Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my lil' tea cart...

Well Happy Wonderful Wednesday my sweet girly girls,
I always feel so guilty cuz I haven't been a very good bloggy friend as of late.. But, I think of you all, and visit often, honest I do.. But, when I have things I have to do..gotta get it all done.. Ooohh.. I hate having so many responsibilities...hahaha.. I also have taken up painting ALL my frames around my home to cottage white.. ALL because of Rebecca inspiring me again.. She would always say I CAN do this.. And you know what I CAN.. Each one I do becomes easier, and I become a bit more creative.. Soooo noone wants to stay in one place to long, or I may take up to painting them anew as well.. A little cottage white, and than I rub some gold with my lil' towel.. I'm truly having a ball doing this, and will share my wall of pics when I'm done !! Very fun !!
Today I thought I would share my lil' teacart, I cleaned this all up, and just put it all back together again.. It's very old and vintagey, and my friend Grace painted this one up for mee.. Sweet ~r~ is to far to do my BIG pieces..If you look real close you will always find my sweet ~r~ pieces.. There is soo many, and I scatter them about !! LoVe and adore each piece..I LoVe sharing with you all.. You are ALL so talented and blessed in soo many ways..You truly ALL inspire me in many different ways.. Soo keep sharing and showing.. LoVe all the tidbits from you !! Remember we are all soo blessed, and be thankful for all the good in our lives.. Keep your eyes and hearts heavenward always, and keep me inspired..I LoVe all my bloggy girls, honest I do !! Have a happy rest of your day .... huggers ~tea~xo


  1. Sweet! Now...I've NEVER seen the CART! Wonderful! Yes, I'm addicted to painting everything Cottage White. Softer and sweeter than JUST PLAIN WHITE Girls!!!!! Trust me/us on this one. asked me in an email WHICH one of the "LOVE IS..." girls is you and which one is me? The cuter one is YOU! :)

    Loved chatting yesterday. I'm off to run around. Hubby will be BACK HOME in only a little over two days. YIPPPEEEE SKIPPPEEE!

    xoxoxooxoto the moon and back again...

    Your forever friend, Reb

  2. OMG... That is Beautiful BUT psssst... I have a good place for it in my house!! tee Hee..:-)

    I just Love it all.... Your home is an inspiration to me!!


  3. Oh I love your cart!! We saw one that was metal at our local shoppe and I thought, now that would be useful. It's on four wheels and in great shape. Maybe if there later in the month. Hmmm... Yes I too have been painting everything. So much so I had to seek out color on the net. I love my whites and such but I think I had eye floaters... ewe.. i don't like those. I had to get my eyes right again. Now i'm ready for more.

    Did she get it yet??? How did she like it tea???? Hugs friend.

  4. Delightfully dexquisite design & awesome remake of tea cart ... it is breathtakingly beautiful, Tanza. I love your home, an inspiration you are ... TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. It is very pretty. You have it dressed up so pretty. I love all of your pretty things. I love the teacup painted on it too.
    Hugs to you,
    Lee Laurie

  6. Dear Tea, it is so good to see you...I miss you so much but know you are a busy little bee.

    Your teacart is just plain adorable. I love teacarts and would have one in every room if I could get away with it. Ha. Yours is so sweet and special. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Your positive attitude is a blessing to me.

    Sending you big hugs!!!!!

  7. Tanza
    Hi doll we love you too! I want a tea cart now too! Oh I could fill it with all my faux cakes!! This weekend I have also started painting white, I have put off for a year due to back surgery and now I'm a going!! Will share my pics soon! Lori

  8. Tea sweetie, you never cease to amaze me with all the gorgeous things in your home and the way you put it all together. Love it! Have a wonderful day sweet friend!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  9. Hello Tanza, Lets see what do I comment on - you have so many pretty things in your pictures. But the tea cart caught my eye- very lovely. I could kick myself not taking the one my mom use to have years ago. Just never thought of painting it back then.

    I'm looking forward seeing all the painted frames-

    Take care-

  10. Hi Tea!

    What a thrill it must be for Miss Rebecca to see all her things in your home. Good for you and your cottage white paint! You go girl! I will never stop being astonished at what a coat of paint will do for something. It's amazing. I'm glad you decided to go for it. Your "TEA" cart is just too cute too!

    Blessings and hugs,

  11. Oh Tea how stunning is your tea trolley & of course yah just gotta love white... looking forward to seeing all the frames you have been painting. How are you sweet???

    Lyn xxx

  12. I don't know how I missed your post on Wednesday, but better late than never right? I love love love your pretty tea cart and all the treasures it holds. Beautiful. Hope you're having a lovely Summer!! You must be busy busy!
    ♥ Teresa

  13. I LOVE your teacart! And the decor on it is to die the cloches. Your creative ideas are always soooo inspiring:-)