Wednesday, April 29, 2009

making some decorations today...

Happy Wonderful Wednesday my sweet bloggy friends,
Wednesdays are always a day off work for me.. I usually get things done for myself in the morning, have breakfast with some friends, and then off to run my errands.. I promised myself today I would come home and start sewing up some more decorations.. I use these for Easter, and than Christmas, for my "pink prettys"tree..I either make these out of socks, for the bodies, or buy them already made up, and then I embellish them all with drippy pearls,and beads,pretty eyes, and lace trimmings, add old found jewelry.. and whaalaaa.. they're already to go..I think they are the sweetest.. My little bunnies are always soo excited once I get them fixed up .. It changes their whole personality..hahaha..What girlie girl doesn't LoVe getting all dolled up !! What's soo funny, I do not sew at all !! I wish I knew how.. These are done all by hand, and I just kinda wing it !! If you can believe it, when my daughter was young, she got me into doing this with her.. Now, it's mainly me.. She has bigger and better things she has to do.. I still cherish all the ones we've made together, and the time we shared and talked while making these.. I'm sure tho, one day, she'll want to make some more with Momma !! It's soo fun, so I have my sewing box out and ready to go, soo when I get back home, I'm all set to make some pretty bunnies.. Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed, creative day at some point.. Put a smile in your heart..blessings and hugs as always..~~tea~~xo

Sunday, April 26, 2009

my sweeet apothecary jars...

Hello my sweet bloggy friends,
Hoping all of you had a wonderful,blessed Sunday.. I just got home from Church this evening, and was in the mood to clean and refill my jars.. I just LoVe apothecary jars of any kind.. Any shape or size.. They have so many uses.. I always have mine filled with well..uumm..PiNk candies of all sorts.. I add other colors just for "splash".. I have these scattered all about..and LoVe the look of all their sizes and shapes grouped together..I think I just LoVe candy dishes, cuz I sure have alot out and about, now that I'm looking.. It's soo fun, when my litttle nieces and nephews, and other kids come over, cuz their little sweet eyes, just dance when they see all the candy..and of course they leave with little bags full..Every season calls for new colored candy.. in the meantime, there's all my favorite color in these.. I know.. I know..over the top again, but, I just can't help myself.. Doesn't candy just keep us sweeet anyways.. I'm not hurting anything.. right.. my girlie girls.. just making things pretty..LoVe to always share with you, and LoVe when I get to visit each of you, and you share with mee.. You ALL inspire me in soo many ways.. Blessings to each of you, and hoping you all have a wonderful, stress free week !! Big hugs as always ~~tea~~xo

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

come outside with meee...

Good morning to you, my sweet bloggy friends,
It is sooo HOT here in good ole' So. CA., I had to get out early to do some watering, it will be a HOT afternoon, and I don't like to be in the heat of the day.. My poor plants, they needed a good spraying to cool them off..I thought it might be fun to snap some pictures while I was at it.. Everything is blooming away by now.. See all my lil' birdhouses, I LOVE to tuck them all over.. I've never actually seen birds in them, but, always on them, and all around..I'm sure there is much they love to munch on out here..It's so relaxing to me to be outside, I enjoy the smell of the morning air, and all that blooms around..God is soo good, and blesses us all with prettiness surrounding us, if we just take the time to enjoy..hope you enjoyed looking around, and I pray you each have a beautiful, relaxing, day and are able to get outside to enjoy as well.. Love and hugs to each of you this very day.. ~~tea~~xo

Friday, April 17, 2009

my kitchen shelf...

Hi sweet bloggy friends,
Hope this is finding you all well,happy, and full into the swing of Spring.. I've had a busy week, Spring Break for my youngest, sooo, that means we go wherever he may want to go.. Always fun tho..I had some free time Wed.., he was gone all day,so Momma cleaned.. This is my shelf in my kichen, up really high, you can see my border, that's how high it is.. It was an old headboard made into this shelf, and do you all notice it's not PINK.. oh my..I loved the yellow tho, and there is sweet bluebirds painted on it, to go with my Lefton blluebird collection..I hope you can see them.. very sweet.. My friend Grace, from a "little bit uf Grace,"painted this for me..And, I still LOVE this.. Am I a clutter Queen or what..I just can't help it, and when I LOVE something, I truly LOVE and cherish things that tickle my "pink lovin' forever heart"..Hope your all planning a fun, creative, go somewhere fun time this weekend.. The weather is glorious here.. so, we'll be outdoors somewhere.. May you be blessed, and full of happiness, share more soon..Blessings and big hugs to you ALL !! ~tea~xo

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

such a busy week-end...

