Sunday, May 31, 2009

pretty pink shells..

Well hello to all my sweet pinky friends..
Hope this finds you all doing well, and able to enjoy your Spring, almost Summer days.. I get soo in the mood for Summer, especially here in Sunny Southern California.. Everything seems to turn to the beach, ocean, bbqs', and bon fires.. You can almost smell it in the air..There is something so wonderful about this.. I think because we can all slow down and enjoy each day more now.. Days are soo much longer, and there is always soo much to do.. (fun times)..
Soo it's at this time of year, I pull out my sea shells, and starfish, and make pretty lil'bowls full of sweet smelling salts, and shells.. I put them in all the rooms, just to remind us it's Summer Time.. Of course, I find all pink shades, and throw in some sagey green ones.. I put them in all my lil' haviland dishes, and pretty crystal ones..I really enjoy looking at them.. Also, I had to show you all the pretty vase my daughter got me for my birthday, it's pink with pretty roses.. I put it right by my bed, soo I see it all the time.. Sooo sweet of her, and look, how they know what we LoVe.. Well, again, I pray all is going well with each of you, and you're all able to slow down and enjoy this time of the year a bit !! Here's blowing cool ocean air to you, and pretty sunsets..Take time to create something you LoVe.. It's so relaxing too.. Blessings and love to you, all my bloggy pinky friends... Big Hugs as always ~tea~xo


  1. So pretty and so beachy looking. I wish I was at the beach today. I love all of your pink! Have a great day!

  2. So-o-o-o-o Pink & Summery Beautiful!! We are still cool... tonight we may be looking at a frost! I am so tired of cold weather!!
    Love your post... It brightened my day!!

  3. Dear Sweet Tea...

    Boy am I missin' you!

    Love the the the freshness of it all.

    I love the beach. Of all the things I miss about living and growing up in Southern Cali it is the seashore. They don't exist in Oklahoma, you know?

    When I visit next will you promise to go with me? I always feel so close to God when I visit the ocean...sniff sniff sniff.

    Promise to write more soon.

    Love you most!


  4. Lovely arrangements/settings ... when we lived in HA & CA I, too, loved the beaches. The serenity of the soothing waves, clamoring toward the shores, kissing the sand ... I write best when near water. TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. TY, T ~ please feel free to share with your friends ... the word needs to get out. I deeply appreciate your words. IH, TH ... TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Oh Tea your shells and everything are just so pretty and beachy and summery. I love love love it all. I want to come play at the beach with you, I think I could be there in like three days. LOL!! I remember visiting Monterrey Beach when I was a little girl visiting my Grandmother in California and I remember we picked up a box full of shells!! What fun, and I love your pink and green!! Have a wonderful wonderful evening.
    ♥ Teresa

  7. I've always declared the two things I miss most about my East Coast is the Ocean and the Mountains.

    My daughter brought me back some huge conch shells. I'll have to take pics of them. They are so pretty and I swear i can hear my beloved ocean in them.. even if only in my daydreams.

  8. Hi Tea, everything is so sweet and pretty!!!! Soft......!!

    I like the long days of summer so my hubby and I can have dinner on the porch and sit and talk till after romantic!

    I hope you enjoy every day of this summer.

    Hugs, sweet girl,

  9. Oh, dear Tanza ~ TY. I was pretty tickled that the magazine asked to do an article on me & my feedsacks. TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. Thank you for visiting me at my blog. I love your shells. I love nothing more than hunting for them at the beach and then closely looking at my finds because they are so beautiful. I always wonder how old they are. They are truly one of God's wonder's.
    Have a glorious evening.
    Blessings, Susan

  11. Interesting blog you have here!
    You clearly love pink and all the pretty things... yes, summer in California must be nice! Just returned from northern Lapland, it was surprisingly warm, in spite of the ice on the lakes... but the wind chill factor next to the Arctic ocean was still really, really noticable...! so a long time before it becomes summer-like up there!

  12. Ahhh so wonderful to visit a pink princess like myself!! Just love any and everything you pink post about!! Now I have a pink cofee maker too! Yippee for me! Lori

  13. LOVE your shells.....and your pinks! AND that blue box. Ohhhhhh......that is sooooo pretty!

    Everything is delish!


  14. Hi, I came over from Kelly at Rose Vine Cottage. Oh your Blog is adorable! I'm in such a pink mode these days and love to decorate with shells too. You arranged everything so beautifully!
    Sincerely, Jannet