Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Queen of Shabby arrived today....

Hello to all my bloggy girlies,
I was so excited to get my call today, from my favorite bookstore ever, that my Rachel Ashwell book arrived.. I of course hurried down there to grab her up !! I soo LoVe this woman, and couldn't wait to gobble up her every word, and the pictures are still just amazing..It is truly her signature style that I believe has made us girly girls go crazy !! Everything soo flea-market style, and the prettiness of imperfection !! We get to take the journey into soo many of her beautiful homes and hide-aways, and she so lovingly, and creatively shares all her rooms, trinkets, and treasures !! Just soo lovely..And yes, she still uses plenty of creams, whites, and PINKS !! I was soo worried that she too, like some of my favorite magazines had maybe changed her course !! Nope !! She's still "Sweet, Romantic,Rachel, and shares with us, in a Rachel only way, to make our homes,truly intimate, romantic and special !! I haven't read it all of course, BUT, I have surely scoured through every page..I CAN'T seem to put this down..yikes~Gosh, in the last couple of days, I've recieved two of my favorite magazines in the mail too.. I have alot of reading to catch up on !! I don't know if you girlies are all like me, but, I have to thumb through every page, and than go back and read, and than re-read my favorite articles !! I'm soo excited to get home from work, take a bath, and curl up on my pretty, comfy sofa and fall into bliss reading !! It will make my day !! I LoVe having something to look forward to when I get home.. I wish I could say I will make a cup of hot tea as well.. BUT it is still soo beastly hot here, and I will need a BIG glass of my raspberry lemonade full of ice..and nooo blankies here !! Gosh girlies, you will all have to share if you have read this book, and what you all think of it !! Poor Rachel has been thru alot lately, and I soo hope the best for her... I STILL think she should come up with a Rachell magazine, she has soo much to share, offer advice, and soo creative, I would buy those up like crazy !! She sure has quite the vision,and her love of vintage style has soo got me hooked !! Okay, soo now that you all know what I will be up to .. let me know what you've been up to !! Hoping all is well with you, and you're doing something that tickles and warms your heart..what more can you ask for !! Blessings and LoVe to each of you as find your passions,and make them happen !! God is good, and right there...yep...right there when you need him...
Big hugs to each of you~

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hello on this beautiful,warm,sunny morning my sweet bloggie girls!!! I've soo missed you all.. I was traumatized by this BIG, black monster coming into my home, I've been a busy girlie!!My husband has talked about this thing FOREVER, BUT, me always being able to win his ideas over, I was able to keep this away for a LONG time..BUT, being that football season is well under way.. HE was bound and DETERMINED to bring this MONSTER into my "pink lovin"gotta be girly home !! WHAT !! I actually cried, pouted, and stomped around !!BUT, HE won, and this new MONSTER friend was his new best girl !! It one him over, and I wasn't going to win this one !! I'm not used to this.. This MONSTER friend was here to stay !! Sooo, to be fair, I was able to go pick out pieces of furniture to hold this beast (his new friend)... Soo off I went, to Debras' Cottage, in Costa Mesa.. They have rooms full of vintage white furniture.. Everyone that tried to help (console me), gave me wonderful ideas.. Nooo ..I didn't have to have a BIG, ugly stand, or shelves.. (no cords can show) anywhere.. Another one of my pet peeves !! Anyone who was even brave enough to come close to me, had to hear me sob !! But, this is what I ended up with.. A beautiful, already redone late 1800's side buffet, and a early 1900's music cabinet, for all the other black yuckie stuff..The store was closing, and I asked when it could be delivered, and they said right now.. EVEN better !! I was going to fix this black monster up !! Soo girlies, this is what I came up with !! Do you like it ?! Give me ideas, or tell me what else can be done !! It's all I see is BLACK, and this thing is huge !! eecckk.. Will I ever become friends with this thing ?! I peek around the corner to see if it's still there,and yep, it's not moving.. It stands proud as a peacock in my family room, almost, seemingly, glaring at mee !! darn thing.. My husband plays with this endlessly, and seems to carress the remote.. I'm not kidding.. This is all new to me.. You all know me, and I'm soo not the tv kinda girlie..Remember I was thrilled when the one in our room got the boot.. this was just hubbys way of saying that "c" word (compromise)..ooohhh I hate that word, especially when I have to do the "verbage" part..uugghhh.. I keep telling him, I'm not decorating anymore for halloween, cuz we already have this BIG MONSTER thing in my home !!
Girlies, what am I to do.. paint it pink, wrap and drape it in ribbons and lace...I LOST girlies.. this is gonna end up having to be my monster friend too !! You all need to post and show me what you do with these things.. I bet soo many of you, have the best ideas !! It was way to big to be put in an armoire..any more ideas, please share.. Sooo girlies.. that is what I have been crazy about the last couple of weeks..and darn, I LOST.. boohoo..that's what hurt more than anything.. cuz, I usually get my way with the hubby.. He doesn't want me winey and crying..remember he has to live with this "pink lovin" girlie.. hopefully, I just get used to this..mmmm..I might EvEn try to like it !! hahahaha..
I LoVe all you sweet girlies, and value any helpful hints, and\or therapy you may have to offer !! Hoping all of you are HAPPY, and Lovin' anything that tickles your heart.. You all make mine pink,warm, and fuzzy..xxoo
I KNOW.. I KNOW.. God is good, and patient, and LoVes me,EvEn when I'm spoiled and whiney.. He is faithful !!
Hugs to you all ~
~ tea girl ~ xx

