Tuesday, April 14, 2009

such a busy week-end...

Hello to all my sweet bloggy friends,
Thought I would drop just a quick hello, it's a been a busy few days, but quite lovely.. Spent alot of time with family and friends.. Friday night was my sis's and her hubbys 25th wedding celebration, and celebration it was.. They introduced their wedding party again, (what a crack up).. We were all so young then.. The lady who sang at their wedding, (a very close family friend ) 91yrs. young sang for them again..just as lovely I might add..They toasted their beautiful life together, and all their blessings of course.. Just Beautiful, as I said.. Quite an accomplishment these days.. Saturday we celebrated my Mommas' 71st birthday..(she would kill me for saying that.. hahaha.. Sooo much fun !! Sunday for Easter we were all together again for Easter at my baby sis's home.. Such a gorgeous day, and we had another great time all together.. Our family is quite big, and to actually have us in the same place, is unusual.. We were so blessed to have our older Son off work, and be able to be with us all week-end.. I sooo miss him home all the time now !! boo hoo..I had to show you a picture of my family too.. I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed, family week-end.. God is good, and to HIM we give thanks for ALL !! I'll share more soon, I've missed you all, and need to get caught up... Blessings and hugs ~tea~xo


  1. Oh it sounds like such fun. Your family is gorgeous T. Big smiles all around!

  2. very happy mummy! what a great family shot. your sisters husband looks like a famous actor but i cant quite think of his name, maybe a baldwin brother.
    %*_*% rosey

  3. Hi Tea,
    I'm at home now. Thank you for the prayers. I will post about everything tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight. I'm doing fine. Your family is beautiful. The comment above mine said that your brother -in- law looks like a famous actor. Maybe Jeff Bridges?
    Lee Laurie

  4. yes yes yes beau bridges!!! i have seen him in a very scary type movie where he tries to bury someone alive from memory! cool

  5. Sounds so fun for you and getting to enjoy your whole family. A great looking family you have too. Oh, I know you were so excited to be with your oldest son. What a fun idea to have the entire wedding party at your Sis's Anniversary party. Good hearing from you as always, and have a Great Day!!
    ♥ Teresa

  6. Darling Tea, so good to hear from you...I have missed you!

    What a delightful time you must have had...isn't being with family wonderful? We are leaving for a huge family wedding next week and I will be gone for a week. But, I get to spend a whole week with my husband....yay!!!!!

    You are a beautiful girl.

    Sending hugs, Barb

  7. What a wonderful celebration...sounds like a ton of fun. Where were the before pics?
    You have a beautiful family :-)

  8. What a beautiful family Tea, truly what counts the most in life. Enjoy your weekend ~XO~Janet

  9. Hi Tanza, What a lovely shot of your family, great smiles. Happy Birthday to your Mother.

    See ya soon, Have a Great Day-

  10. Hi Tanza,

    I popped over here from Sandra's blog Romantique Inspirations and noticed you live in Anaheim...me too! I love all things tea! Have you been to Paris in a Cup in Old Towne Orange? They have such a delightful tea!!

    I'm looking at your picture of your sister and B-I-L. Isn't that Beau? I just love him! I'll bet he's just the sweetest man.
    Happy Friday!

    Oh! I can be found at: http://gingerbreadcrumbsandcompany.blogspot.com

  11. Your family is beautiful! So glad you had a wonderful day! God bless 70+ year old mommas.:-)