Sunday, May 31, 2009

pretty pink shells..

Well hello to all my sweet pinky friends..
Hope this finds you all doing well, and able to enjoy your Spring, almost Summer days.. I get soo in the mood for Summer, especially here in Sunny Southern California.. Everything seems to turn to the beach, ocean, bbqs', and bon fires.. You can almost smell it in the air..There is something so wonderful about this.. I think because we can all slow down and enjoy each day more now.. Days are soo much longer, and there is always soo much to do.. (fun times)..
Soo it's at this time of year, I pull out my sea shells, and starfish, and make pretty lil'bowls full of sweet smelling salts, and shells.. I put them in all the rooms, just to remind us it's Summer Time.. Of course, I find all pink shades, and throw in some sagey green ones.. I put them in all my lil' haviland dishes, and pretty crystal ones..I really enjoy looking at them.. Also, I had to show you all the pretty vase my daughter got me for my birthday, it's pink with pretty roses.. I put it right by my bed, soo I see it all the time.. Sooo sweet of her, and look, how they know what we LoVe.. Well, again, I pray all is going well with each of you, and you're all able to slow down and enjoy this time of the year a bit !! Here's blowing cool ocean air to you, and pretty sunsets..Take time to create something you LoVe.. It's so relaxing too.. Blessings and love to you, all my bloggy pinky friends... Big Hugs as always ~tea~xo

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

well loved sweet chairs..

Well hello and Wonderful Wednesday my sweet girly girls... Gosh, it just seems I can't keep up with this bloggy thing.. I soo miss chatting and catching up with you all..I do try to do drop-in's tho.. yikes..that sounds frightning..hahaha.. I have to stay caught up with you tho, and my life just is in circles right now, I soo try to slow down, and just relax when I can.. Soo, I thought I'ld show you what I've been doing.. I've always been drawn to old chairs..There is something sweet and dainty about most of them.. Their legs are so graceful, and the backs of them soo sweetly designed.. All a bit different.. and oohh so cottagey.. I give them all a coat or two of my favorite Cottage White paint, and have sweet friends grace them with painted designs.. It adds such a personalized touch as well..Sweet ~r~ is glad she doesn't live just a drive away, I would be at her doorstep daily with some sweet find for her to makeover..She truly is an inspiration to me, and I LoVe her painting the best.. But, I do LoVe my sweet chairs.. I soo am in LoVe with that gently used..well loved look, and I often find myself pondering on who or where my finds were before I found them..I soo hope you enjoyed another look into my little pink cottagey world, and hope you are all finding sweet treasures that you adore as well..Take time to enjoy quiet alone times, and be able to enjoy your blessings.. God is good, and oohh.. ever so faithful.. Love you all and trying to keep up and slow down..hugs to each of you this Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my old green utencils...

Hi my sweet pinkilicious girly girls.. I bet you thought I fell off this pink planet of mine.. BUT.. Nooo, I'm alive and kicking pink still.. I've just been well.. sooo busy and a bit overwhelmed with my to-do list, instead of shrinking, it kept growing, and I have just been all over, trying to catch up.. It is the end of the school year, and there is just so much happening, one event after the other.. Today I stayed home and cleaned and baked, and it gave me an idea to share with you.. Something else I LoVe, What.. I LoVe something else?! Of course girlys, I do !! It is my collection of green colored utencils, and anything to go with my pink in the kitchen..There is hardly a piece I pass up, or gets by me..I try to get gently used, soo I can use for the most part.. There is something sweet about using something, that some sweet lady (hopefully sweet), used with LoVe for her family..I actually appreciate somethings passed down from others, and wonder about its' past.. Just LoVe all my collections.. Does any of my sweet blogging friends collect old utencils.. I have sooo many, but don't want you to think I'm over the top ?! hahaha..Yikes, oohh.. I try to be sooo good...Well, I've missed you all soo much, and thanks for ALL your sweet notes.. Let me know what you LoVe !!! LoVe and big huggers to you ALL !!! xxoo hugs ~tea~

Monday, May 11, 2009

~~sweet haviland dishes~~

Hi my sweet bloggy girls,
Hope you all had a marvelous Monday.. Mine is always marvelous once I've made it through a Monday.. Wheeeewh..especially after such a busy,fun week-end..I really pray that all you Mommas had a very special,relaxing day..I really did, and they all made me feel soo special and loved..I just wanted to share,some of my pretty Haviland collection.. I got two more pretty teacups to add to my ever-growing collection for Mothers Day !! I LoVe now that my children are older, they go out and seek something that they know I truly adore !! Believe me when I tell you that they are good at this.. I've trained their eyes well..hahaha..Haviland, for all you that aren't familiar with them, are simply gorgeous.. Very fine old China.. Soo thin, that when held to the light, you can almost see through them..All kinds of pretty pink rose patterns, but I mix them all together, and they just blend beautifully..Nothing better than sipping tea from one of these sweet teacups.. I display so much of mine, but think nothing of using each piece.. A table set with these dishes is just so sweeet and pretty..I LoVe the butter pats, and am always picking these up.. Soooo little, and useful.. I like to think about who once owned my pretties, and where they have been and come from.. Oooohhh.. if our teasures could only talk..But, know matter what, I adore each piece, and hopefully take good care of them, just like their previous owners..It's funny, cuz when I'm out at any sweet shoppe, my eyes are always drawn to these pieces..They're getting so pricey now, so I try to look for a reasonable prices ..Well, hope you enjoyed looking, I think it's fun to see what all us girlie girls collect..Do any of you collect these as well ?! You'll have to share.. Okay, hope your having a restful,relaxing evening, and I'll share more soon.. Love you all to pink pieces.. hugs ~tea~xo

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hoping your Mothers Day is Special..

