Saturday, February 28, 2009

pretties in the bathroom...

Hello to all you girly-girls..Hope you're all having a fun, relaxing Saturday afternoon.. I spent some time cleaning and rearranging all the pretties, towels, and lace in my bathroom.. It must be about Spring, cuz I've got that cleaning,tear apart everything, going on..I always feel soo good when all is finished.. On, to the next I suppose..I know these aren't the best pictures.. But, I am no photographer.. So, wish I was.. My walls are sagey, and they look dark here.. My wall paper border is draping roses, (of course pink).. Soo, that's why the green.. Hope to share more soon.. Happy Saturday to you all !!! Hugs ~tea~
Forgot to mention, the bottom 2 pics, are pretty lace pieces that I bought, at a pretty store earlier this week...LOVE LOVE all things lacey:):)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cleaned my window today...

Hello to all of you sweet ladies today..Gosh, I was on a roll this afternoon.. It was such a pretty day, It made me want to clean my windows, so I did..I took all my lacey stuff off the rods, and washed,ironed, and rehung everything.. I hang old vintage aprons, and hankies over a cafe rod.. I change them with the seasons, these are the Spring ones up for now..I LOVE to be able to see out, so I only put up light lacey fabrics anyhow.. See, my little lefton bluebirds, I adore them, and mix them all around my home.. They are so sweet and whimsical looking..These are on my window sill, and are my lil' friends.. Okay, more soon, hope all of you had a wonderful,creative day somehow.. hugs for you ~tea~

Monday, February 23, 2009

ooohhh.. did i tell you, everything in the kitchen has to be PINK...

Hello to all my pink, sweet lovin' friends again.. Gosh.. most of my family is feelin' lousy, and down, sooo I got to do another blog..yippee..for me !! Well, what was I going to share this time.. It had to be PINK !! Okay, the kitchen, Everything is PINK, even more than you can see, the pans, utencils dishes,silverware handles, measuring cups, kinda over the top, BUT, I can never ever have enough.. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color, and it makes me soo happy to look at, and cook with.. Hope your all having a happy, pinky day.. I'll share more soon..Hugs to you all..~tea~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yet.. Another PINK pretty store...

Hello to all my pink lovin' cottagey friends,
Hope your all having a wonderful, fun, creative Sunday afternoon.. It's a lovely day here.. I went to visit a friend of mine Patsy, and She is the owner of "Cottage Rose"..This store is located in Orange County, in the city of Fullerton.. It's such a lovely place to visit.. She always has it decorated to the nines'.. It is very romantic, PINK, and ever soo girly.. Your sure to find a treasure, and won't be able to leave empty handed.. I LOVE mercury glass, and she has some amazing large pieces..lovely pieces of haviland, and old china..If your ever in this part of town, you'll have to make it a plan to stop at her lovely cottage shoppe.. Soo much eye candy..Your mouth will drop.. Yummy..more to share soon.. Blessings for a wonderful afternoon.. hugs ~tea~

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pink Pretties around..

Hello to all you pink lovin' gals..Just shot some pics to share some pretties with you all.I was packing all my Valentines' stuff away.. Moving things around.. Such work.. Here's a few more things I adore.. You can see my Cindy Ellis rose picket on the wall.. My friend Debbie does the lamps I have, and of course you'll see Rebeccas' stuff everywhere..She paints up the sweetest, vintagey things you can imagine.. Never tire of her stuff..Oh well, I hope your doing well, and hopefully your Valentines' Day was extra special,and very pink and rosey..Blessings to you all..
Hugs ~tea~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pretty stores again.....

Happy Valentines' Day again ladies.. Hope your day is going splendid and full of lovely things so far.. I met with my girlie-girl friends today, for a sweet early lunch, and shopping spell..I'm sharing more sweet shops in the Orange Circle.. They are quite something, and promise something for everybodys' taste. On top is "Country Roads"Antique Store.. A gigantic,eclectic, cottagey mall.. Christy Repasy has a sweet boutique in this mall.. LOVE that !! She's a fav..with so many of us..The other pictures are inside "Tea Leaf Cottage", a real treat, Everything very cottagey and romantic.. The owner Joan, has been there for years.. She is so wonderfully talented with all her decor ideas.. Always changing up !! We ended our afternoon at the cupcake store(of course).. Always soo yummy.. It is Valentines' Day you know..I hope you enjoy the parade.. Happy Day to you all.. more of course soon..hugs~t~xo

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pretty store To shop..

Hello to all of you today..
Hope this finds you all well and safe.. I know it's been a crazy weather time for alot of states..and Countries as well.. My prayers and thoughts go out to each of you affected by all of this mess..Today I got out and went to my favorite place to shop again.. Old Towne Orange.. Such a sweet, lovely place to be.. Just a parade of endless stores to say the least.. One of my favorites is "The Victoria&co" ,ever sooo sweet, and Donna the owner is just amazing, her store is filled to the rafters, with yummy, sweet things..She LOVES the color RED, so it's abundant,believe me.. It's quite over-flowing with treasures.. I LOVE pretty clutter, so this is right up my ally..hahaha..I was able to buy some Valentines gifts, all over the place here.. T'was fun..In a couple pictures, you can see the pink and white heart bowls, and sweet pillow from her to me.. LOVE it all.. Had a lovely time, and was soo nice to get out for a bit, in the sunshine, and away from the dreadful news on the tv..That's more than I can bare at times.. Hope you all enjoy the pics, and get a sense of what her cute store is all about... Blessings to each of you this very day. hugs ~tea~xo

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Valentines week to you all..

I JUST LOVE Valentines Day.. One of my most favorite of the special days we celebrate !! Aaahh, the romance and love and all.. Soo sweet.. Hope you have a special PINK Valentines week, and day.. Celebrate all week. I'm going too.. I'm going to try to take pictures of my yummy pink and white heart cookies.. If, they all don't get eaten first..yummy..Enjoy your day..until next time.. Happy Hearts Day to you.. hugs ~t~xo