Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good morning to all my bloggy friends,
Thought I would do just a quick, say hello,and wishing you all well on this wonderful Saturday morning.. I'm just getting ready to head out to run those endless errands, and hopefully fit some fun shoppes in as well today !! Hoping you are all able to enjoy your day doing something pink, rosey and playful !! Gotta fit all the fun stuff in as well !! It is just down right hot and yucky here in Cali .. Hope I don't melt away.. It would be a puddle of pink tho !! hahaha..Off and running now girlies!! Have a blessed, happy, Jesus filled day no matter where you go, and what you do !! He is awesome !!
Big pink, rosey, hugs for you xxoo


  1. Hi, I just had to stop by to leave you a comment to say what a wonderful blog you have here. Interesting and creative posts, along with great pictures - perfect ! Thank you for sharing them and best wishes.. have a great weekend..

  2. 3rd time is a charm!!!

    G'afternoon, my special friend ~ I love the bun-bun's, hadn't seen this pose before. I LOVE that white vase ... antique ... brand/name? I had to enlarge the middle pics to enjoy those drizzling blings hanging off that lamp.

    Hope you find some time to relax a bit. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. You are braver than I am going out in this hot Calif. weather. I am here in Northern Cal and I don't even think the word hot begins to describe what it feels like outside. I have to laugh because I am finding more pleasure in cleaning out the hall closet and linen cupboard today than going outside in this heat.
    Hugs ~Sue

  4. Afternoon now.... Hubs & I had errands this a.m. in the pouring rain & more rain. Now it is 3:30 p.m. edt & the sun is out & beautiful!! Go figure....

  5. Hi tea!

    Loved the pretty pictures. I always enjoy looking at your pictures. You have such a pretty home with so much eye candy!
    Hope you have an awesome day and don't melt! Hugs and blessings to you! Mary

  6. Hello Tanza, what a beautiful beaded lamp! Also, I LOVE your hairstyle! I want mine to look like that... Bisous... Julie Marie

  7. Gasp...I as with you when you bought that picket fence post. Remember?


    Now I really miss you!


  8. oh tanza those pics are so sweet. hope you didnt get too hot today...
    smooches rosey

  9. I love your ... ahem... romantic bunnies. But then you know i'm a sucker for a floppied ear bun!!

    My weekend was wonderfu Ms.T~ Thank you for wishing us well. Hugs Friend. Tammy

  10. Hi Tea, it is hot here also but I have decided it is time to think about I am no longer going to think about the heat. I am kind of a rebel about some things. Ha.

    I love your sweet post. Hope you are doing well. All your comments on my blog are always so appreciated, sweet friend!

    Hugs to you, Barb

  11. AWW Love the bunnies and the Roses!! Yummo!! So Soft and pretty!!
    have a great week!

  12. Hi Tanza -
    I love those little bunnies - their position...and I'm not really a bunny gal but this little happy bunny couple is great.

    Can you believe these fires - from my house it looks like bombs exploding.

    Probably just best to stay in and blog - show us more of your home, I'll bet it's fabulous -
    Stay cool -


  13. I love those bunnies! So sweet. That white vase is beautiful too. It looks so delicate. I love all of Rebecca's 'touches' too. Her roses are so soft and pretty.

  14. You have a lovely blog and a new I am now off to read some more of your posts.

    Love & Hugs
    Duchess ♥♥♥