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Friend Rebecca A Gathering Place

Good wonderful Thursday morning to you my bloggie girls .. Gosh, I'm running about getting ready to head for work, but, I wanted you all to know that my most special friend sweet ~r~, that I so lovingly always refer to her as, is up for a wonderful award, She is so deserving of this, and I sooo want her to be awarded for everything she always does for others !! Her blog is soo beautiful,inspirational, and always a delight to read, and just go look at !! She is soo gifted at whatever she does, BUT, yet has the most humble, loving spirit inside of her !! I'm soo blessed to call her friend... Please, won't you join me in getting everyone that loves and knows my friend to just use my link provided and give sweet ~r~ a vote !! I can't stand the anticipation .. Let's all give her a big YES !! Yippee skippee and everything pink n roses to you Sweet ~r~ I LoVe my friend !!! xxoo
Hugs to you all ~tea~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Orange Circle and more pretties...

Hello my bloggy girlies... I KNOW I KNOW more Orange Circle and Country Roads, BUT, I did show you this time from the main street going in..hahaha.. I have to say, this is one of my mostest favorite stores EvEr !!! That is why I always go here !! Things are always coming in and going out !! Did ya hear me goin' out, soo if you see something you want, you have to grab it, cuz I promise it will be gone tomorrow !! So sorry these pictures are out of order, BUT, I'm not as good at this as you all are !! See my new table curio !! yep, it was sitting there waiting for me, and when our eyes connected.. well.. she jumped..yep jumped right into my already full hands.. I ran home and fixed her all pretty with all my pretties !! I've NeVer seen one this big !! It's very tall and more narrow than the others I have They are much smaller actually !! She was all painted pretty and everything.. And than, as I was skipping around this gigantic shoppe, I went to Christy Repasys space and bought this sweet framed piece of her art !! I had a day, and was soo excited to share it with you all !! I soo hope you can see all the sweetness to this wonderful favorite place of mine, and like I say, if you are Ever in towne, this is a #1 place to go on your list !! I soo just LoVe the smell of this mall too.. It always smells yummy, like pretty candles.. It gets me soo excited !! I Never seem to leave empty handed !! Ooohhh nooo.. Did I really admit that ?! It is a disease ladies, But, oohhh sooo fun !! LoVe coming home and unloading !! Did you all have a good week-end and find some sweet treasures ?! LoVe days like this !! Yippee skippee !!
All my bloggie friends, will you pretty please go to my sweet friend ~Rebecca~ at A gathering place, her beautiful blog is up for an award, and I sooo want her to win !! You can go there to vote.. I will soon have a link on mine !! She is soo talented, loving, giving, and did I say DESERVING of this !! Thanks soo much bloggies !! smooches to you all !!
May you all have a blessed, happy evening.. Keep your eyes and heart looking heavenward always.. God is GOOD !!!
Big pink hugs ~tea~xo