Wednesday, May 27, 2009

well loved sweet chairs..

Well hello and Wonderful Wednesday my sweet girly girls... Gosh, it just seems I can't keep up with this bloggy thing.. I soo miss chatting and catching up with you all..I do try to do drop-in's tho.. yikes..that sounds frightning..hahaha.. I have to stay caught up with you tho, and my life just is in circles right now, I soo try to slow down, and just relax when I can.. Soo, I thought I'ld show you what I've been doing.. I've always been drawn to old chairs..There is something sweet and dainty about most of them.. Their legs are so graceful, and the backs of them soo sweetly designed.. All a bit different.. and oohh so cottagey.. I give them all a coat or two of my favorite Cottage White paint, and have sweet friends grace them with painted designs.. It adds such a personalized touch as well..Sweet ~r~ is glad she doesn't live just a drive away, I would be at her doorstep daily with some sweet find for her to makeover..She truly is an inspiration to me, and I LoVe her painting the best.. But, I do LoVe my sweet chairs.. I soo am in LoVe with that gently used..well loved look, and I often find myself pondering on who or where my finds were before I found them..I soo hope you enjoyed another look into my little pink cottagey world, and hope you are all finding sweet treasures that you adore as well..Take time to enjoy quiet alone times, and be able to enjoy your blessings.. God is good, and oohh.. ever so faithful.. Love you all and trying to keep up and slow down..hugs to each of you this Wonderful Wednesday


  1. Awww... so cute! I too have a love of small chairs. Mine are for the bunnies they will hold. Some are big enough for a small child. I still have to make my pretty cushions and tie backs for them but that will come in time. I love the hat on the one chair. How sweet. And, of course, peeking at the rest of your items is always like a mini treasure hunt.


  2. Hi Tea!!!! Girl, I am so happy to see you post. Your chairs are so sweet. Your entire home must be such a gentle and inviting place.

    I have several children's chairs that I would love to post about someday.

    Thank you so much for your kind remarks at Bella Vista. You are a treasure, Tea...a true and remarkable spirit!!!!

    Big sunny hugs!!!!! Barb

  3. TY for your note, T. You are right & we do have a good young man ... but oh, those growing pains. Yuck!

    Love the chairs, they are simply adorable. I love popping over to view your latest ...

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Hello tea, I am always happy to see a new post on your blog. Your chairs are just adorable, love the little bluebirds. They look similar to the bluebirds on your shelf. Painted by the same artist? I do believe I could look at your home for hours, so sweetly decorated and pretty! You can always post more pictures!! You are right, God is so good, all the time, and faithful. I am so glad I found your blog. You are delightful and such a sweet inspiration of God's goodness!

  5. I knew you were just busy so I patiently wait for a post from you. ;) Your chairs are so pretty and dainty looking, and I too love those little bluebirds of yours. They are tooooo sweet!!! Have a beautiful evening, and slow down a little. ;)
    ♥ Teresa

  6. So cute!!! I love the little bird on the last one!

  7. Your chairs are so pretty, I love old chairs too but I don't have any room for more furniture so I always have to restrain myself. Almost everything I get I paint it just looks better that way.
    Life can get very busy and it is hard to post sometimes but I always enjoy when you do. Have a wonderful day.

  8. They are precious and I just love the bluebirds! Been missing you!
    Lee Laurie

  9. Hello Tea, No need to explain about absences and not keeping up, I am in the same boat.
    Your chairs are georgeous. I love the idea of different chairs matching with paint and artwork.
    You are soooo talented. Love the bluebird - so sweet.

  10. TY, T for your comments ... I love the Lord deeply ... is there any other news than FOX News? You are a chuckle I enjoy ... TTFN ~ Marydon

    Don't you have an email? I didn't see it.

  11. Oh Tea, your chairs are just gorgeous both you and your friend have done a beautiful job on them, the little blue bird is adorable!
    I also want to thank you for taking the time to visit with me especially when your so busy and I love and appreciate your sweet encouraging comments, you have such a beautiful heart, thank you!
    Have a lovely day filled to overflowing with His outrageous love.

  12. What a lovely and charming collection of painted chairs. I love them all.

  13. Those are adorable! I love the art work on them! I can see why you love them!

    hugs, Sharon

  14. Hello Sweet bubbly Tanza, I'm crazy about chairs too, your chairs are decorated SO CUTE and I also see a pillow I like as well. You are so fortunate to have someone near by to do the art work on them.

    I have a confession to make- I'm sort of glad when people don't post everyday. It gives me time to catch up with everybody because I know I'm not the everyday blogger myself. It just makes things easier for me..

    Have a Wonderful Day my friend-

  15. Adorable chairs for precious angels.I love painting cottage chairs,there is just something so charming about them.

  16. Oh the chair with the little blue bird!....That just makes me smile!....well, it all does, but that chair is my fav.


  17. My friend CeeKay from Thinkin' of Home sent me to come explore your blog. She says you're my lost twin! Seriously, just as C thought, I do love your pretty pink blog filled with cottage pretties! I'll be back another day to see more - in fact, I'll add you to my favorites list! Have a beautiful weekend...Kathy