Monday, May 11, 2009

~~sweet haviland dishes~~

Hi my sweet bloggy girls,
Hope you all had a marvelous Monday.. Mine is always marvelous once I've made it through a Monday.. Wheeeewh..especially after such a busy,fun week-end..I really pray that all you Mommas had a very special,relaxing day..I really did, and they all made me feel soo special and loved..I just wanted to share,some of my pretty Haviland collection.. I got two more pretty teacups to add to my ever-growing collection for Mothers Day !! I LoVe now that my children are older, they go out and seek something that they know I truly adore !! Believe me when I tell you that they are good at this.. I've trained their eyes well..hahaha..Haviland, for all you that aren't familiar with them, are simply gorgeous.. Very fine old China.. Soo thin, that when held to the light, you can almost see through them..All kinds of pretty pink rose patterns, but I mix them all together, and they just blend beautifully..Nothing better than sipping tea from one of these sweet teacups.. I display so much of mine, but think nothing of using each piece.. A table set with these dishes is just so sweeet and pretty..I LoVe the butter pats, and am always picking these up.. Soooo little, and useful.. I like to think about who once owned my pretties, and where they have been and come from.. Oooohhh.. if our teasures could only talk..But, know matter what, I adore each piece, and hopefully take good care of them, just like their previous owners..It's funny, cuz when I'm out at any sweet shoppe, my eyes are always drawn to these pieces..They're getting so pricey now, so I try to look for a reasonable prices ..Well, hope you enjoyed looking, I think it's fun to see what all us girlie girls collect..Do any of you collect these as well ?! You'll have to share.. Okay, hope your having a restful,relaxing evening, and I'll share more soon.. Love you all to pink pieces.. hugs ~tea~xo


  1. I must confess... I saw little tiny dishes such as your pats but did not know what purpose they served. So, I asked. I'm never embarrassed to ask a question but boy did a couple of the women think I came from under a rock. I told her, when you grow up with 9, yes 9 brothers, butter pats are the last thing we talked about in our house. Then I realized how proper they must make one feel when in use. You could also use them for your tea bag placement if you can't find any pretty tea bag dishes. I love your china. It's so soft and pretty!!

  2. Hi Tammy, I hope you see this, cuz I soo have to giggle when you said that about asking questions..I'm always asking about things that I have know idea what they are used for.. Soo have you ever seen those little moon shaped dishes ?! Well , I asked what they were used for and was told they were chicken bone plates..They sit at the top of your dinner plate, and that's what goes on them.. WHAT?! we always left our bones on our dinner plates.. oohh well.. I learned something new !! hahaha.. So always good to ask questions.. Thanks for the note.. ~tea~

  3. OOOOOh and Awwwwww, gorgeous tea!! So pretty and delicate!!! I adore them!! What a lucky girl that you've trained the family to pick out exactly what you love! lol!! I'm working on that one. ;) Thank you for the great comments yesterday!! I hope you a wonderful day!! oh and btw I'm always asking questions too and thanks to you now, I have some lovely lavender growing....which I'm addicted to now btw AND have to get some more!! ♥ Teresa

  4. Hi Ya'!
    Loved the post.... I inherited a set of the blue flowered Haviland dishes. They had come down from my Great Aunts Estate, to Grandma, to my Mom & now to me. I keep them on display in my china cabinet. Love them!
    Have a Great Day!!

  5. Hi Tea,
    I have been collecting old dishes for a while now. I mix them up also. I think that I have a few Haviland pieces. I have 3 chester drawers full of old 'rosey' china. I'm planning on making a china wreath and a china swag with some of them. I saw them on someone's blog and they are beautiful. If you want to know what blog, just let me know. I think you would really love it too. Your dishes look so soft and shabby. Thanks for the sweet comments about my little boy.

    Lee Laurie

  6. Hi dear Tea, I love your dishes and yes, I have friends who collect these. They are so delicate and dainty and yes, they are getting very pricey but that shows lots of people are collecting, right?!

    Simply lovely!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

    Love and hugs, Barb

  7. Good morning, Sweet Tea...

    I love Haviland! I don't mind AT ALL if you share some of yours with me! :)

    I have a little package ready (albeit late) for you! It is for your birthday that was on the 5th. Sooooo sorry it's taken me so long to get ready... I hope you LOVE IT!


  8. Hi Tanza, I like what you said about your kids being on the look out for things for you. I used to run into so many different things for my mom, and I knew she would love it. Our taste were pretty much the same. Your dishes are beautiful, I love the old dishes with the roses on it. I bought quite a few awhile back that cost me a lot of money, but it was well worth it at a antique store.

    Enjoy your day-

  9. Hi tea, you always have the prettiest pictures and sweetest posts. You china is so pretty! Like you, I love to think of who owned my pretty china, along with lots of other vintage things, before I came to have them. I just love using my vintage china and I also love washing them. Hope your evening is wonderful!!

  10. Tea, I miss you.....where are you my little one?

    Hugs, hugs, Barb

  11. Hi Tea what a stunning china collection & its great that you use it. For years I have been collecting *Burleigh* Calico china, sadly because of my real gruddy old sink I have mine packed away it just loves chipping & breaking anything that goes near it! Putting a new kitchen in sometime this year with a new sink so it can all come out of hiding. Pleased you had a great Mothers day oh before I forget your birthday is the day before my hubbies!

    Lyn xxx