Sunday, August 23, 2009

My high school home ec. cook book...

Hello to all of you pinky peep friends,
I sure hope this is finding you all well and happy on this beautiful, gorgeous, day..I seem to always enjoy my Sundays.. It's the only day of the week I don't feel rushed, and well ... completely crazy !! We always go to church and lunch, maybe run an errand or two and than home to do what ever I feel like doing.. Some days, NOTHING.. sounds BeSt..hahaha..
I seem to get really excited knowing Fall is not far off, and makes me want to cook and bake .. I was going through some cook books that were out, and this one always warms my heart.. It is my Betty Crocker cook book that I used in high school.. It brings back soo many memories, and good times.. I always loved to pick out a menu item, and than put it all together at school !! It made me feel so..well..homey and cozy..and yearn for the day I could do this in my home for my family.. Okay 30 yrs. later, and I'm thumbimg through the same book..Can you believe it has pink and green all over it ?! mmm.. maybe it was made just for mee !! The pictures inside are soo wonderful, it shows pretty ladies in dresses cooking meals and yummys for their families.. Actual families sitting down together for meal time.. WOW !! It's also soo fun to see what they use for ingredients.. Do you know most of the bake goods call for crisco, NOT butter, and they always SIFT dry ingredients together,to mix well, but also the sifting of air into the mixture.. It teaches me alot still..Very basic and easy.. (my kinda cooking)..It makes me realize why things we make as chocalate chip cakes and cookies don't taste the same as they used to.. We skip steps ladies, and have changed many ingredients along the way !! My belief is if your baking treats, do it the old-fashioned way, and enjoy them.. It's not like we eat these everyday Right ?!
It's been soo fun thumbing through this, this afternoon, and thought you might enjoy seeing this as well.. Did any of you sweet pinky peeps use this exact book in home ec..?! It's date of print is 1961.. I used it in 1978.. Gosh, she was old then..hahaha..
I know you are all busy and getting kiddos back to school and such as well, and I pray that all is well and good with each of you !! Hopefully you were all able to do something you LoVe to do today, and you were able just to kick your sweet, pretty tootsies up for awhile !! Praying too, that all my bloggy friends are feeling blessed and HIS LoVe is being felt in your hearts !! God is good ladies !! Blessings for a wonderful, happy week as you get back to the grind..uugghh..
Love and hugs to you all~


  1. Morning!!
    Never used that particular cookbook but have used the ring one a lot!!
    Glad you had a relaxing Sunday.... Now the beginning to another week! Hope your week is a creative one!

  2. Hi Tea, yes, I remember that book. I love to of my favorite things in this world to do. But, I especially enjoy it in the Fall. I love getting flour all over the kitchen and I just get my hands into everything. I make a dessert almost every night during the Autumn season.....oh, my look out.

    Thanks for such wonderful memories. I will miss you at the Rooster and Rebecca also. Boooohoooo.

    Love ya,

  3. Oh, you are so cute, Tea! Mine is older than yours ... chuckle!

    Alright I already did the panic attack but R told me it was just the 'rooster party' you all aren't partaking in ... whew!

    I have enough antibiotics to fix a horse, so today is a much better day, TY for your sweet thoughts, as always.

    Have a great week. Hugs of love my friend, you are so special. TTFN, Marydon

  4. Tea
    I have a Betty Crocker red and white from Macy's in NY 32 years old! It has been my staple cookbook. I have a very large collection of cookbooks but as you said for the right way and staples to the basics of cooking and baking all you need it this! Always wanted the new pink though! Thanks for God blessings upon us, he has been a tremendous healer in my life on multiple levels. Love, Lori

  5. Hi T, I have two cookbooks that I hold dear to my heart. One my daughter gave to me not to long ago. She wanted me to always have a plate ready when she visited. She loves my cooking and i've been putting together a recipe card box for my granddaughter. I'll give it to her as part of her hope chest.

    The second was given to me by my son who loves to cook as much as I do. Thank goodness I passed down a skill to him that is ever useful always. He is actually a fantastic cook.

    Both give for the same reason even though both of my kids can cook very well. :)

    I have a third cookbook I purchased through my church. The grange cookbook. It has been used more than any other book in my home by all. I love it too. It has the most fattening but sinfully good recipes like mississippi mud cake, sinful cheescake and so on... oh my....

    Love this post!

  6. BWAAAAAA!!! YEah that's it.. it's the jacket.... hehehehe your too funny T. He does look so handsome in it doesn't he. So regal and proud as is the rest of the RSNation!! Back home we call it "ball busting" ... your good... real good!


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