Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rachels visit to Country Roads ....

Hello to all my bloggy friends,
Sooo much time seems to pass that I feel like a stranger to my bloggy stuff at times ... I get so busy with everyday "got to do" stuff, that it gets soo neglected ... I miss catching up with all you girlies !! I LoVe visiting all of you, and get so many ideas, and inspiration from each of you ... it's like reading a favorite magazine, and sooo many of you, catch me up on where to go and find sweet treasures !! You all are soo up on everything ... I just get sooo excited !! Such fun ...
Well, today was a BIG day for me girlies ... Rachel came to visit all her admiring fans here in Orange, at Orange Circle, in Country Roads Antique store .. One of my favorite shoppes around, GIGANTIC, and beauty surrounds !! Such eye candy, and pretty "must haves" everywhere .. The dealers here display everything so nicely, and their treasures for sale are the tops around !! There is always something I can't live without !! hahaha ..
I have to tell you tho, I went here this morning to get in line to have my new Rachel book signed and to see the Shabby Queen herself !! The line was around the corner of this fabulous store !! I had to be somewhere in an hour, so sadly I had to leave .. had so looked forward to this day .... Well, after, I did what I had to do, I went to lunch with my hubby, and he agreed to take his very sad wife back to see if the line was smaller yet, well it was, and she was STILL there signing away, visiting with each guest, and taking pictures .. I was sad tho, cuz I had taken my book home, and left it there earlier, BUT wonderful Sue, who owns the store, said take one of my books and get it signed, and than just bring the other back .. How wonderful of her to offer and make this day sooo special for me !! She truly is such a sweet, very giving lady .. That's why I always go back to her place ... Well, I ran to get in line, and ran in to my very good friend Linda, I had to share her picture with you as well, we LoVe the same things, and she is a shabby lovin' girly as well .. We always seem to run into each other at events like this .. So I was able to catch up with her, visit with Rachel, and even was able to stay for her story telling time .. She is soo sweet, and kind- hearted ... very down to earth, and really is all about, getting back up, brushing your self off, and moving forward !! She has been through soo much this past year, I can't EvEn imagine sharing with soo many of us girlies, and not shedding tears anymore !! She's simply amazing, and after her chat, I want to go back, and read my book deeply this time (not just drooling over the pictures) but, to feel her emotions, and how she is changing things up, just a little .. She still LoVes pink, and greens, and pretty blues, BUT, more softly muted now, and she shared pictures of how you can bring in dark and chunky ... Can I just say, I left with a bounce in my walk, and my creative juices a flowing .. Soo many wonderful ideas ... It was such a wonderful day, and to see the Lord send me back in HIS time to meet up with old friends, chat with Rachel, and than to be able to be there for her talk ... Can I just say AMAZING !! See girlies, again God is always good, and faithful, I'm learning more to be in HIS time, NOT always my time .. It couldn't of been more exciting,rewarding, and I left feeling so up and good !! Can't wait to read this some more ... girlies, if you haven't picked this up, ooohh please go get this book .. You will Sooo LoVe and enjoy it ... If I could eat it up, oohhh girlies I sure would !! She is the Queen, and just be waiting for the "new" dreams she is dreaming up !! So Fun~
I hope you are all feeling well, and doing what your sweet hearts are dreaming of !! Thanks for stopping by, and always leaving such sweet, encouraging words ... I LoVe my girlie girls sooo much ... Have a happy Jesus filled week ~
Big pink hugs ~tea~xo


  1. Hey there! It looks as if you had a blast,did you see Christie? she was there today also with her sister inlaw Rita of mammabellarte. I am sure you all had a great time ;) i hope your week is full of blessings.


  2. Oh Tea, you really did receive a wonderful blessing at just the perfect time! I'm so glad for you. Well, you are just hobnobbing with all the celebrities lately. But then they are pretty lucky to be hobnobbing with YOU!!

    And, dear girl, you look so pretty in that picture. Bye for now...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  3. Oh Sweetie...I so wish I could have been there with you. We'd have had a blast standing together in that line. Maybe another day, huh?

    Thinking of you and all the fun you had. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    You are my hero.

    Love to you~


  4. WOW... Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! Who wouldn't?? I just love Shabby Chic & have all of Rachel's books.... I read them & look at the beautiful photos over & over & over again!!

  5. That is so exciting, you girls in California have all the luck, the prettiest stores and visits from Rachel, I sure wish I was there it sounds like so much fun!!

  6. Oh you lucky lucky girl!!! I would LOVE to meet Rachel!!! What a cute picture of you both!!! Love it!

  7. Hi Tea, wow, it looks so wonderful. I am so happy for you and you look sooooo cute!!!!

    I'm off to try and find this book. Your post makes me smile, dear heart!

    Hugs and love, Barb ♥

  8. Oh, Tanza, how wonderful to have met the queen of shabby chic herself! I would have felt like you and have been in awe of meeting her in person. It sounds like she is a very REAL person and so kind and sweet. I am glad you had a fun day and as you said, it all worked out in God's time. Blessings to you, sweet friend, and have a beautiful week! Vicki

  9. Hi Tanza, how wonderful you got to meet Rachel and visit with her and get your book signed! I love her and her book! How fun meeting your old friend as well! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Wow, what fun and what a great day you had. California must be great with all the shops you have there. I have missed reading your sweet posts, but we do get busy with life, don't we?
    I haven't bought Rachels book yet, but will soon. Sounds wonderful, how neat you got to meet her and have your picture made with her. You are a beauty!!

    glitter and roses

  11. Wow, how can I say "thank you". Please know you really touched me with your words in your post. As I always say, Country Roads is about family, my customers and Rachel included. It is nice to have a business, a store that is REAL. A place where we care about our customers, and they become part of our family. Again, "thank you" for the kind words. I think yesterday will be one of those "magical days" we always remember. Take care.

  12. ... and you nearly died & went to Heaven, I can tell! Chuckle!!

    G'morn sweet Tanza ~ How much fun, you so enjoy Rachel & your visits with her. What a sweet DH to take you there & patiently await.
    You ladies look so beautiful together, T.

    Sooooo, what all did you buy? I'll have to look for the book, as I love looking at her inspirations.

    Have a beautiful day filled with your memories.

    Enter our FOUR GIVEAWAYS ending Nov. 23rd. Hugs of love, TTFN ~ Marydon

  13. How much fun to meet Rachel in person! You look like you are having the best time! You both are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy her new book...and I love that she is going to the warm colors mixed with the lights. I so love that combination.

    hugs to you!


  15. exciting! And look at you.....You're a STAR... :-) I think the little gal at the counter with the hat on sort of looks like Rebecca....what do you think? About six years ago or so my daughter and I went to Orange....and fell in LOVE....we actually went to this little shop....we bought some things there, but I can't remember what any more.....It's gone from my mind. And, God's perfect just doesn't get any better. Maybe she wouldn't have had time to actually take a picture with you earlier. How sweet of your Hubbs to take you back there. Have a wonderful day sweet girlie!