Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my old green utencils...

Hi my sweet pinkilicious girly girls.. I bet you thought I fell off this pink planet of mine.. BUT.. Nooo, I'm alive and kicking pink still.. I've just been well.. sooo busy and a bit overwhelmed with my to-do list, instead of shrinking, it kept growing, and I have just been all over, trying to catch up.. It is the end of the school year, and there is just so much happening, one event after the other.. Today I stayed home and cleaned and baked, and it gave me an idea to share with you.. Something else I LoVe, What.. I LoVe something else?! Of course girlys, I do !! It is my collection of green colored utencils, and anything to go with my pink in the kitchen..There is hardly a piece I pass up, or gets by me..I try to get gently used, soo I can use for the most part.. There is something sweet about using something, that some sweet lady (hopefully sweet), used with LoVe for her family..I actually appreciate somethings passed down from others, and wonder about its' past.. Just LoVe all my collections.. Does any of my sweet blogging friends collect old utencils.. I have sooo many, but don't want you to think I'm over the top ?! hahaha..Yikes, oohh.. I try to be sooo good...Well, I've missed you all soo much, and thanks for ALL your sweet notes.. Let me know what you LoVe !!! LoVe and big huggers to you ALL !!! xxoo hugs ~tea~


  1. Hi Tea sweetie! I absolutely adore your kitchen and all your utensils and appliances. Is that a pink coffee maker I see???? Gorgeous as always. Have a wonderful day sweet friend!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  2. Loving your Vintage kitchen items! look FAB in your kitchen!! and ahh a pink coffee machine GORGEOUS!!

  3. They are so sweet. I see these all the time at my local jaunt. I've often thought of collecting the red ones. I'm drawn to the red naturally so that would be my color. Some you get for a real steal and others are a pretty penny. Good to see you back on.

  4. Dear Tea...

    I truly thought you might have left us all forever! I was about to say "Come Back, Tea, Come Back!" (you know, like the movie Shane?)

    Love your kitchen. I'm just waiting for an invite and I'm on the next plane OUT! Do you hear me! :)

    I've been a missin' you girly!


  5. Ooooooh you do have a pink coffee maker wow never seen one over here. Something about pink & green together just love it & you have some great utencils they go beautifully with Miss R's beautiful creations.
    Want to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog & confirming for me I am doing the right think I really appreciate it.
    Have a great day sweet

    Lyn xxx

  6. oh my is that a crocheted pot holder?? how sweet all of your treasures are, just like you!

  7. I knew you were probably busy, end of school time is crazy here too!! whew!!! I love love love your utensils. I collected them along time ago, but quit and they're long gone, but yours are very pretty!! Is that a little metal spice container I spy all pretty and pink? It looks like Ms. Rebecca's handywork, am I right? That is adorable too!!! and very clever!!! Love your pretties as always my pink soul sista!! LOL :) Have a super day!!
    ♥ Teresa

  8. Such a beautiful collection. You can never have too much of a good thing!! LOL!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Those are perfect to go with your pink things. I love pink and green together. I remember my granny having those when I was little.

    Lee Laurie

  10. Hi Tea!! Well, it is good to see you back and posting. We miss you. I love your pretty. Yes, I have a lot. My husband can't seem to pass them up...he is always buying them and my kitchen is overflowing.

    Sending you hugs and love, Barb

  11. Hi TEA!

    Oh yes! I see lots and lots of the sweet work of Rebecca your green utensils too......It must be so exciting for Rebecca to see her delish things in someone else's home.

    Warm blessings,

  12. Tea, I love those old utensils. They are hard to find now. I think my fav is the measuring cup with the handle. Love it. I see lots of pretty pink roses, Rebecca's beautiful work? You both are such sweeties and your blogs are favorites of mine. Love all the pretty pictures of your beautiful home.

  13. Hey Tea, it is so nice to visit you again. I did not notice you had been absent, because I TOO have been playing hooky from blogland.
    I also love vintage green utensils (one of my fav ebay searches). In fact, your last pic - minus the pink- could have been taken in my kitchen. I had my utensils displayed on hatracks painted white in my San Antonio house.
    My new old house has no cabinet or counter space so I display them on a Christmas tree in December.

  14. Hello Tea, can I call you Tea? I'm pleased to meet you and view your beautiful blog. I hopped over from the loveleigh Amanda's blog.
    I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful kitchen utensils. Your kitchen must be full of pinkness!

    Have a joyful weekend and Happy Pink Saturday to you Tea!

  15. hi! i just found your sweet blog. your utensils are great but i love your canisters with the roses! ooh la la!

    happy PS 2 U!


  16. Hi Tanza, My name is Melly, I'm so glad that I came across your blog via the ever sweet Amanda from Jacaranda Cottage. I love all your pink and green utensils, I'm a fellow lover of pink as well, I think it is such a yummy color. I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog and have a look at all your other pink pretties. It's so nice to meet you, Tanza!
    Have a lovely week!

  17. Yes, I collected green vintage kitchen utensils. I pride myself of having my Mother & dhs Mom's rolling pins & cookie jars ... love them.

    Your collection is really cool! Love the kitchen, T. Beautiful .....

    TTFN ~ Marydon