Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Orange Circle and more pretties...

Hello my bloggy girlies... I KNOW I KNOW more Orange Circle and Country Roads, BUT, I did show you this time from the main street going in..hahaha.. I have to say, this is one of my mostest favorite stores EvEr !!! That is why I always go here !! Things are always coming in and going out !! Did ya hear me goin' out, soo if you see something you want, you have to grab it, cuz I promise it will be gone tomorrow !! So sorry these pictures are out of order, BUT, I'm not as good at this as you all are !! See my new table curio !! yep, it was sitting there waiting for me, and when our eyes connected.. well.. she jumped..yep jumped right into my already full hands.. I ran home and fixed her all pretty with all my pretties !! I've NeVer seen one this big !! It's very tall and more narrow than the others I have They are much smaller actually !! She was all painted pretty and everything.. And than, as I was skipping around this gigantic shoppe, I went to Christy Repasys space and bought this sweet framed piece of her art !! I had a day, and was soo excited to share it with you all !! I soo hope you can see all the sweetness to this wonderful favorite place of mine, and like I say, if you are Ever in towne, this is a #1 place to go on your list !! I soo just LoVe the smell of this mall too.. It always smells yummy, like pretty candles.. It gets me soo excited !! I Never seem to leave empty handed !! Ooohhh nooo.. Did I really admit that ?! It is a disease ladies, But, oohhh sooo fun !! LoVe coming home and unloading !! Did you all have a good week-end and find some sweet treasures ?! LoVe days like this !! Yippee skippee !!
All my bloggie friends, will you pretty please go to my sweet friend ~Rebecca~ at A gathering place, her beautiful blog is up for an award, and I sooo want her to win !! You can go there to vote.. I will soon have a link on mine !! She is soo talented, loving, giving, and did I say DESERVING of this !! Thanks soo much bloggies !! smooches to you all !!
May you all have a blessed, happy evening.. Keep your eyes and heart looking heavenward always.. God is GOOD !!!
Big pink hugs ~tea~xo


  1. Dear Tea Girl...

    Your pretties look just like my pretties! Now...HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

    Great minds think alike!


    As always, you bless me.

    Love you most~


  2. Oooh Tanza, I LOVE your table curio... I must have one! That is sooo pretty... I am going to start checking around my area tomorrow (too late tonight or I would head out!)... Sounds like you have as much fun as I do discovering pretty things that beg to come home with you... Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. I love your cabinet!! Don't you love those "finds" that just jump out and say, "YOU MUST TAKE ME HOME"... hehehe... I love that. Yours looks right at home with your pretties all over.

    I'll go sign that little doo hickey for you for Ms.R.... I'll get right on that since you asked. :)

  4. OOOOOh, I love it! Love a good find, especially something as wonderful as your cabinet...beautiful!


  5. I tell ya I live pretty close to Orange Circle and have never been... Don't you just love Chritie's work? she is a very sweet lady with a great heart.


  6. What a great place to shop!! I really like the little table cabinet....
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Your cabinet is gorgeous! It looks so pretty with all of your beautiful things in it! I wish that I could go shopping there! I voted for Rebecca yesterday!

    Lee Laurie

  8. That is a very nice curio cabinet. I like how you have arranged the contents. Very pretty!