Sunday, March 29, 2009

have you ever seen an old tea service table...

Hello on this glorious, sun shiny day in California.. Hope it is where you are today as well.. The sun makes me happy, and so much more energetic..I wanted to share with you ,all my"pinky peeps", my tea service table.. Have you ever seen or heard of these ?! My cousin, who has everything, is the first one to own one of these that I know.. When I saw hers I had to have one... I hunted for 2-3 yrs.., had almost forgotten about it, when I walked into a friends sweet shoppe, and this table greeted me at the front door.. she said "buy mee", and of course I flipped, and left with her in my truck.. "gotta have a truck"..hahaha..My friend had bought her the day before at an estate sale, cleaned her up, and she was waiting for meee..There is beveled glass all around, the door swings open I have pretty dishes and such inside, and a pretty lamp, so you can see inside at night.. Sweeet !!! The table on top lifts off, as a serving tray (for tea).. You can see I don't lift this off ever cuz it's covered in pretties.. (cluttered), but I LoVe my clutter.. I've now admitted this.. I LoVe to look at beautiful things.. It's a sickness and I admit to this.. Isn't this the first step to recovery.. admitting guilt or problem..hahaha..BUT, I can't help it !!! What a joy to find something that you've been on the hunt for !! Hope you all are having a wonderful day, creating, and making everything beautiful !! Maybe you're out treasure hunting right now..Have a blessed, happy, super Sunday..Keep looking up and around you for all your blessings, They're always right in front of our faces.. hugs to each of you, ~tea~xo

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

one lil' bunny~n~pretty bottles...

Hello to all my pinky friends,
Goodness, just stayed home today, and cleaned around my home.. Sometimes we have to do just that, to me, it's easier when everybody else is gone.. Turn the music on and away I gooo.. As I washed all my pretty perfume jars, I realized how pretty and girly they really are !! Does anyone else collect these ?! A few are vintage and cost more..But, I got hooked on the repro's.. less expensive, and still quite lovely..You know mee, anything blingey, sparklely, and okay PINK.. I used that word again !!! I fall in love with.. All these are in my bedroom, and I really do adore them !! hope you enjoy meeting them..hahaha.. I HAD to put a bunny in to, cuz it is SPRING, and they're popping up in all kinds of places.. I think they are soo sweet, they always make me smile to look at !!! Hoping your all doing well, and feeling blessed this very day.. Do something to make you feel good, and warm and fuzzy inside.. Blessings to you all !! More soon..
Big hugs ~tea~xo

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wanna see what came today ....

Hello to all me "pinkie peeps" on this super Saturday again.. YIPPEE !! It's been a crazy busy day, I got up early and went to a friends to get ready for a baby shower.. T'was a wonderful day and time..But, I came home beat.. Waiting at my front step was a package from sweet ~r~.. Look at what I got !! A sweeeet bread board, and paddle.. A pink sweet jar.. It all looks soo wonderful together.. I wanted to share with you !! Look how well it goes (blends)..hahaha..with my kitchen..Everything I get from her, I always say THIS is my favorite.. She just laughs, and KNOWS, I'll be dying for something else soon.. Everytime she buys something, and shares with me, I always have to say, did you buy me one too ??? Just like a baby.. (she knows what I LOVE, and can't stand to hear me boohoo), so she takes care of me !!! Thanks to her, for so much pretty around my home !!!
I get soo excited to share with you all too !! Who else gets excited about my PINK pretties.. At home, they just give me a look, LIKE MORE ?? !! hahaha.. I just say move over, and make more room.. LOVE IT ALL !!!! Hope you like too !! I better go and make my cookies you see too !! I got side-tracked..hahaha.. Love to you all my wonderful blog buddies.. Have a blessed, SUPER DUPER rest of your Saturday, and keep your hearts and eyes looking heavenward.. xxoo
Blessings and big hugs ~tea~

Friday, March 20, 2009

more pretties to share...

Hello to all you pinky peeps today.. YIPPEE !!! It's officially SPRING..Can you tell ?! Hope the sun is shining down on all of you.. I know soo many of you are so tired of the cold.. I can't even imagine, since I'm planted in Sunny Southern Ca..Don't get much cold.. I'm one who loves to always feel the warmth of the sun, and my mood is soo much more happy when the sun is shining..
Just thought I would share some pretties to add pink and sparkle to your day.. I did happen to show you some more jars in the kitchen, don't know if you can tell, but what ever is in them has to be pink or "part pink"..hahaha.. notice the pastel pasta, I have one with pink pasta hearts from Valentines'.. Spring is a good time to stock up on pink pasta.. OMgosh, tell me, I need to get a life..Ooohhh Nooo, don't say that, I have to be always chasing something pink..That is my life !!! hahaha.. I LOVE when you all make sure I notice when your showing PINK on your blog.. Soo exciting.. I'm still not over all Barbs' pink milk glass, to die for..She has way more than meee.. Can you believe it ?! Well, I'm wishing and hoping you all have a very blessed, fun day, and terrific week-end.. God is good, and keep looking up !! Blessings and hugs.. ~tea~xo

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 laundry too..oohh nooo..

