Thursday, June 25, 2009

sweet inspirations for meee..

Well Happy Thursday to you all !! Can you believe the end of the week is once again upon us !! It just zips by..Yesterday I was off work, and soo this is when I turn my music on and clean.. Everyone was gone, and I had the house to myself !! I do soo much better and get more done when everyone is out and about!! I kept noticing all my sweet inspirational signs, and thought I would share these !! I have some friends in Orange, that sell these in their shoppes..I'm always adding to these, for every season, I usually change some out, and add some new !! For all of you that know me, know I LoVe my Lord and Savior with all my heart !! It is HIM and HIM alone that carries me through each day, and believe me, I need to be reminded of his Love and Mercy for me daily.. When I'm feeling overwhelmed,tired,and sometimes like my joy has gone away.. It's little reminders like these, that show me where to go for comfort..I also tuck little favorite bible verses in secret spots.. LoVe to pull these out and read them too..Always pertains to what I'm needing and really do lift my Spirits !! I always try to remember, it's us that moves from HIM.. He will never leave us !! How comforting is that !!
Well my girlies, I hope you're all able to do something that tickles your heart today, and brings you some joy !! Keep your eyes and hearts looking heavenward.. and He will comfort you !! Happy Day to you all !!
huggers ~tea~xo


  1. I love your amazing grace and faith hope love signs. They are so pretty. I've just in the last couple months started to think about what I want for signs and pictures in my home. You just gave me an idea for an 8ft plank of the most beautiful knotty pine. I think i'll pickle it, then burn a saying into. Thank you my dear friend, thank you! I too am in love with Our Lord and my walk each day is bringing me closer. Thank you for always sharing a part of you with the Lord.

  2. Hello tea! Your signs are just wonderful. I think my favorite is the Pretty Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace is one of my favorite songs. We are never beyond God's amazing grace. Love all the pretties also shown in your pics. Now can we get Romantic Homes or Romantic Country to feature your home? I know it would be a beautiful article!
    Hugs and blessings to you! Mary

  3. I love all of them and my favorite is 'Pretty Amazing Grace'. I bet I know who painted it! Thanks for the sweet comments earlier. About "The Boxcar Children", it was my favorite when I was little and I think that it was a big inspiration for me as for as decorating,etc. When I read what you said about it, I just smiled and too! lol I also remember how they would store their milk,etc. in the creek to keep it cold. Talking about being thrifty! I know that they didn't have a choice. I don't remember too much more about it. I'm going to read it to my son soon. Oh and I didn't know that it was a series. That is the only one that I saw when I was little.
    Have a great night.

    Lee Laurie

  4. What a great idea to scatter these little inspirations around to "jog" us to reality!!
    If you haven't been to my blog I am having a 3 day quickie give-away!!

  5. I love all your little signs, and what an inspiring way to just place them everywhere like that. I love your visit and love visiting you, I always get so inspired. Happy Friday!
    ♥ Teresa

  6. Sweet Signs, Tea!

    Promise to write soon! I'm missing you!


  7. Check out this free paint offer, T. Love your signs, TTFN ~Marydon

  8. Hi Tea, I love your signs....they are so sweet and help us to focus on what is important, don't they?

    I have several that I put out in the Fall and at Christmas.

    Hope your weekend is lovely and fun!!

    Love and hugs, Barb

  9. Oh lovely! What sweet reminders. I love them!


  10. Love your signs.
    not reading posts, just enjoying pics.
    did you paint them??


    barbara jean