Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my pretty lil'note box...

Hi my sweet little bloggy girlies,
Hope your Wednesday was a wonderful middle of the week day.. Whew.. I've made it half way through.. It really goes soo fast sometimes.. It's always my day off, I LoVe this, cuz I can't work more than 2 days in a row.. Too much for meee...hahaha.. I would way rather be out to lunch and shopping..hehehe..I was good today and stayed home and got alot done here.. Went first thing this morning tho, and had to get a little pink mani and pedi.. My Wed.. ritual, to breakfast, than home..than not tempted to spend money.. oohhh darn, I do try to be good...
I sat and wrote thank-you notes to family and friends for Taylors graduation, he does this as well, but I too like to say my thank-you's, for them taking their time and all to come and make him feel sooo special..Sooo, I decided to share my sweet lil' writing desk to you.. I really don't, at this point in my life, have a special writing desk (big one) to use.. i'm all out of room.. But, someday.. yes..I will.. I truly LoVe pretty paper and notecards,and stickers.. you know all the stuff that makes special notes..Now, I have this sweet writing lap desk to put some of my collection in.. I write on the top of it, and everything I need is right here..Ooohh.. need I even say who made this lil' vintage writing table for mee.. You guessed it.. ~sweet ms. r @ AGP~.. and see the bill collector from her as well.. It holds my stamps and return labels,pens, and yuck..BILLS..This is always out on my counter, hoping (praying) that some sweet visitor would pick up one or two to pay..hahaha..wouldn't that be nice?! NEVER happens...just wishful , dreaming thoughts... This lil' holding box makes them all look sooo much sweeter..don't you think..Well my sweet boggies, LoVe sharing things I LoVe with each of you, and I soo LoVe visiting and seeing all your sweet treasures as well.. It's all so fun to mee.. Hoping and praying that the rest of your week is totally, and richly blessed.. Don't forget to be a blessing as well.. God is always good, and yes, sooo faithful !!
Love and huggers to each of you~tea~xo


  1. This beautiful piece would surely make paying bills a little easier wouldn't it. And the writing box, I'd love to find one of those. I've always told myself I will get one day and do a paper mache' on it. Lovely as always to you pretties.

  2. Hi Tea! Sweetie your little writing table is just so darn sweet! I just love everything about and in your home, it's gorgeous. Congratulations on Taylor's graduation, and grats too on getting the tv out of your bedroom. I would love for ours to be out too, but I can't see that happening. I just pick my battles.......then go shopping! mawhaha! lol Thanks for the well wishes too sweetie. Have a wonderful day!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  3. Oh you filled my heart with pinkness again! When you find that person who will take a bill or two tell them I would love to share too! LOL I love stationary since years and years ago! Like 40! I too need to send out some notes thanks for reminding me! Lori

  4. Hey my partner in pink crime, love love love your sweet pink stationary and accesories!! Rebecca's work is just gorgeous!!! I just noticed the little Love Is with you and her shopping it up, WAY to cute!!! Hope you're having a wonderful week girlie girl!
    ♥ Teresa

  5. So Beautiful & it could make paying bills easier. I have a lap writing desk that I painted & I love writing letters on it while in bed.... Makes me feel elegant!! LOL!!
    Any Hoo... Have a wonderful day!!

  6. I remember this lap top desk, Rebecca did an
    exquisite creation for you. Your setting, notes, fabrics are exquisite ... but what else would one expect ... your taste & decor is impeccable! Sweet as you, T.

    I, too, write TYs as well as the wee ones ... such a thoughtful personal touch for the giver. TTFN ~Marydon

  7. Hi Tea, you sweetie pie! I love your lap desk...just so adorable. I love desks, Tea, and my friends tease me because I have them everywhere in my home. There is something so calming about a desk.....time to sit and reflect and yes, write out bills...yucky!

    I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend. Dream pink and fluffy dreams.

    Hugs and love, Barb

  8. Hi Tea, oh my, that writing desk is so pretty and so you! I have some of those same RA stationary pieces. I love writing and sending letters and notes and I have a serious addiction to pretty stationary and writing supplies. That is so sweet that you send a thank you in addition to Taylor's. It is sure to make the givers feel so appreciated. Tea, I love seeing pictures of your home. Now really, you must share a pic of your frig. Inquiring eyes are dying to see how you have accessorized the top! Hugs and God's special blessings to you.

  9. I'm thinkin' you NEED to send this BACK to me so I can give that box a re-paint with my NEW style of sweet pink roses...

    I think I would have to devote a year to repainting all your things if you wanted it done. You don't, do you? I pray not.... ONly the really FABULOUS STUFF!

    Love you...thank you for the sweet phone call yesterday...God is good and faithful.

    Huggers are sent your way...


  10. I love all of it! I love to write on pretty stationary too. People don't seem to write letters as much anymore. I love writting them and getting them in the mail! I have my little desk all stocked up with different types of papers. Rebecca's roses are very pretty.

  11. how beautiful are they & I really have to take my hat off to you Sweet Lady for actually sitting down & writting *thank you* notes. I have one of those writing desks that I painted years ago when I painted, nowhere near as pretty though & your writting paper is just 2die4.
    Hope you have a great weekend

    Lyn xxx

  12. Pretty feminine stationary is so much fun. Even when I make ebay payments (no Paypal) to men, they often comment on the flowery cards or paper.
    Love your collection.

  13. Having it all so pretty makes it easier to want to write more. Talk about easy you would be the perfect person to buy for. At our church we have this prayer partner thing where we pick names. We get a person that we pray and buy things for throughout the year. To bad I couldn't have someone like you to buy for. I would certainly enjoy every minute of it just to see your response.

    Many Blessing to you-

  14. Buonasera Tanza, thank you for stopping by Mammabellarte and all the compliments. Christie just started doing the bottles for one of her show the "Glitterfest" in Tustin. I do sell from my workshop in Rainbow and I teach soldering classes. Once a month I sell a la Maison Rustique in Temecula (we are close in July). Always check back my blog for any shows that I am doing. Christie is usually doing the Flea Market a la Maison and if you are interested to sell Flea Market style e-mail me for more info. Ciao for now