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Wednesday, and hopefully you were able to do something fun, that makes you feel good today !! I was home pretty much all day, just cleaning and doing laundry, when I thought..I should show you all , my pink laundry room, with pink ironing board and pink iron.. Can't find pink starch, but mine smells like lavender, soo that's still good..right..Do you notice the pink wooden clothes pins, and painted wooden hangers from sweet Rebecca, and all my shelves,and pink metal utility box full of dryer softner papers, she painted pretty too.. Can you stand all this.. I just can't get enough pink and roses, and it really makes all my chores soo much more pleasant when I see pretty..Now, you really might think I've jumped off the edge.. to pink heaven .... ooohhh my, what if I ever tire of this ?! That's not possible is it girls ?!!! Nooooo... Love to each of you today, and many blessings I hope.. big big hugs ~tea~xo

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Spring bunnies...

Hello to all of you sweet friends this evening.. Okay..okay..I'm a little early, BUT, I am soo ready for Spring..My bunnies are getting ready too.. I wanted to show you these.. My picture taking leaves a little bit to be desired.. I soo tried tho.. They are all dressed in vintage lace and old vintage parts of wedding dresses..I so wish you could see better. They hang real long and they have slips on,bows and pretty head pieces.. I just Love them, and thought I would introduce you to my bunny friends.. I've always loved bunny's and have quite the collection of these.. Just need a reason to bring 'em out.. Spring time, so what better time?! Hope you enjoy, and wishing you all a very restful, quiet, little creative time (maybe) evening.. Always enjoy visiting you all.. Blessings to each of you and big hugs, ~tea~xo

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pretty Blingey Cottagey Store...

Hello to all my sweet lady friends,
I have to share with you where I went today.. It was the Spring show at Debra's Cottage in Costa Mesa.. This is the biggest shoppe I've ever been to, and you all know how many I visit.. It's a big warehouse turned Cottage boutique, and boy, you could spend a day in here !! So many pretty areas to visit, and believe me when I say, something for every taste..This store has been featured in Romantic Homes a few times, and advertised always in there..There is so much eye candy, and each display is simply charming.. I've tried to show you a few of my favorite booths in here..But, there really is soo many.. The ladies who work in here, are so wonderful and sweet.. For those of you familiar with "Old Towne Orange" Sara, from the Orange Mercantile, has a few booths in here now.. So good to see and talk to her..Alot of familiar shoppe owners have spaces here.. It was a wonderful outing today, and I did grab up some treasures.. I was thrilled to get some old lace and linens too, for a fairly good price.. Hope you enjoy looking, and if you are ever down this way, you have to stop in and say hello.. So worth the effort.. Hoping you're all enjoying your Super, Saturday, and soo hope your able to fit in something fun to do.. Soo good for the soul.. Don't you think ?! Blessings to each of you this very day.. Big,Big hugs ~tea~xo

Friday, March 13, 2009

Had to go outside this morning...

Good Fabulous friday all my sweet friends,
Gosh, I'm feeling sooo overwhelmed, and kinda anxious today, soo I had to go out in the yard and have some play time.. Pulled a few weeds, trimmed a little, and just felt good to have the sun shine on my back.. Nothing helps me more, than a little sunshine sometimes.. It's suppose to be a beautiful week-end, in the 80's, so I will continue out here tomorrow.. Love to play out there.. My herbs are growing wild already.. The lavender smells heavenly..When I'm outside, it makes me realize there truly is a Lord, and He makes everything so beautiful, and anew.. That's what I needed today.. Hope you all have a beautiful, fun, hopefully sunshiney week-end.. Feel HIS warmth in all you do ..Chat more soon... hugs ~tea~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

mmm...pretty pink jars...

