Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a note...

Just a lil' added note today.. I felt compelled to share with you.. My bible study this week is on "moral courage", and the ability to do the right thing, in the face of popular opposition or discouragement.. It takes such courage to stand up for what is right and do what HIS word, in the Bible tells us to do.. Live honestly and with integrity.. avoiding the short cuts that may get us ahead.. God is in control of all, and our life.. He allows trials to strengthen us spiritually and will make us more like Jesus.. May you all be blessed and encouraged to always do what is right.. Blessings to you.. hugs ~t~xo

Things that I love

Hello to you again..gosh, still learning all this.. Will I ever be able to do it all.. Challenging for me..But, I'm giving it a go.. Thought it might be fun to share some of my things I love with you..Have I told you I LOVE pink.. and I LOVE roses.. As you can tell, I can't get enough.. LOVE it all, and especially, all my pretties from Rebecca, at "A Gathering Place", She is a wonderful artist, and seamstress .. I have countless, beautiful pillows from her, as well, so many one of a kind painted, vintage items..I know I kinda do everything "too much", but I enjoy every bit of it.I collect limoge china too, and it is also scattered about.. Have you ever seen cross, vintage type bottles.. I have many of these around our home.. The light is so pretty on, candles,or just the lamps that shine around them..I guess I'm an ecclectic of sorts.. But, LOVE anything feminine, soft, and cottagey..
Hope you enjoy, and are having fun putting all your collections together.. If it brings a joy to your heart, and makes you happy, it's worth collecting.. There is soo many fun places to go treasure hunting, and believe me, it's a joy to me, and I go alot.. relaxing too, to see everything out there.. Keeps the creative ideas in me a float.. Happy collecting to you.. more soon..Blessings to you all.. hugs ~t~xo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my first post..yippee skippee..

Gosh.. I've been wanting to do this for sooo long, BUT, just figured this all out.. OMG.. this whole computer thing is soo foreign to me, and I'm learning more everyday..So, be patient.. I wanted to share a little about me, and what I love.. My family is the best blessing in my life.. I see it everyday, and I'm so thankful I have each one in my life daily..Always something new and exciting with each of them..
We live in beautiful, sunny, always warm, Southern California.. Not many seasons here, and I'm grateful for the consistency.. I love to be outside, and planting and playing in my garden.. I just got interested in "fairy gardens", I got my first for Christmas, and already have 4 new ones planted.. They all have a theme..Adorable, to say the least.. It's like playing with miniature doll houses.. Everything so whimisical and sweet..I'll take some pictures of them soon, and share those with you..Will see how all this goes..seems like fun..
Well, enough for one day, hope to be back real soon..this could be fun !!!
hugs ~t~xo

People that I love