is HIM and HIM alone that carries me through each day, and believe me, I need to be reminded of his Love and Mercy for me daily.. When I'm feeling overwhelmed,tired,and sometimes like my joy has gone away.. It's little reminders like these, that show me where to go for comfort..I also tuck little favorite bible verses in secret spots.. LoVe to pull these out and read them too..Always pertains to what I'm needing and really do lift my Spirits !! I always try to remember, it's us that moves from HIM.. He will never leave us !! How comforting is that !!
Well my girlies, I hope you're all able to do something that tickles your heart today, and brings you some joy !! Keep your eyes and hearts looking heavenward.. and He will comfort you !! Happy Day to you all !!
huggers ~tea~xo

Monday, June 22, 2009

A sweet lil' cakeplate..

Well good Marvelous Monday my bloggy friends..Gosh, I am surprised I was able to do a post today.. These are usually crazy days, BUT, with Summer now, a little bit easier.. I don't always have to be in a hurry !! YIPPEE !! I was just in the kitchen cleaning up dinner messes, and decided to clean this cake stand out !! It's always like opening surprises, just seeing what I have tucked in here !! It's my special "bridal rose teacup", some pretty sachets from Rebecca.. It smelled so pretty when I took this cover off.. Yummy !! And, do you see my sweet lil' salt dishes ... I collect these too.. Anything, cute ,dainty, and if it's pink with any sort of rose..gotta have it.. Don't you LoVe when you collect things that you just LoVe to look at !! It's funny I was at an Estate Sale years ago, and this sweet Lady who lived there, saw me looking at these and came up to me, and opened my hands and tucked these into my lil' fists, and said, I want you to have these..She said, sshh..don't tell anyone, but there mine, and I want them to go home with you !! She was soo funny, because she was watching what everyone was buying, and taking away.. It was soo bothersome to her, to see her pretties gooo..She only wanted ladys' buying things that were taking them home, and loving them.. She didn't want people buying her pretties to resale.. That would break my heart too, to watch as my treasures were being carted off !!
I guess that's why when the Lord says "to store all our treasures in heaven".. Those are the ones that truly matter in the end.. Not our collections here !! WOW !! I do try to remember heavenly thoughts like this..
Oohh.. I didn't mean to get soo side-tracked.. hahaha.. that's soo mee tho !! I hope you enjoyed peeking under my pretty rose painted cake top, to see what's hiding under there..I soo LoVe showing all my pinky pretties.. It doesn't stop girlies !! I really think I have some sort of pink ailment !! But, I'm LoVing it as always..I'll be a peeking in at you all too !!
LoVe and HuGs for a beautiful,Blessed week..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my pretty lil'note box...

Hi my sweet little bloggy girlies,
Hope your Wednesday was a wonderful middle of the week day.. Whew.. I've made it half way through.. It really goes soo fast sometimes.. It's always my day off, I LoVe this, cuz I can't work more than 2 days in a row.. Too much for meee...hahaha.. I would way rather be out to lunch and shopping..hehehe..I was good today and stayed home and got alot done here.. Went first thing this morning tho, and had to get a little pink mani and pedi.. My Wed.. ritual, to breakfast, than home..than not tempted to spend money.. oohhh darn, I do try to be good...
I sat and wrote thank-you notes to family and friends for Taylors graduation, he does this as well, but I too like to say my thank-you's, for them taking their time and all to come and make him feel sooo special..Sooo, I decided to share my sweet lil' writing desk to you.. I really don't, at this point in my life, have a special writing desk (big one) to use.. i'm all out of room.. But, someday.. yes..I will.. I truly LoVe pretty paper and notecards,and stickers.. you know all the stuff that makes special notes..Now, I have this sweet writing lap desk to put some of my collection in.. I write on the top of it, and everything I need is right here..Ooohh.. need I even say who made this lil' vintage writing table for mee.. You guessed it.. ~sweet ms. r @ AGP~.. and see the bill collector from her as well.. It holds my stamps and return labels,pens, and yuck..BILLS..This is always out on my counter, hoping (praying) that some sweet visitor would pick up one or two to pay..hahaha..wouldn't that be nice?! NEVER happens...just wishful , dreaming thoughts... This lil' holding box makes them all look sooo much sweeter..don't you think..Well my sweet boggies, LoVe sharing things I LoVe with each of you, and I soo LoVe visiting and seeing all your sweet treasures as well.. It's all so fun to mee.. Hoping and praying that the rest of your week is totally, and richly blessed.. Don't forget to be a blessing as well.. God is always good, and yes, sooo faithful !!
Love and huggers to each of you~tea~xo

Monday, June 15, 2009

What... I got the tv out...

