Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some new pink pressies for meee...

Well hello, and happy Summer Days to all my fun lovin' pinky peep friends,
I sure hope you're all doing well, and enjoying the last half of our Summer.. Can you EvEn believe how fast !!! WOW !! I guess because I'm able to kick up my heels a bit, and move at a slower pace.. well, kinda, just busy doing other things.. A little more fun than usual !! Well, I just had to show you all my latest pretties from no other than the infamous Ms. ~r~..
I was soo excited to get this gigantic package from fed ex.. I lucked out too, cuz it came Wed., on my day off, and I have such a ritual when I get a package.. I have to sit down somewhere comfortable, and undo everything one at a time.. You have to understand, when you get something from Rebecca, it's kinda like Christmas !! She individually wraps each item, with a pretty pink bow, and they all smell so yummy !! Everything, everytime, and one by one, I unwrap, and oohh and aaahh.. yep, all by myself.. I get soo excited !! I set them up and around me, and than for the next day or so, I kinda play house, and fit them all somewhere just perfect !!
Remember when she painted and shared this table, WELL, I quickly claimed this, and boy am I glad I did !! It's soo pretty !! It's a pie shape table, already painted up with the best roses ever !! And, see, the new spicejars,and caddy.. yep !! All pink and pretty too !! I adore glass bottles, and know I will put these out and about with all my others !! The rack is adorable, and I can certainly find a use for the rack as well, seperate from the bottles !! Maybe in my bathroom or near my vanity, filled with perfume bottles..mmmm.. sooo many ideas !! I know I get carried away with my pink pretties.. BUT, well.. I just can't contain myself !! It's such pretty pink fun stuff !!
I've put the table in my darlin' daughters room for now, and it looks lovely in there.. I wish my picture taking was better !! Someday...
But, I'm sure you get the idea what it all looks like, BUT, I promise, sooo much prettier in person !! You all have to hop over, and pick up your pink pretty from ~r~.. Such a treat, and I know you will be as excited as mee !!! Sooo much fun !!!
Again, I hope and pray you are all doing well, and your spirits happy and carefree !! Keep lookin' keeps our load so much lighter !! God is GOOD and eVer sooo faithful !!
Love and Big hugs to you all ..


  1. I love your pretties T!! I too like the table very much. The edging is what catches my eye. Love the jars too! Blessings to you friend. Tammy

  2. Dear Sweet Tea... that I see how sweet it all is I'm thinking I really want that table BACK! Please box it up in the same box I sent it to you in and when I get it back I'll promptly refund your money! :) :) :)


    I LOVE HOW IT LOOKS. My fav piece ever!


  3. Before I read your post I looked at the pictures first and I KNEW right away where your pretties came from. I am so very fortunate and blessed to own one of her travel cases. I love her work. And we just love her to pieces too, don't we!
    Hugs to you sweetie!

  4. Hi dear Tea, all your pretties are soooo pretty! That Rebecca is one talented lady! Yes, summer is flying past, isn't it? Truthfully, I'm not too unhappy about that. Ha. I love, love Fall.

    So glad you liked my studio....I will try and not mess it up again. :-)

    Love to you, sweet girl,

  5. oh tanza they are all so YOU! i will have to pop my name in rebeccas giveaway and cross everything i have :)
    smooches rosey

  6. Hi Tea firstly a huge thank you for your lovely comment & your prays..... I am lucky to have 2 of Miss Rebecca's creations a Xmas stocking & the post stunning pink Xmas decorations her work is just so beautiful is a pity I live so far away the postage kills it I'm afraid. Wishing you a great weekend...

    Lyn xxx

  7. Everything is so-o-o-o Beautiful!! Rebecca's work is sensational!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  8. Love love love all your pink pretties!!!! That table is to die for. I absolutely am in love with Rebecca's roses. So sweet and pretty!!! Love it all!! Hope your weekend is a wonderful one!
    ♥ Teresa

  9. Soooo pretty I love the storage piece!!

  10. Very sweet, I'm sure she loved it. I can see why it seemed like Christmas to you.

    Doing some blog walking and found my way here. Always fun to meet new folks.

    Hope you'll swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out.


  11. Hi Tanza -

    Thank you so much for your very kind comforting words - I really appreciate you.

    Looks like you got a fabulous loot - enjoy each piece. How lucky for you that your favorite artist is such a special friend.

    Thanks Again, Tanza, it's so cool to have such thoughtful blog friends -

    Take Care -