Monday, August 3, 2009

my jr.. high girlfriends reunion..

Well hello all my girlie girls...Gosh, again, times a flyin' by, and I just can't keep up !! I know you are all soo busy as well, soo you can understand !! I wanted to share with you what I did this past week-end.. It was soo wonderfully, surprisingly very FUN !!! My friend Bonnie, holding her puppy (baby)..hehehe..had a get together of all us girlies that hung out in jr.high school, soo I haven't seen these friends ,except her, for over 30yrs.. WHAT ?! I can hardly type that without wondering if this could really be true !! Noway !! I was kinda apprehensive about going, cuz, you know, all the different girlie personalities and all !! I didn't want to sit around and just talk and listen to everyones "glorified stories" I know this sounds terrible !! But, you know girls and the drama !! It was back then too !! BUT, I was sooo pleasantly surprised !! There was none !!
We all laughed and cracked up all night long.. My tummy even hurt when I left !! And, it's soo funny to hear what girlies remember !! I can't believe all the stories !! And, we actually laughed about all the boyfriends and that was hysterical !! We all liked the same boys, and just shared their affections, and we learned they tell stories too !! hahaha.. Darn boys !! I think that's why the girlies still fight.. over boys !! hahaha.. the stories ..oh my gosh !!
And then, things turned somewhat melancholy.. We all shared about our husbands, our children,and little bumps in the road for all of us !! Some hills compared to others.. And, then, to know how many of us are helping or caring for elderly parents .. and just making the best of our middle-aged years !! WHAT !! I kept saying I wasn't middle-aged YET !!! They would laugh, and say what are you ?! Ooohhh girlies, I'm young, nothings changed !! Plus, I still have another year to be middle-aged..RIGHT ?! And then, I came home and got ready for bed, and really looked in the mirror..okay..okay.. I AM Middle-aged !! Just hadn't realized it as of yet !! booohoooo...
So all in all, I have to say, I came home with a warm fuzzy heart, and a big tickle in it as well !! I came to realize that evening, everyone is growing up and old together and at the same time.. We all go through things, and hold onto uneasy feelings.. But, than we get to a certain age, and that's what we all learned from, and because of these growing up days, that's who we have grown up to be.. WOW !! We all loved to see each other, and enjoyed everyones company more than I can share with you !!! It was soo special and I have to say I learned alot.. yep, even in my middle-age I'm still let go of the past, don't judge, and always be open minded towards others.. I have to say, I haven't giggled like that since, well over 30 yrs.. know what I mean.. like a child..yet at the tender age of 13 and 14 I thought I knew everything !!! Ooohh... what the last 30 yrs. has brought.. hubby, children,new friends,yep, that I actually get to hand pick.. At that age we're all thrown together.. you know what I mean !! I have a new tenderness for friends.. LoVe your friends, be a friend, and listen to your friends.. not only with our ears, BUT, our hearts..If you need to forgive.. ladies forgive..if you need to let go..let go.. life is short, and good friends are few !! Let's cherish our friends, and thank the good Lord for blessing us soo wonderfully.. for friends you say..yes friends.. life is soo short..
gosh, didn't mean to ramble on, but, I feel well..kinda like I'm getting older !! Some things really don't matter at the end of the race.. God is good, and oohh soo faithful !!
Speaking of friends, I LoVe all my bloggy friends honest I DO !!
Big big hugs


  1. oh tanza what a lovely photo..i am going to my 20year reunion next month and i cannot wait!! i just know the fun we are going to have.
    everything you wrote is so true.
    smooches for a great week

  2. Tanza, What a delightful post, and I know exactly what you mean about getting older. How do you think I feel now that I'm 52, I can't even believe it. I remember being 16 and not ever thinking as fast as it went that I would get to this age. But you know what I have to take it one day at a time to have it soaked in to my head that this is it, with all the body parts starting to take effect showing of age. The pictures of all your girlfriends look great. How nice and fun to keep up with all of them like that. Now that's a treasure to hold on too keeping up with fond memories from the past.

    Take Care and have a Wonderful Day-

  3. Oh Boy, do I know what you mean about getting older!! No one was more surprised than me when we got our 40th class reunion invite in the mail. 40 YEARS?!?!?!? No Way!!
    Hubs & I were in the same class so we both got the same one!!
    We will have the next one in 10 years... it will be our 50th!! That is when those who go take stock in how many didn't make it!! LOL!!
    Hey, ya' gotta' laugh!!
    Great Post!

  4. Dear Tea... Call me strange but this Post made me cry. I wasn't close enough to ANYONE in Jr. High to have any sort of reunion. Those I managed to keep in touch with (after moving out of state) live far, far, away.

    This is a BLESSING! Beside that you look the BEST out of all of them. The rewards of good living and God-LOVING!

    I love you so much sweet friend. Glad you like my cabinet. Thought of YOU when I found it. I said "Tea AIN'T gettin' this one!" :) :) :)


  5. Aww look at your big smile!! I love it. How fun to get with your jr high friends so late in life. Most of us I don't think hold too many jr high friends as we go on in life. I know for me there are only two that I still hold near and dear. Most of my friendships are the one's forged in high school but i'm grateful for those too. It's so important to hold your true friends close and cherish them, I agree with you. Good for you. By the by, your only as old as you feel. You look great! Hugs. Tammy

  6. My darling Tea, how special you are....truly special. I am so glad you had this wonderful and special time with your friends. I have two friends that I adore from the second, I won't tell you how long ago that was. Hehehe. And, yes, we are never too old to learn.

    My mother in law attended classes called 'life long learning.' Don't you just love that name? little peep. You mean to tell me you do not have one single rooster in that beautiful home of yours? Okay.....I will cry quietly so you won't hear me. I will miss you terribly.

    You are so special, sweet girl,
    Love and hugs, Barb

  7. How sweet and fun for you!? I would love to meet up with my old friends! I have kept in touch with a few of them through the years. I wish that we could all get together like y'all did. We all live in different states now. I'm sure that we could manage to get it together somehow.
    Thanks for the sweet comments and wishing Cole a Happy Birthday.

    Lee Laurie

    P.S. You did look the prettiest!

  8. G'day, sweet Tanza ~

    What a fun, fuzzy memories & warm reuniting times you obviously had. We didn't keep up with any jr. high or high school friends as the US Navy moved us so very far away & the few we attempted to keep up with we all grew away from one another. It is wonderful that you were able to forge such long lasting loving contacts & relationships.

    I get such a kick out of you. Who got the most words in the quickest? Hugs of love, TTFN ~Marydon

  9. ohh I know the sore tummy from laughter very well!!! Awesome to hear you and the gilrs had a FAB time!!!
    Lovin the new pretties too!!!
    have a great week!!