Hello all my sweet pinky peeps.. Hope this is finding you all well, and much rested after your week-end.. Mine was rather enjoyable.. I had nothing we had to do, soo I got busy once again in my bedroom, you know how I shared before that tv was totally bothering me in there.. yuck..There is nothing pretty about them.. Soo, after much deliberation, it's out of there.. See, what I did in place of it.. Put all these pretties on there.. So much sweeter to look at, and no matter what I did there before, that black box was haunting me..I'm thrilled, and I would soo much rather listen to my bible studies and music in the morning.. Nothing good on that darn tv anymore, and at times just depresses me to listen and see all the bad around us.. Do you notice they never want to report on the good in this world.. Oh I know, this is a whole different post..right..
After Saturday, and my cleaning out again, Sunday we went to Church, and it was such a beautiful day here, we went to lunch and walking around the Orange Circle.. Sweet stores and shoppes everywhere.. I'm like a little kid in a candy store here.. Look what I found, this beautiful PINK and sweet green doiley for almost nothing.. It's soo big, and do you see the lil' rosettes all around it.. Gosh, did this have my name all over it ?! I was thrilled, and quickly came home to play with this.. just LoVe when I find a treasure so fit for me.. Sooo fun..
Well girlies, I'm soo hoping you all have a fabulous week ahead of you.. It's summertime, and life for us all slows down a bit I think.. Keep looking up, and keep your hearts heavenward.. God is sooo good.. hugs to each of you..~tea~xo

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my lil' tea cart...

Well Happy Wonderful Wednesday my sweet girly girls,
I always feel so guilty cuz I haven't been a very good bloggy friend as of late.. But, I think of you all, and visit often, honest I do.. But, when I have things I have to do..gotta get it all done.. Ooohh.. I hate having so many responsibilities...hahaha.. I also have taken up painting ALL my frames around my home to cottage white.. ALL because of Rebecca inspiring me again.. She would always say I CAN do this.. And you know what I CAN.. Each one I do becomes easier, and I become a bit more creative.. Soooo noone wants to stay in one place to long, or I may take up to painting them anew as well.. A little cottage white, and than I rub some gold with my lil' towel.. I'm truly having a ball doing this, and will share my wall of pics when I'm done !! Very fun !!
Today I thought I would share my lil' teacart, I cleaned this all up, and just put it all back together again.. It's very old and vintagey, and my friend Grace painted this one up for mee.. Sweet ~r~ is to far to do my BIG pieces..If you look real close you will always find my sweet ~r~ pieces.. There is soo many, and I scatter them about !! LoVe and adore each piece..I LoVe sharing with you all.. You are ALL so talented and blessed in soo many ways..You truly ALL inspire me in many different ways.. Soo keep sharing and showing.. LoVe all the tidbits from you !! Remember we are all soo blessed, and be thankful for all the good in our lives.. Keep your eyes and hearts heavenward always, and keep me inspired..I LoVe all my bloggy girls, honest I do !! Have a happy rest of your day .... huggers ~tea~xo

Thursday, June 4, 2009

sweet lil' pink shelf..

Hello to all my sweet bloggy girlies,
I thought I would sneak this in today.. I actually bought this from an old 1900's home,it was a built in kitchen nook shelf I believe.. Of course, to them it was probably just functional.. maybe for spices, or small dishes..(not sure)..But, it was already painted PINK..Soo, of course your friend(me) had to buy this.. I've had it hanging in a corner in my front room.. I have some pretty haviland dishes, and my cream lace dishes in and around it !! I cleaned everything yesterday, and thought to share this sweet find with you !! Anytime I see an old home,being torn down,refurbished, or worked on, I will check it out !! Usually the workers will let you take or buy from them.. BUT, they make us do the removing, soo of course it's the only time I WILL get down and dirty girls..Anything for a pink treasure..Well ,I hope you enjoyed another peek into my pinky haven.. Someday, I might surprise you all with a find that isn't pink..someday..hahaha..I can't help myself..Hope this is finding you all well and feeling nothing but blessed.. God is good..right.. hugs to you all again..~tea~xo