Hello to all my sweet bloggy friends,
Thought I would drop just a quick hello, it's a been a busy few days, but quite lovely.. Spent alot of time with family and friends.. Friday night was my sis's and her hubbys 25th wedding celebration, and celebration it was.. They introduced their wedding party again, (what a crack up).. We were all so young then.. The lady who sang at their wedding, (a very close family friend ) 91yrs. young sang for them again..just as lovely I might add..They toasted their beautiful life together, and all their blessings of course.. Just Beautiful, as I said.. Quite an accomplishment these days.. Saturday we celebrated my Mommas' 71st birthday..(she would kill me for saying that.. hahaha.. Sooo much fun !! Sunday for Easter we were all together again for Easter at my baby sis's home.. Such a gorgeous day, and we had another great time all together.. Our family is quite big, and to actually have us in the same place, is unusual.. We were so blessed to have our older Son off work, and be able to be with us all week-end.. I sooo miss him home all the time now !! boo hoo..I had to show you a picture of my family too.. I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed, family week-end.. God is good, and to HIM we give thanks for ALL !! I'll share more soon, I've missed you all, and need to get caught up... Blessings and hugs ~tea~xo

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Momma bunnies lookin' after her babies..

Hello to all my sweet spring "pinky peeps".... Wasn't sure I could post over the week-end, so I wanted to be sure to wish you all a very blessed, peaceful, Easter.. What an awesome thing, to think that Jesus died on the cross, to save us each, so that we may live forever together in HIS heavenly home that he has prepared for us.. It's all we have to do is believe.. Amazing.. And it's been so wonderful to me, to share these beliefs with so many of you my "bloggy friends".. Hoping you'll be able to enjoy this time with family and friends...Even better... :):) I thought I would share my bunnies again, and these are my Fitz and Floyd, I'm sure many of you are familiar with them.. Sweet as ever, and these are all dressed up in their Sunday, Easter best, It's a cookie jar, and you take off the lid, and the Momma is looking in at her babies.. Hope you can see.. The others are salt and pepper shakers.. And, I have shown another pair of my lefton bluebirds.. I love 'em, and they make me smile.. All the faces are soo sweet.. Well my friends, again, I wish you blessings and love, and remember to keep your eyes and heart heavenwards, and you will always see your blessings.. God is good !!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

sweet ..chippy..hamper...

Hello to all my lovely lady friends,
Hope this finds you all having a wonderful Sunday evening.. I've wanted to show you this lil' hamper.. a friend painted up for me awhile ago.. It's been painted a sweet sagey soft green, and the lid is sugarey pink, with hand-painted pretty roses.. Of course, I don't feel it with dirty clothes, instead it's filled to the brim with beautiful, old lace, and linens..It smells so wonderful, when it's opened, cuz I put cut lavender inside of it !! Love that smell.. Soo fresh and clean..Whoever thought an old wicker clothes hamper, would be reused to hold beautiful, sweet lace..The paint is real chippy,but, I adore chippy with softness overflowing..I always have to giggle, and wonder,if maybe one day, someone will love and adore me, saying "A little chippy, painted softly, aged to perfection,and to be loved and adored", cuz we're old ... I surely hope soo, don't you ?! hahaha..Ooohhh my girlies, always trying to look on the bright side.. Okay, I'll share another treasure soon, always LoVe when you all share with meee.. Wishing you all a Beautiful,peaceful,Palm Sunday.. God is good and ever so gracious.. Keep lookin' up !! Love to you all..
Big hugs,~tea~xo

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's time for Spring...

Hello to all my pink girly girls,
Just a short lil' post today, I'm such a busy one of late, and it's not going to slow down for awhile..It's something I've realized, and have got to keep hoppin' about, and get it all done..I can do all this, I know I can !! I Love to surround myself,with family and friends I adore, and pretty things I LoVe..It truly makes me LovE, and enjoy my life.. I have to make pretty marks in every room I'm in, so here's another bunny to see, she's so sweet.. all dressed up, and ready to go at the drop of a dime .. Aren't her colors perfect for meee ?! She brings a smile to me everytime I look at her.. My bunnies know the real meaning of Easter, and enjoy the happy time of year just the same, it's their time to shine..hahaha..Just LoVe bunnies, and they never talk back, they agree with me everytime..hahaha..Here's wishing you a happy, wonderful, Wednesday.. Hoping your all able to enjoy a beautiful sunny day.. YIPPEE for Spring.. Blessings to each one of you today.. hugs ~tea~xo