Hello my sweet lady friends.. Hope you've all had a terrific day.. I can't believe it's almost Wednesday already.. Where do the days go ?! Well, as you can imagine, I'm still playing with my pretty cabinet.. I LoVe getting new-found treasures..I had some of my sweet "painted sugarey pink "jars, that Rebecca,from a gathering place has made up for me out and about,so I thought I would share.. I have an obsession for vintage or vintage reproduction type jars, they are soo sweet, filled with my favorite pink candys, or pink sugar,anything pink..they're is something so yummy about them.. These are just little ones I have around, I don't want you to EveN see all the large ones in my kitchen, filled with pink cookies, and snacks.. You would think I was really "over the top"and maybe need to seek professional help..hahaha.. Like I've said, at least I admit to my compulsion ?! Hope you enjoy sneaking a peak of more.. It all makes me sooo happy, and well, tickles my lil' heart.. Wishing you a restful, peaceful evening.. more soon.. hugs to you ~tea~xo

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My new found "sugarey pink"treasure...

Hello all my sweet friends.. Okay "the reveal,"Soo here it is !! I have to say I "copy catted" my sweet bestest friend Rebecca, she came home with one of these a couple days ago, and showed me a picture.. I had to have one like that !! So, this Saturday, I went treasure hunting with a couple friends.. We all found wonderful finds, BUT, we didn't have room for my treasure, I went home and put it in my truck..I am in LOVE with this.. Mine was in great shape, and already painted a sugareypink, can you believe it.. It was at one time painted green, and this shows through in places.. It really looks lovely, and I am thrilled to the moon with it !!! I was told they put these in homes in the kitchen corners to hold extra food and dishes, since there was not room to store much in those rooms.. The lady whose booth I bought from says they are from the 30's-40' most of these older homes..I LOVE how they did the lovely frame work around the edges.. It's very heavy, and the back of it shows where it was a built in.. Amazing.. I put before, I decorated and then after.. I hope you love it as much as I do !! Don't you think all my pretty painted vintage items from Sweet Rebecca look wonderful on it !! It kinda all just blends.. I've already added and taken away from it, so, I'm sure I'll be playing with it the next few days..I'm always sooo excited to find a "PERFECT" for me piece of the past.. Happy treasure hunting to all you sweet friends.. More soon.. hugs ~tea~xo

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pretty.. PINK..rose fabric..rag quilt..

Hi my PINK sweet ladies..Hope you all had a splendid, happy, Saturday..I sure did !! Went to Old Towne Orange, andI bought some Fabulous treasures today.. In fact, I was with a girlfriend, and had to go get my truck to get my BIG treasure home.. Oh my !! When I get my sweet cabinet "Sugareypink" too..all set up, I will of course share pictures.. AND, when I got home, a package was on my doorstep from You should see what she made me, a beautiful sewn rag quilt.. Just gorgeous, and it matches my pink rose lovin' home perfectly.. My pictures aren't as good as hers, BUT visit Tammy to see more lovely ones for you.. It really is Beautiful, and smells so mmm..yummy.. Already to cuddle up with.. Can't wait to do that in a bit..Truly a work of art.. Thank you Tammy.. She used soo many fabulous rose fabrics on the front, and the back is entirely Mary Rose..I'm in PINK rose heaven tonite.. Okay, my sweet friends, more coming to show you soon.. Have a blessed, Super, hopefully creative Sunday.. Hugs, ~tea~xo

Friday, March 6, 2009

WHAT,, PINK food products...

Hello to all my seet pink friends.. Just something short and sweet today.. YIPPEE it's Friday!! That's always a wonderful thing to meee !!! Besides my obsession with pink and roses.. I get sooo excited when I find pink wrapped goodies..See my pink and cream striped popcorn bag..sweet vintage picture on it as well.. pink sparkling lemonade.. and always always pink candies in my dishes and bowls.. If they're pink hearts, even better ..Even the bowls I store in the fridge are some shade of pink.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE opening the fridge and seeing pink.. Is this crazy and obsessive.. or hopefully just fun.. Please tell me, there is others out there that by something because of what it's packaged in... At least I openly confess my pink sins....hahahaha.. Oh well, til next boggers..Have a happy, blessed. creative, FUN friday...xxoo hugs ~tea~

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello to all you wonderful ladies,
Hoping this finds you well, and having a Wonderful, creative Wednesday..I LOVE going to each of you, and seeing what new creations you've come up with, whatever it may be.. Cooking ideas, decorating, or just chatting.. Love it all..I've met soo many interesting, kind-hearted women.. Such a joy and a blessing.. It's so funny, how we all become somewhat connected.. I'm just sharing bedroom, I get so many e-mails, and comments about you wondering if my poor boys live in this.. OMgosh,they do, they're just used to girly-girl momma, and don't really care..hahaha.. The boys, excluding poor hubby, have their very boy rooms :):) Isn't that all that matters..hahaha.. Okay, well,hope you enjoy, and can't wait to see pretties from all of you.. Blessings to each one of you for a wonderful rest of your day.. Big hugs ~tea~xo