Monday, October 19, 2009

fun times sweet times..

Hello to all you bloggy sweet friends,
WHAT .. It's Manic Monday again, already !! It can't be !! Wasn't I just at "glitterfest" yesterday ?! Crazy .. I guess the older we get, the faster times come and go .. speaking of which, all my friends are turning 50 .. I was at two 50th birthday parties this week-end .. first was Barbies in the blue,and than Peggy with the food in her mouth, hahaha..was Saturday !! Barbs was just a girly dinner at home, and Peggy had a halloween party Saturday night .. That's her in her witches get -up below .. This was such a fun week-end of celebrations, and the rest of us will be turning 50 in the coming months .. Soo strange .. We've all known each other for over 25 yrs .. We all lived in the same condo complex together for about 10 yrs... All newly married, and had our babies together, we all went to the same church, and our children went to the same schools, so we carpooled together, were on the same committees together.. PTL..scouts, sports, you name it !! Now, our children are mostly all grown, some married, in college, and all thankfully healthy and doing well .. Can you believe we are all are such good friends still .. we get together alot, and help each other all the time !! I am soo thankful for such wonderful friends, and we still have soo much fun together !! We laugh all night !! I'm still just amazed how soo many years have gone by, and that we are all so close, and live still, all close by, we just went from condos to homes .. in fact most of these girls are my walking buddies, breakfast buddies, and most important shoppin' buddies .. you should see us all out treasure hunting, we all know what the other LoVes, soo we're constantly yelling to each other to "come, come fast, you're going to die !! hahaha I'm sure you all know what I mean, and have wonderful friends to share good times with .. Believe me, I'm so thankful that the Lord blesses me continuously, and it's to HIM I give all the glory for everything good in my life !! Blessings to each of you as you spend special time with special friends ~~ I LoVe all my bloggy friends too ...
Big huggers ~


  1. Hi Tanza, how fun is that! What a lovely group of friends you have and how wonderful you know each other so well... it is so fun to spend time with friends you have known a long time and they share so many memories with you... you are right, time does seem to go by fast, and we all need to treasure every moment we spend with those we love! Bisous... Julie Marie

  2. Tanza,
    I think it is absolutely terrific that you have these wonderful gals to share happy times with! You have been friends a long time and that is great!!! I have enjoyed so much getting to know you. You are a wonderful lady who loves life! Blessings to you, dear friend. Vicki

  3. Its great that y'all are still such close friends. I bet y'all have so much fun together!

    Lee Laurie

  4. Booo Hoooo! Your only girly friend NOT THERE was ME ME ME! I sooooo would have crashed your PARTY!

    Tee Hee....

    Think of you today and loving you so much! Miss you gobs...


  5. Tanza, I love this!! How cool to have such great close friends! Your girls are gorgeous and look half your age!! What fun you must all have together!!! Your so lucky!
    Love ya sweetie,

  6. What a great bunch if friends..... You all have so much fun together!!

  7. What fun you foxy momma's had. Great to have friends that are 'this' close, Tanza.

    Have a warm, wonderful week. Hugs of love, TTFN ~Marydon

  8. Hello tea! Great pics of you and your friends. It's wonderful that you all still live close to each other. I just turned 53 and the time flies faster with each passing year! I love it when people embrace their birthdays and enjoy them. You all look beautiful! California girls!
    Hugs and blessings to you! Mary

  9. Hi Tea, love your pictures of you and your friends. They are a true blessing, aren't they?

    Thanks for your sweet comments....sorry I am so slow in getting around. I'm trying to get over a nasty cold....yuck!

    Sending hugs, Barb ♥

  10. You look totally gorgeous, Tanza. I want to be looking as great when I'm your age too. I guess staying happy is the key eh? ;) Glad you girls (girls yes, because all of you look young) had a fabulous time together. Stay cheerful!


  11. Oh Tea how precious is friendship, my all time best friend is Anna we go back 25 years, sadly do not see a lot of each other but when we do ~LOOK OUT~ we make up for all the time we have een parted. God has blessed you Sweet you have constant contact with your friends. Wishing you a great day.

    Lyn xxx

  12. Love your blog, know what I will be looking at tonight!! Drooling!!! And isn't Rebeccas cookie cutter cards so beautiful? Hope you can hop on over to my blog and say hi!! I'm new at this, but learning alot from the big girls. LOL
    Glitter and Roses

  13. What a wonderful and fun post! What secrets and experiences you gals have have shared over the years. As the girl scout song went,..
    make new friends,
    but keep the old,
    one is silver,
    and the other gold.