Happy Sweet Mothers Day to ALL my bloggy friends.. We've been to church, and now getting ready to go towards the beach for the day.. I just want enjoyable fun family time, don't really care what we end up doing.. I will pop into a few shoppes I'm sure, on our stroll..I'm soo late at posting, but it is insanely busy around here right now.. My Son leaves to Washington Dc, and New York next Sunday, so trying to get him in order.. He graduates from 8th grade June 5th, soo lots to get ready for there as well.. It's all fun things, BUT, yiyiyi, running circles.. So again, I wish you all happiness and special times today.. Remember it's by God's grace we all have what we have, and thank God for this family time.. Enjoy yours, and I'll chat more soo.. God is good and ever sooo faithful..I LoVe you all.. Big Momma hug~tea~ (the best kind of hug) :):)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

let's makeup table....

Hi my sweet girly girls,
Hope to find you all happy and having a wonderful week so far.. Yesterday when I was at work, all of us girls' got into the conversation of putting on our makeup.. The biggest question, or topic, was do you stand up in the mirror,or sit at a table or (vanity).. It was soo funny to hear everybodys preferance.. from sitting on the floor, to sitting up on the bathroom counter, or sitting at a vanity.. Out of six girls, I'm the only one that sits at a vanity.. WHAT !! Please tell me, some of you sit down at one.. I can't imagine standing, and trying to see that far into the mirror.. I have to get really close.. At least I admit this..hahaha.. My eyesight may not be as perfect as once was.. But, come on ladys.. I'm not a spring chickee anymore.. Soo, I thought I'm gonna share this with my bloggy girls, and you'll have to tell me what you do !! I told my work girlies I was taking a vote on this.. Please Please tell me I'm not the only one that sits..hahaha..
Oh well, thought I'ld share my little makeup table with all of you..I pull out the lighted makeup mirror to use in the morning.. It's just not pretty, so it gets put away..See, my lil' sweet chair, from none other than sweet ~r~, at "A Gathering Place".. and all my pretties are mostly from her as well.. It's a sickness girlies..LoVe my "pink pretties" from her !! Oh well my friends, let me know what you do, I hope it makes me feel better !! Have a wonderful Wednesday evening ladies, and I'll share more soon.. Oh by the way, Thank you sooo much for all of you that blogged me, and emailed me to wish happy birthday wishes.. I sooo appreciate your thoughts and kind words..But, I've stopped here, No more birthdays for ~t~..hehhehe.. Love and hugs to you all..~tea~xo

Monday, May 4, 2009

~HAPPY BIRHTDAY~ SWEET TEA - From Your Forever Friend, Rebecca

OK...OK! I couldn't resist hacking my way into your account ( know I have your password!) and posting this BIRTHDAY WISH TO WONDERFUL YOU!


May this day (TUESDAY, MAY 5TH) be filled with everything good and wonderful! I'm sure I am speaking for many of the girls out in Blogland, too! WE LOVE YOU!




Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sooo sad to see...

Hello all my bloggy girlfriends,
As you know, I had gone out to lunch and shop with my sisters and Momma yesterday.. After lunch we headed to Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Store in Newport Beach.. This was soo sad to see.. At its' best times this store was simply gorgeous, and such eye candy just to walk by..I had to share pictures of what remains so far.. So disappointing and disheartning to say the least.. Everything was soo picked over, and very marked down.. I still thought it was very expensive tho..People were buying it all up still..I tried to find something, even something little, but just didn't find anything I HAD to have.. I think too, because it took the air out of me to actually see this happening, and to know, years ago, it was actually Rachel who got me to truly LoVe what I LoVe..and to see it going away, at least for now, well, is kinda sad to me.. I don't like to see this happen to anyone, and believe me, this was a dynasty, and she always had quite the following..I just hope and pray she gets herself out of this, and knowing her, get right to what she soo LoVes doing and to the top again.. Everything she touches, turns out, simply sweet, and beautiful.. I will sooo miss going to this beautiful shoppe on my jaunts..My Sis says the Shabby Chic in Malibu is still opened.. Not sure about the stay of that one.. Just thought I'ld share for all you that know of her and her sweet stores.. I'll share more about our shopping spree soon, ALL the positive fun places we found treasures.. It truly was a wonderful, happy day..just went by way to fast !! I think we came home with a "trunk full of junk" anyways..Share more soon.. You all have a happy, tickle your heart somehow,kinda day.. God is Good !! Love you all, and hugs as usual...~tea~xo

Friday, May 1, 2009

sweet lil' snowbabies...girlie girls...

Happy Fabulous Friday all my pinkie peeps..Hope this is bringing you into a fun week-end..I'm excited because May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) is my actual birthday, but, You know how we have to have a week of celebrations..right..soo, tomorrow I get to go to lunch at Los Brisas,in Laguna Beach for lunch and a day of shopping, with my Momma,and my Sisters'.. I love when we do this, and I can't wait !! Sunday is our family celebration day..It should all be fun !! I thought I would share with you all, my sweet lil' snowbabies.. They are the ones given to me by my Momma, and sisters'..They are the little girl ones (big girls), They're all dolled up, and sweet pink cheeks,and blue eyes..They have jewelry on, and some have purses they're carrying..the top two girlies are in the spa with towel wrapped heads sharing relaxing time, the next one is sitting in a high heel shoe.. and the other is 3 sisters' (friends sitting on a bench chatting.. I just LoVe these, and I always think of the special sisters' and Momma who gave them to me..sshh..maybe I'll get another this week-end.. I won't buy these myself.. they have to be given to me, makes them more special.. Okay, girlies, I have to run to work, Yippee, it's friday !! Hope you all have a blessed,special week-end with those you LoVe, and do something to make your heart happy !! Blessings and hugs til' next time..~~tea~~xo